Have you ever thought of two weird people ever meeting- and falling in love? No? Well, read this and you will see how it all goes down! Not smoothly, I can tell you.....


1. He arrives.



The icy wind blew viciously into his face - he knew there was a L-O-N-G day ahead of him.

“Oh, Alex! You’re just in time, come on in, you’ll catch a cold!” Fleur welcomed him in with a warm smile; just what he needed to stay warm.

“Err... Yeah. Bye Mr. Policeman. Thank you for finding me this children’s home and... Yunno, driving me here...” Alex stuttered, turning to face the chief... he’d never been good with words- or any other subject, for that matter.

Alex scuffed his shoes awkwardly and grinned an uncomfortable smile at Fleur. The police officer nodded at Alex and said he should be on his way. He had always had a soft spot for kids, especially the homeless, since he was once one himself.

Fleur shut the door quietly and jumped up on the spot.

“How exciting!” she giggled, like a little school girl at the sight of a new doll.

Alex gulped. He wasn’t excited; his tummy was spinning like a loaded butter churn. His throat felt like it had a lump in it and it felt as if he had lost the ability to speak. Taking deep breaths, to control his asthma, was all he could do.

“Alex! Are you coming dear!?”

“Err... Yes!” he said, waking up from his daydream.

He skid along the slippery wooden floors into the lounge. It was massive! Full of pictures, certificates and paintings. The cream carpets were immaculately cleaned and the peach coloured walls were stunning. A large, crystal chandelier hung from the white ceiling; so pristine you could eat your tea off it. Sofa’s, big and puffy, sat snugly in the corner of the room. Rainbow coloured unicorns danced around, dodging all the modern furniture. An emerald green alien sit on top of the 3D TV, speaking its foreign language to everyone.

Alex shook his head to push his fantasy world aside.

‘This is the real world now,’ he thought to himself.


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