A Friend in London

One Direction Fan Fiction.

Krista and her boyfriend of 5 years break up and she has nowhere to go. Her best friend Robyn decides to take her on a whirlwind journey to London to escape. Everything is going smooth until Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson enter the picture. Will everything continue to go smoothly or will they ruin their chances of ever having a normal life again?


11. Finale Part 2



June 2013

Krista’s POV

“Harry, I’m sorry, I really am, but I’m staying here. I don’t want this anymore.”

“What?! You’re staying in the states? Just like that? What did I do wrong?”

“Nothing, you didn’t do anything, I just can do this anymore. We aren’t the same. Tour Harry is different than home Harry. We don’t have anything in common anymore.” I mumbled as I looked down at my shoes.

“Kris, don’t do this. We love each other. It’s almost been a year! Don’t throw that away because I’m busy and don’t pay you enough attention. That’s selfish, this is my job, you knew that! You promised me that you’d be here, that you’d understand, that you’d try even when it got hard!!” He was crying by now. Yelling even, and that was a strain for him.

“We spent Christmas together with your family, do you remember that? You even let me meet Grace. Your parents love me. You threw me the best birthday party I’ve ever had and we made love on the living room floor surrounded by champagne bottles. Don’t do this, we’re good together. I think I want to…”

“Don’t say it Harry, I’m serious. Don’t” Tears were threatening to spill over my mascara coated eyelashes.

“Why not?!? I WANT TO MARRY YOU! THERE I SAID IT AND I WONT TAKE IT BACK! I do! I’ll do it now if that’s what you want. Is that it? You want stability? I won’t back away like Matt did. I swear to you. Let’s do it. Let’s get married! Then everything will be ok!” He was frantic now, pacing the hotel room runninghis fingers through his curls.

He stopped in front of me and got on one knee.

“Harry get up. NOW!”

“No! Marry me Krista, please! I’ll get you a ring in the morning, lets just get married ok? I don’t care what anyone else thinks. Just marry me. Please. Stay. I don’t want to do this without you.”

“No Harry.” I lifted his broken head from my knees and made him look me in the eyes. “No, I will not marry you. I love you too much to do that to you. I’ve already had Grim and Aimee pack the rest of my things, they are sending them this week. I’m sorry.” I kissed him one last time softly on the lips, grabbed my purse and left the hotel.


December 2013

Robyn’s POV

“Lou babe, hurry up!!! We have to go get Krista from the airport! What are you even doing in there?? Who are you talking…. LOUIS NOOOOO!!” I walked into the bedroom and immediately knew who he was on the phone with by the look in his eyes.

“We’ll see you in about an hour mate. Bye” 

“Lou, you didn’t? Tell me you didn’t tell him she was coming today. It’s her birthday, he’s going to ruin this.”

” He’s my best friend Robyn, I had to tell him she was coming. She’s staying with us, it’s not like he wouldn’t have figured it out in a day or so.”

“She doesn’t want to see him Louis! How hard is that for you to understand? She’s still in love with him.”

“Then she shouldn’t have left him!” he snapped back at me. He grabbed his keys off of the nightstand and stalked past me. “You have NO idea what he was like the rest of tour Robyn. It was fucking miserable. He wasn’t my best friend anymore. He cried everyday. ON STAGE. Everyone thought he was being HUMBLE, but in reality, his heart was broken. The night she left, the night of the Raleigh show…she was there. In the fucking audience. Front row like you two always are. We were singing Moments and he looked down and saw her and burst into tears on stage during Zayn’s solo. WHO DOES THAT? She broke up with him, and THEN still came to the show so he would SEE her there! I’m still pissed at her and I don’t give a fuck if she’s your best friend, I’m going to give her a piece of my mind when we’re in the car. Let’s go, we’re going to be late. FUCK!” 


Harry’s POV

I was sweating so bad. I was more nervous now than I think I was even auditioning for X factor. She was going to be here in 10 minutes. I looked myself over in the club bathroom mirror once more to make sure I looked good. I was wearing her favourite shirt. Actually, she bought it for me in Paris. I wear it a lot. I messed with my hair a bit more and put chapstick on my bit ridden lips. “You can do this Styles. She still loves you.” 


Krista’s POV

Mahiki hadn’t changed one bit. Reminded me of how drunk Robyn and I were on my birthday last year. I laughed to myself as I replayed the conversation Harry and I had the next morning about the photos of Robyn and I on the cover of the Sun. He was so mad at me. Why was I thinking of Harry. Oh yeah, because he was going to be here. I think. Of course he was, everyone else was.

Robyn, Louis and I walked over to the bar where I spotted Danielle and Liam. Dani gave me a tight hug and Liam just glared at me. Ok, he was pissed too. Understandable. I looked over his shoulder at Niall and waved. I got a middle finger in return and when I looked harder I saw that Zayn too was indeed flipping me off. Perrie slapped his hand and I assume told him to play nice because then he waved. I mean I understand they are mad at me but this is my fucking birthday and if they were pissed at me, they shouldn’t have come. I stalked to the other end of the bar to get a drink. 

“Whiskey and Diet please.”

“Do you think you should be drinking Whiskey tonight?”

I tensed immediately. He was directly behind me. I could feel his chest against my back and his breath on my shoulder.

” It’s my birthday, I can drink whatever I want to.” It came out quieter than I had planned and he leaned closer to me. I could feel his mouth on my ear.

“Happy birthday Kris. I’ve missed you”

I leaned forward away from him, closer to the bar and yelled to the bartender. ” Two shots of Patron as well please?”

The bartender placed my drinks in front of me and Harry just nodded at him. 

“You didn’t have to pay for those, I’m not broke.” I said turning to face him. GOD he was even more beautiful than I remembered. My breath caught in my throat.

“I know, but I figured since you ordered me a shot, I’d pay.” he smirked.

“Who said I ordered one for you?”

He reached behind me and picked up a salt shaker in one hand and one of the shot glasses in the other. I closed my eyes and I could feel him leaning into me. I didn’t stop him. I felt his tongue flick out against my shoulder and the feather light salt granules raining on my skin before he returned his mouth to my shoulder again. He licked quickly and tipped the shot back. He leaned in inches from my face. I could smell the tequila on his mouth.

“Open your eyes Kris, you’re being dramatic.”

They fluttered open and he was still so close.

“One kiss. That’s all I’m asking. If you don’t feel anything anymore, I’ll go and let you have the rest of your stay here alone. Ok?”

“Harry, it’s been six months. I….”

“One kiss Krista, that’s it.”

He leaned in and I closed my eyes ready for contact. He slowly and softly pressed his lips to mine and I swear in that moment, I could have died.  My whole body felt like it was on fire. My hand absentmindedly shot to his curls, pulling him closer as he wrapped his arms around my body. Neither one of us wanted to let go. When we broke apart he rested his forehead against mine.


“Harry I…”

“You what? Felt nothing? That’s a lie and we both know it.” he said barely over a whisper.

I sighed loudly. I loved him. I still loved him so much.

“No, I love you. I’m sorry. I know it’s been six months and this is NOT what I wanted by coming back here, but you’re here and I…”

He cut me off by kissing me again. I heard a few cat calls and clapping when we pulled away the second time. we looked over and the boys and Robyn and Dani were all smiling. This was planned. They had all planned this.

“I’m not staying Harry, you know that right? I’m only going to be here for 2 weeks.”

“That’s what you said last time, we’ll see how it works out yeah?” He kissed me one more time and I felt like my whole world was finally right again. I had my Harry back. Who knows for how long. But I had him back and that’s all that mattered. 

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