A Friend in London

One Direction Fan Fiction.

Krista and her boyfriend of 5 years break up and she has nowhere to go. Her best friend Robyn decides to take her on a whirlwind journey to London to escape. Everything is going smooth until Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson enter the picture. Will everything continue to go smoothly or will they ruin their chances of ever having a normal life again?


4. 4.


Robyn and I hung out around the house for most of the day. Cleaning, day drinking, getting her ready for her date.


She had chosen to wear her slim dark wash jeans, a gray silk tank with a bow on the collar covered by her new creme blazer and tan heels. She didn’t think it was going to be too fancy, plus she didn’t want to wear a dress and then have it get wrinkled at the foot of someone’s bed when they were done. 

The only thing that irked me about this date is that Louis didn’t bother to pick her up. He called her and asked if she could meet him there. I thought that was a little tacky, but not my date, I can’t judge. She was excited either way. I hugged her as she was getting ready to walk out of the door.

“Do everything you write about Robs. Make him remember you forever.” I laughed heartily at what I was saying to her. I basically told her to fuck his brains out so that he will never forget you. I mean, that was our plan right? What we gossiped over tumblr about day in and day out. Fucking One Direction. Who knows, maybe BOTH of us would get lucky tonight. 

I had no idea what time to expect Harry tonight, it was kind of just a loose engagement anyways. He might forget, or just not have time to come by. Before I could even finish that thought my phone vibrated on the coffee table.

X Chicken, Pork, Shrimp or Beef X -H.

My heart skipped. He was coming.

X Shrimp X

X Noodles or Rice X - H.

X Noodles X

X Mouth or Hands X - H.

X What?? X

X Mouth or Hands X -H.

X Uh both I guess? X

X Good, see you soon. X -H.


It had been over an hour since his last text. I had showered and dried my hair this time, but didn’t even put on makeup, just moisturizer. I slipped on a black tank and burgundy abercrombie sweatpants figuring if he saw me this morning in my obvious state of laziness he wouldn’t care about this. As I was heading down the stairs to the kitchen I heard a knock on the front door. My breath caught in my throat.  He was here. This was too much of a dream. 

I padded my bare feet to the door and looked through the peephole knowing who was on the other side. I just wanted to see what he looked like in anticipation. If he was as nervous as I was. He stood there with his bottom lip tightly pulled into his mouth ,a paper bag in one hand and a brown bag over his shoulder. I slowly opened the door and he immediately looked up.

“Hi.” he grinned at me. His beautiful white teeth glimmering in the porch light.

“Hi yourself. Need a hand?” I asked.

He laughed and shook his head no. I let him in closing the door behind him, locking it. I figured Robyn wouldn’t be coming home tonight. He walked towards the couch, placing his brown bag on the floor and and the paper bag with the food on the coffee table. 

“What have you got to drink?” he asked while digging through the paper bag pulling food out and placing it on the table.

“Soda, beer, wine…the usual.”

“I’ll take a beer if that’s cool?”

I brought two beers back into the living room and before I could put them down he stepped closer and placed a soft quick kiss on my cheek.

“Thanks babe.”

“You do realize that us fangirls immediately assume we’re your girlfriend if you call us babe, right?” I smirked at him.

“Yes, I did know that.” he winked at me.

We sat in silence on opposite ends of the couch with food in our laps. This was probably the best shrimp chow mei fun I had ever eaten. I didn’t even want to talk. I looked up with noodles hanging out of my mouth and he was staring at me. He chuckled softly. 

“So what’s in the bag?” I asked swallowing the food that was just hanging from my lips. 

“Clothes, toothbrush, smelly good things…you know a sleepover bag.” 

“A sleepover bag? That’s pretty presumptuous of you isn’t it Styles?” I laughed a little too loudly.

“I’m not sleeping over?” He looked a little hurt. Playful but I could still see it in his eyes that he didn’t expect me to say that.

“Only if you really want to.”

“Of course I do.” That time his tone was different. Serious. 

We were almost halfway through our movie when he grabbed my leg and slid me closer to him. He took my left hand into his right and laced our fingers together, running his thumb over the back of my hand. His hands. Oh God in Heaven. They were nothing compared to what I had seen pictures of. I mean of course I had seen his hands last night and this morning but I didn’t really pay attention. Now they were holding my hand. His fingers were easily twice the size of mine. He could ball a fist around my whole entire hand if he tried. He looked down and caught me staring at them. He pulled our hands up to his mouth and placed a feather light kiss on the back of my hand and then silently turned back to the screen.

I woke up disoriented. I was lying down but didn’t know where I was. His arm was draped across me yet again so I could only assume he brought me to bed when I fell asleep. I must be so fucking interesting. First night, drunk passed out. Second night, food coma passed out. What the hell is wrong with me. This is Harry Styles and I just keep falling asleep! I guess it isn’t bothering him because he was in my bed yet again with only boxers on. I looked over to the clock and it was 2:37 am, still pretty early compared to last night. I shifted in bed and rolled to my side, back facing him. Me moving only slightly caused him to rustle. 

‘Babe? You ok?” he asked into the darkness.

“Yeah, just trying to get comfortable.”

He slid his body closer to mine and wrapped his arm over me again, pulling me into a tight spooning position. He tucked his face into the back of my neck and I could feel him smiling. This was perfect. A little too perfect. I didn’t want this to ever end.

“Don’t leave.” he murmured into my neck.


“Yeah in 2 weeks. Don’t leave.”

“Uh I have to, my plane ticket says so.”

“I’ll get you a flight another time. Just stay. Stay until I have to leave for tour. I just want to be able to hang out with you and see you whenever I want to.” He kissed my neck a few times for effort.

A good damn effort.

‘You’re ridiculous. NO.”

“Can we at least talk about it in the morning? he rolled me to face him looking for an answer. I just leaned in and kissed him. So soft. So perfect.

“Fine” I said and let myself drift off to sleep in his arms yet again

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