A Friend in London

One Direction Fan Fiction.

Krista and her boyfriend of 5 years break up and she has nowhere to go. Her best friend Robyn decides to take her on a whirlwind journey to London to escape. Everything is going smooth until Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson enter the picture. Will everything continue to go smoothly or will they ruin their chances of ever having a normal life again?


1. 1.


Louis listened to the ringing tone over and over while wiping the tears from his eyes, hoping Zayn would just answer the damn phone. He's the only person Louis can talk to right now,  everyone here is too involved. Louis doesn't know how to be alone. Sure, he's slept by himself before, but he's never been ALONE. He's always had someone there. He had Stan from Kindergarten through Sixth Form, they still talk every day. He met Zayn when he moved to the States for Uni, Zayn was from Bradford, not too far from his own hometown. They were room mates at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina and became fast friends. During their second year, Zayn transferred to Fairleigh Dickinson University in Vancouver, BC, Canada. CANADA for fucks sake....he was literally 3,003 miles away. A thousand more and he might as fuck well be back in England! That's when Louis met Aiden. Aiden was perfect. well, not perfect, he was a complete arsehole. To other people, not to Louis, not at first. Aiden was a friend of a friend and lived in a small town 2 hours outside of Raleigh. They met and after Louis gave him a blowjob in the basement of the seedy house party, Aiden told him he liked him. A lot. A year later Louis was leaving UNI , had started cosmetology school and moved in with Aiden and his daughter from a previous relationship. So no, Louis didn't know how to be alone.

“Hey, this is Zayn, I can’t come to the phone because I’m busy or I just don’t want to talk to you, leave a message and if I don’t call you back, well…” *beep*

“Hey, um, it’s Lou. I mean Louis. I…..please call me. We broke up, for real this time. I need to get out of here. I don’t know what to do.” 

He hung up the phone, grabbed the last of his things and put them in the trunk of his beat up VW. He had already dropped the key off at his landlords and was now making his way back to Raleigh. Back to his Aunt's house, back to being alone. 


Forty five miles outside of Raleigh, his phone rang. It was Zayn. He was calling back.

“Hello?” Louis choked out.

“Louis? Its Zayn, what’s going on? Ya alright?”

“No, I’m not. We broke up. He said he didn’t want to get married ever, and that he didn’t want more kids, well not with me at least, so I left. I’m on my way to my Aunt's house and I honestly just want to drive my car off the next overpass.” 

“Do you have any money? Saved up I mean?”

“Yeah a little, why?” he whined still wiping tears from his eyes. 

“What’s the airport code for Raleigh again? RDU” He could hear him typing away through the phone.

“What are you doing?”

“I’ll be there in about 24 hours.” Hee stated simply and to the point.

Louis laughed out loud for the first time in 2 days. 

“Fuck off? Are you kidding?”

“No, I’m dead serious. I have vacation I can take. 3 weeks. Is your passport up to date?” Hee asked quickly.

“What? Yes, but why?

“We’re going home, well to London. You cant say no, I’ve already bought your ticket. You can pay me back later.”

“No NO NO absolutely not, you’re an absolute twat. This is stupid.” He started to get hysterical.

“Why, what else are you gonna do? Go to your aunt's and spend the next month miserable alone while she is at work and your 21 year old ass is crying in your cousins teenage bedroom while staring at pictures of Harry Styles?” 

He was right. 

“Ok? Um, let me call her and let her know there’s a change in my plans? Oh my god, seriously? I’m doing this? We’re doing this?”

“Yep, get on it! Ticket is under your name at the United Air counter. My flight lands at 5:37am your time. See you in 22 hours!! Love you Lou!!” And with that he hung up.


The next 3 days were a blur, they spent most of their time holed up in Zayn’s friend Anthony’s flat sleeping away their jet lag. Zayn finally came in to wake Louis up around half 2.

“Get up, we’re going for coffee. I can’t sit here anymore. This is so fucking boring.”

Louis drug himself out of bed and practically crawled to the shower. The hot water cascaded over his head as he thought about what was really happening. They were in London. This was so unreal to him. he hadn't been back to England in over 2 years. He hadn't even called his mum to let her and the girls know he was back in the country.  

The walk to Starbucks was only about five minutes from Anthony’s and it was crowded. Zayn went to get a table by the door while Louis ordered them both some tea.  By the time Louis had gotten their drinks and went to find Zayn, he saw a short blonde woman standing at the table talking to him. He looked at Louis with his eyes wider than anyone could physically make them appear that way. As he placed our drinks down and looked up he realized why Zayn looked the way he did. Louise Teasdale, the stylist for widely known pop sensation ONE DIRECTION was standing in front of him. 

“Louis, this is Lou. Teasdale.” he stated awkwardly.

“Whoa, Um, Hi, I’m Louis.” he stuck his hand out to shake hers. 

“Hi! So, I know this sounds weird, but Zayn tells me you’re a licensed cosmetologist? I’ve called everyone I could last minute but no one has rung me back. Is there any way you’ve done hair and makeup for a photo shoot before? Please say yes…” She prodded.

“Uh, well, actually I have, back in the states. I’ve done a few shoots with friends.” he said uneasily.

“GREAT! I could really use your help today. We’re shooting next door for a magazine and I need extra hands.  What do you say? I’ll pay you, I promise.”

How could Louis say no…, LOU FUCKING TEASDALE was in Starbucks talking to him, asking him to help her out with hair and makeup for a magazine shoot. What if it was…. No, it couldn’t be. She has other clients. Right? She has to.

“Tommo” Zayn practically yelled to get his attention. “Are you going to help her?”

“Yes, YES! Of course. Um, now?” Louis was so disoriented he could barely for a cohesive sentence.


Zayn and Louis followed her into the next building, Lou flashing some sort of badge to the man at the door and let him know they were with her. Zayn was holding my hand so tight his knuckles were turning white. Hee was thinking the same thing Louis was. What if THEY were in there. THEM. One FUCKING Direction. Don't let Zayn fool you. He may look like a model, with his perfect jawline and pouty lips but he was secretly a fan girl. No really he was. He was almost as obsessed as Louis. In UNI they had posters and pictures of the BoyBand from back home all over their dorm. Zayn was especially smitten with one third of the trio known as Liam Payne. They had followed the boys success on the hit UK show The X Factor before they left for UNI and were both delighted that the other was in fact a huge fan. It was a relief. 

One Direction was not there. It was six college aged girls dressed in beautiful ball gowns. 

“Ok, Louis, I need you to do 3 up-do’s, loose curls, minimal flare and light make up, smoldering eyes. Got it?” She directed him towards the vanity with every supply he would ever need for a shoot. 

The day turned out to be amazing. Lou was so happy with his work she asked if he wanted to help her out for the remainder of the time they were staying in London. They exchanged numbers and she OVER paid him. Seriously. he felt like he might not need money for the rest of the trip. As Zayn and Louis were walking out of the loft giggling like school girls Lou ran up and stopped them.

“Hey a few mates are going out tonight if you want to meet us? I’ll call you around half 9 and let you know where we are and how to get in yeah?” She smiled and hugged them both. 

“Of course we’d love to!” Zayn said a little too loud for everyone’s comfort. 

Lou laughed. “Great, talk to you then! Thanks again Louis, really, I couldn't have done it without you!”


Lou and her friends were going to be at a pub called The Lansdowne in Primrose Hill. Louis had been to Primrose once when he was younger. A friend from secondary had family in London and they stayed there on Easter hols. It was pretty posh and they didn't fit in but if this is where Lou wanted to meet, so be it. Lou and two of her girlfriends were sitting out front at one of the picnic tables each with a pint. She greeted they boys with hugs and  let them know a few more people than expected were going to be coming tonight, so they should go get drinks now so they could have a seat before it got crazy. Louis pointed for Zayn to sit and mingle while he went to get drinks. As he walked to the bar, he wondered why would things get crazy. It was 10pm on a Tuesday night. He was standing in line behind a small man and as he paid for his drink Louis made his move to step closer to the bar when someone edged in front of him.

“Two tequila shots, no four.and two pints  please.” 

“Excuse me, I…” 

Louis phone went off in his pocket before he finished my sentence. It was Zayn.

X Get the fuck out here. NOW. They’re here. I REPEAT THEY’RE HERE. THIS IS NOT A FUCKING DRILL X -Z

Louis dropped his phone a little startled at his text and as he bent down to get it, someone reached for it first. 

“I’ve got it love.” That voice. 

Louis looked up and apparently forgot how to breathe. The person who cut in front of Louis at the bar. HIM. It was him. 

“You alright?” the stranger asked. 

The stranger was no stranger indeed. It was Harry Styles. As in ONE DIRECTION's Harry Styles.

“I, um, I well….” he reached behind him picking up one of the tequila shots Harry had ordered on the bar and flung it back. The chilled liquid hit his throat as he closed his eyes and tried to compose himself. He opened them and Harry was staring at him with a smirk on his face. His green eyes looking over Louis' face and his tongue sticking slightly out of the right corner of his mouth. 

“That was mine you know.” he grinned.

“Yeah, sorry, I’ll buy you another.” Louis breathed, now embarrassed. 

“No, its fine, don’t worry about it, I think it was your turn at the bar anyway. Let me get your drinks?” 

He started a tab and handed Louis two pints. Harry downed two of the tequila shots and licked his right hand pouring a line of salt onto it. He then put the fourth one up in the air.

“Lick.” He grinned as he put the back of his hand to Louis' mouth. He licked slowly looking Harry in the eyes. ” Bottoms up.” he whispered and tilted the shot down Louis' throat. 

“I should get back to my friends..” Louis stammered, taken aback by how forward he was.

“Sure, me too.” He laughed. They walked towards the door as people in the bar were staring and whispering at who he was.

Louis stepped out into the cool air and bee-lined straight to Zayn and Lou. 

“Oh my God Zayn I…” he was cut off by Harry's voice behind him again.

“Looks like we have the same friends tonight yeah?” Harry said placing the beers onto the table. 

Louis looked up past Zayn and there sat Liam Payne and Niall Horan, both in conversation with Lou. They both waved and he looked at Zayn with terror in his eyes.


Harry sat down next to Niall and scooted over enough for Louis to sit. His phone went off again and it was Zayn.


X OMG Zayn I don’t know, I went t get drinks, and he cut me off and then made me lick salt off his hand and gave me a shot of tequila, and bought our drinks and I’m not lying when I tell you our knees are touching under this god damned table. X- L

He hit send and watched Zayn’s face as he read his text. His eyes were about to pop out of his head.  Louis placed his phone on the table and felt a hand on his leg. Harry leaned over and laughed in his ear, “You can tell him my hand is on your leg now if you want.” 

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