Just Not Today - Oneshot

Niall catches his girlfriend cheating on him on her birthday.


1. Oneshot


He had to get away. He couldn’t handle it anymore. The sight he caught before him at the party, broke his heart. It made him dizzy. Niall, of all people, had caught his girlfriend cheating on him. 

He had come back for the weekend to surprise his girlfriend for her birthday. By the time he got there, the surprise was on him. He watched as his girlfriend exchanged saliva with this bloke. It seemed like the longest second of his life. Instead of getting upset and causing a scene like a normal boyfriend would, he silently stumbled out of the room. He stuck around the party a little to have a few pints to wash away the image. When she and her random hookup emerged from that back room, Niall fled the scene before being seen.

His heart ached too much to even face the situation at the moment. Niall wasn’t like most guys. Instead of facing his problems, he always ran away from them. He knew he had to face this one day, though.

Just not today.

He climbed into his vehicle and drove off. He hated driving in silence so he turned on the radio. “Here Comes Goodbye” by Rascal Flatts blared through the speakers. Niall groaned in frustration and punched the steering wheel. How could she do that to him? What had he done to make her do that? Did she not love him anymore? Questions like this racked his brain as he drove.

Niall reached across the car to switch stations but his phone fell beneath his feet instead. “Shit” he mumbled to himself. Niall leaned forward, down in his seat trying to find his phone in the dark with one hand. He tried his hardest to keep his eyes on the road, but all he could think about was his phone sliding underneath his feet.

Taking his eyes off of the road for a split second, he reached again for his phone. “Come here you bastard” he said talking merely to his phone now. Once his phone was in his grasp once more, Niall looked up to lock his eyes back on the road. He was quick to notice that he was steered over to the wrong side of the road. He panicked and swerved quickly back on his side of the dark pavement. Fortunate for him, no cars weren’t coming at him. He took a deep breath, trying to relax himself.

Just because Niall had a few pints doesn’t mean he was drunk off his arse. He was just buzzed. He knew that, though. He knew his senses would be a little off. That’s not what he was worried about. No, Niall was worried about falling asleep. Alcohol always made him tired. He blasted the radio louder and picked up his speed. He tried to keep himself awake. All he wanted was to get home as fast as he could.

Niall thought about anything and everything; just trying to get his mind off of recent events. He shook his head and rubbed his eyes as he felt his eyes get drowsy. The alcohol was taking over him completely now. He didn’t even realize what was happening as his eyes fluttered close.

A short few seconds later, a car horn woke him up from his short slumber. He remembered he was still driving and saw the bright headlights coming straight at him. He quickly gripped tightly onto the wheel as he moved out of the cars way.

Instead of safely staying on the side of the road, the car had lost all control, going over the side of the road. Niall tried gaining control of the car back; but the side of the road was too steep. Next thing Niall knew, his whole world was spinning around him. Any conscious Niall had had, he lost it on impact.

The pain throughout his body had woken him up. Niall lifted his head to find his lower half of his body was trapped underneath the twisted car. At some point he was flung from the car, but couldn’t remember when. He tried his hardest to move his legs; he couldn’t. 

Thoughts and images flashed through Niall’s mind. He thought about how much he loved his friends and family. He thought about all the good and bad times he had with them. While in thought, Niall noticed small traces of a white light. They burned his eyes. As he closed them, all the pain his body slowly faded away. Every thought he was thinking turned into nothing but a blank slate now. The light got brighter. Niall should be afraid, but he wasn’t. Something inside of him told him that he was safe now, and that light felt warm and welcoming. He let himself slip as the light grew closer and closer.

Niall had plans. He planned on auditioning for the X-Factor. He planned on going to college and marrying the girl of his dreams. He planned on having a large family, and living in a large white house. He planned on having all that someday.

Just not today.

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