Only you

How badly would you miss the key to your life if you caught them cheating on you?What would take revenge and do the same or would you forgive immanently because you loves them so much? What happens if this changes you in to a monster that only you can know about? How could you live with yourself... Emma has to do that very same thing to a boy who was her dream and life. Now though- he can't be in it any more. Read to find out more


6. Posters

I looked at the rest of the pack. Though we were now a strong group of five, I still felt out of place in this new body and life. My mother's eyes scanned the pack, looking at what they thought. A soft growl seeped through her lips at the last one to the pack. He was still hidden in the bushes, I took a long deep sniff. Male definitely, he was young to the pack and had been running recently. I found his eyes, my heart stopped. I had seen these eyes in the trees, but also in my dreams. I had seen him run after me, calling at me to stop. When I did, he showed me my life with him. Happy with his children running around and we were alone. In the hills, with the pack long gone. I shook my head and joined in with my mother, he looked at me and walked forward into the centre of the circle, his beauty was like a dagger in to me. His grey fur was straight and shaggy, he looked like a polar bear but dyed a pearl granite grey. I walked forward even with the bite my mother gave me. I looked him deep into his eyes. I felt complete with him, I didn't show it though. Too late, he barked high and loud. Happy that he had that effect on me, I stared at him losing my sanity further. I howled long and proud, he joined in. A melody and beauty spread through us and into the forest. I cut off mid howl, and my mother stared at me. I had seen this before, she was not happy.

Leo's POV

I ran down the stairs and got to my car. I forced the keys into the ignition and it started, slowly to my disappointment  I flew out of her drive and went to my house. I slammed the door shut and ran into the house. I put my computer on and hunted for my phone cable. I snatched it from the drawer and went to my spluttering computer. I hated this pile of junk, I plugged in my phone and uploaded the picture. I copied it on to a word document and printed one off. I placed the paper on my wall to see if it looked right. Words that what was needed. I placed a big headline saying: 'HAVE YOU SEEN THIS WOLF?' I put on my details and said if you have call me. I needed to find it and to find my Emma. I ran back downstairs and forced my car to start again. I drove carefully into the centre of town and stopped outside the printers. I gave him the memory stick and the money and sat down. I lost myself in thought on where Emma was and if she was alive. The guy came up to me with the posters. I stood up and took them out of his hand.

"I know it's none of my business mate, but their are no wolves around here." he said, not having the nerve to look me in the eye.

"I know, it was someone's pet that ran away though. No need to worry it's tame." i replied and left the shop. I kept walking down the street putting them on every available space that would see. I hoped I would find her. Alive.

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