Only you

How badly would you miss the key to your life if you caught them cheating on you?What would take revenge and do the same or would you forgive immanently because you loves them so much? What happens if this changes you in to a monster that only you can know about? How could you live with yourself... Emma has to do that very same thing to a boy who was her dream and life. Now though- he can't be in it any more. Read to find out more


4. Mirror

I slammed the door shut straight after I saw his pethetic face. How could he? After all he has done to me he comes back to my house with the nerve for me to forgive him. I felt the knock on the dorr again, why won't he go away.

"I know your in there Emma, please open the door." I heard his muffled plea. I stood there frozen to the spot, debating to myself if I should open the door or not. I heard a faint sigh and footsteps the rain had stopped. I went to sit down and relax, I never liked getting worked up. Then I heard a crash from the kitchen. Pans clanking to the floor. I heard heavy footsteps coming this way. God no, I left the window open. I jumped up and ran upstairs when I caught sight of myself in the mirror. My ice, river blue eyes turned sharp and acidy. I could start to smell the faintest molecule of dust. I screamed from the fire that was in my heart. Then as fast as it had come, it went. I started to run again when I felt myself smaller. I heard the clicking of nails underneath my feet. I jerked to a halt. My clothes were ripped to shreds. It was replaced by black, glossy fur. I was a wolf. I ran to my bedroom and jumped out the widow, making my way slowly down the roof. What had happened to me?

Leo's POV

I walked slowly through the house. It was too quiet, far too quiet. I looked in very room running, trying to make up to her. I still felt guilty about Gem but because of me she had gotten kicked out of school. I felt sick to my stomach just thinking about it. As I stopped for breath I heard the scattering of tiles. This was from the roof. I ran in to Emma's room. I picked up a shred of her jeans. What had happened? I followed the shards and scratches in the floor boards to the windows were I looked to the lawn. I nearly fainted by what I saw. The most beautiful wolf stood there looking at the house, it's eyes glistening from tears. I felt like I knew it, I looked to it's eyes when it hit me. Emma. That wolf had gotten her, threw her out the window and saved her for later. I felt my blood boil, it had killed the only girl I had felt passionately for. I took a picture of it on my phone, I would post it on Facebook later. My eyes searched for it again but it had gone like a breath of the wind. I would find that wolf, I would kill it. Even if it killed me.

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