Only you

How badly would you miss the key to your life if you caught them cheating on you?What would take revenge and do the same or would you forgive immanently because you loves them so much? What happens if this changes you in to a monster that only you can know about? How could you live with yourself... Emma has to do that very same thing to a boy who was her dream and life. Now though- he can't be in it any more. Read to find out more


3. Leaving

Emma's POV

I sobbed on the ground for god knows how long. How could he do this to me? For a girl like her, her whiny chatter, the constant complaints on how the world wasn't perfect for her. Or how her life is going down the drain because of a broken nail. I wiped off my tears and ran my hand through my hair. I walked back in to the school to find the receptionist standing their with a letter. I took it and went to sit down and read it:

Dear Miss Emma Flinn,

We are sorry to say this and at such a bad time for you. We have took the decision for you to leave our school. Seen as we know that you live alone this was the only way that we have been able to tell you. Our reasons for such a option are as follows:

~Sudden and unexpected behaviour outbursts in class

~Lateness to lessons including today

~Side tracked behaviour 

~Poor efforts in class work.

We are also sorry to inform you that we have had to inform the social services about what your past has been. Here we go by truth and honesty not lying and cheating. We hope you have a good start in life.

All the best

Mr E Richards.

I stood up and looked at the single cardboard box that had all of my stuff in. A single salty, diamond tear rolled down my cheek. This was the final part of me that still had hope but then just like everything else; it rolled to the muddy floor. The floor was the landing point of crashing dreams. Where they couldn't be grasped again and made in to reality. I dropped the letter and walked out the door. The bell sounded, it was a death call to my life in this university. I heard the deep and heavy footsteps of Leo walking behind me. They stopped. He had obviously seen the letter. I just kept walking but faster this time. I got to my car and shoved the stuff in to the car. I started the car and drove slowly out taking in the last pictures of the last few months. As I reached the end Leo stood, shocked that I was leaving. I looked at him and stopped the car and wrote down on a piece of paper something that he already knew but didn't believe.This is YOUR fault! I put the paper down and accelerated out of the parking lot just as he ran up to me. Goodbye to Jess, goodbye life. Goodbye Leo.


I parked the car and just left the rest of the things in the car. I got my keys from my pocket and unlocked the house. I opened the door but closed it instantly. I sat there and fell asleep, not wanting to move.


As felt the large vibrations through the door I yawned and stretched. Without thinking I twisted the door handle till it clicked open. A sharp, stabbing pain of cold hit me like I had just been punched. The rain battered down on my car, but it was not alone. I looked to who was in front of me. Leo, his eyes red and puffy was crouched down on the floor. Why me?

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