Only you

How badly would you miss the key to your life if you caught them cheating on you?What would take revenge and do the same or would you forgive immanently because you loves them so much? What happens if this changes you in to a monster that only you can know about? How could you live with yourself... Emma has to do that very same thing to a boy who was her dream and life. Now though- he can't be in it any more. Read to find out more


2. Everything is gone

I open my eyes to see the sun creep ever so slightly through the blinds. My phone buzzed from a text. It was my boyfriend:

Hey babe, cant wait to c u! L xx

Oh how I loved him. I stumbled to my closet and found just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I walked down stairs while doing my hair and grabbed a slice of bread and my keys. I hooked my bag around my shoulder and in one swoop locked the house door and then opened the car. Sad I know, I have had a lot of time to my own over the past few days. Leo said he would be over but always cancelled a few minutes after he agreed. My phone buzzed again, Leo again:

Hey darl, I know I said I could see you today but I can't make it. Got a really sore throat and can't talk. Sorry again babe. Leo :)

Typical Leo for you. I pushed that thought aside as I started the car and reversed in to the road. I hope I get by a bus, I would never be complete with out him. Wait, I have for the past few days. Oh well.

Leo's POV

Thank god, I had to find a good excuse. I grabbed my bag and got to the car started it. With a fierce roar that I loved, I drove to Gem's house to pick her up. I hope Emma would be okay about me not going to her's. The door opened and Gem threw herself through at me. Her lips thundered on to mine and I didn't want to let go, Emma came back in to my mind though. I shook myself from the iron grasp and drove to Uni. 


As I got there I saw a car that always made me sigh, the person who was driving it made me go high. Her perfect body, the ice blue eyes that sent chills up my spine; the honeycomb hair with made me want to stick to her like glue. My eyes searched for her in the car park, no sign. I walked out of the car, Gem walked beside me still chatting from what was in the car. Before I had tuned her put so that I could think. Emma was always in those thoughts though. she hadn't been for the last two boring days but today there was just something. Like she was going out of them. For some reason. I opened the door for Gem when she turned to look at me. She was pale, she hadn't eaten for a few days. Her hair greasy and knotted. Her clothes baggy and slumping off her. 

"Leo?" That was all she said before her eyes gleamed for one second. Then those same eyes I fell in love with turned black with hatred and death. I felt sick to the stomach.

"Em, you coming?" Jessica said, my other best friend. She turned to what Emma was looking at, me. I felt warmth from somewhere. I looked down and saw that Gem had snuck her hand in to mine just as we were walking in. Tears started to stream down her face, her eyes looked to the door. Her feet obediently followed. I looked back to see her lean against the wall. Jess shoved past me to Emma. How could I. What sought of a fool does that to someone? Me, that's who. 

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