Only you

How badly would you miss the key to your life if you caught them cheating on you?What would take revenge and do the same or would you forgive immanently because you loves them so much? What happens if this changes you in to a monster that only you can know about? How could you live with yourself... Emma has to do that very same thing to a boy who was her dream and life. Now though- he can't be in it any more. Read to find out more


5. A key to my life

My iron nails cut deep in to the mud. With every step my legs screamed at me to stop and rest but what was waiting for me when I returned? Could I even escape the body I was shocked to discover I had not wanted? I wanted to rip my very soul from me and bury it in a volcano or somewhere that no-one could find it or ever revive it for me. I ran, I felt good to. To feel the mud and earth underneath my paws, the wet leaves sigh as they were let fall to the ground. The gun shot rain falling all around me. The mice' squeal as I scare them from the dinners. I ran to cool the fire in my heart. Till my heart was iced over like the moon's constant and immediate gaze. It comforted me to know that it was there for me, like Leo used to. I finally gave in and slumped in the leaves. Letting the tired wave pull at all of my energy. All of the day pressed down on me. Making me sleep heavy and peaceful.


I woke with a feeling that nerved me. All of the hairs on my scruff stood like soldiers on the march. A growl irrupted from my core. I stopped abruptly, I was scared of myself. I looked for what had made me wake from my almost hibernation. My eyes found nothing, I laid down and kept vigilant. I kept my head on my paws, my eyes always open. I heard mice and rabbits and even deer but food wasn't in my mind, it was my own safety. The bushes rustled to my left. I shot up and growled again, but I was silenced by what approached me. I was astounded by the size of the pack that had come. Three wolves followed a alpha. Only a group of four, easy to fight but hard to win.

You name pup The alpha said, the words were harsh and icy.

Hiron I wanted a name hat would sound wolf

You smell like us Hiron, we are Shifters. Able to take human form. So what is your human name?

Emma, Emma Flinn There was some silence from the leader. Her eyes had turned glassy from those two final words I had spoken.

My daughter has changed, finally I get to see you like this. I stared at this wolf, none of this was making sense to me. You don't understand do you Emma? I left you because I didn't want you to know what was happening to me and the life I hoped you wouldn't experience. You have found your key to life. Welcome to the Kinto pack. Welcome to the truth.  

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