Racism Poem

So this was a poem I had to write in my english class today (10th October 2012) and we're reading the book Holes. As the writer created a racist atmosphere in the book we were given the creative task of writing a poem on racism.
Hope you enjoy! (Well, as much as you can enjoy a poem about racism!)


1. The Poem!

Everyone is different,

And so you should be proud,

Black or white,

It doesn't matter,

We're all the same.

The USA's leader,

The worlds fastest man,

Both black,

Both black,

Gone are the harsh days,

Gone is the death

For being you,

For being special,

For being the minority.

And so we now live in harmony,

With peace throughout the land,

For together we are the same,

Ying and Yang.

Black and White.

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