The House Next Door [One Direction]

COMPLETED: One Direction: Harry Styles/OC - Victoria lives next door to her best-friend Jeremy. Jeremy lives with his friends Dan and Gemma. Gemma's brother comes to visit with his friends. Having nine people crowded into two houses was never going to be easy, but it was always preferable to the alternative.


12. Surprise For You

“Harry! Wake up! You’re missing the best part of the day!”

Louis’ voice was reverberating off the walls as Harry scrunched himself further under the blankets.

“Leave me alone,” his muffled voice croaked.

“But I’ve got a surprise for you,” replied Louis, feigning hurt.

Harry poked out his head just enough so that he could see his best friend pouting. He didn’t like it when his friends were sad.

“What surprise?” he finally asked Louis, eyeing him warily.

“Get up, get showered and get dressed, then I’ll show you.”

Still Harry did not give any indications that he was going to follow Louis’ orders. Thinking that he was safe when Louis left the room, he got an even bigger shock when he felt a cold liquid gush all over his face.

Shooting up out of bed, his eyes flashed with anger as he glared at his smirking friend. 

“What the heck was that for?” he yelled, staring at the now empty water cup in Louis’ hand.

“You’ll be thanking me when you’ve had your shower. Now, hurry, up – I was even kind enough to give you a head-start,” he replied eyeing Harry’s now sopping wet hair where it had plastered itself against his skin. “Meet me in Liam’s room in ten minutes. Everyone is waiting for you.”

Still radiating frustration, Harry dragged himself to the bathroom under the blistering hot water of the shower. He stood there, head down, letting the water beat some sanity back into him as he forced himself awake.

When he felt the hot water running out, he shut it off and wrapped a towel around the lower half of his body. After the heat of the shower, the air outside the bathroom seemed much cooler as he searched for some clean clothes to wear.

Not knowing what the surprise was going to be, Harry decided that jeans and a t-shirt would suffice, and he pulled on each of these items in quick succession before roughly drying his hair with the towel. Little ringlets began to spring up all over his head amongst the larger curls as the moisture was removed from them.

Looking over at the time, he noticed that he should have been in Liam’s room about ten minutes ago.

Tipping his head forward and mussing up his hair with his fingers, he decided that he looked decent enough. He shut the door to his own hotel room, and traversed the corridor to the room opposite his, noting how eerily quiet it was. 

Normally when the whole One Direction entourage rolled into a hotel, there would be people chatting in the corridor, or music blasting from speakers. Today there was none of that.

Not bothering to knock, he simply opened the door and was instantly almost bowled over by something with brown hair and a dress.

The thing wrapped its arms around his waist and clung there, sobbing into his shoulder.

Prising the person from his chest, he found himself staring into the incandescent blue eyes that he loved so much, now framed with tears.

“Victoria,” he breathed, while she nodded silently against his chest.

“I missed you so much,” she said, her crying now perilously close to the hiccupping stages.

“I missed you too,” he replied, pulling her close back into him, wrapping his arm around her shaking frame.

It was then that he remembered his reunion with his girlfriend was in a room full of people.

He looked over at the top of Victoria’s head to see the rest of the lads, with the rest of the band, and a few of the more regular staff. Each of them had a wide grin spread across their face.

“You all knew, didn’t you?” laughed Harry, and he even felt Victoria begin to chuckle at this.

“Yeah,” said her muffled voice from the confines of his chest. “I called Liam, and he and Paul helped me make all the arrangements.”

Comprehension suddenly dawned on Harry as his brain began to process all the information.

“That’s why you all made me sleep in the room on my own.”

“Yep,” replied Niall with a grin, practically jumping up and down with excitement.

“Now,” said Zayn, “why don’t you two go and make the most of the day. We’ll all keep ourselves entertained over here.”

Harry looked over at Paul, who was nodding at him.

“Just make sure you’re back in time for the sound check.”

Harry surpassed even his own boundaries when he left Victoria’s side and ran over to Paul, almost tackling him to the ground with his hug.

“I don’t even know what to say, except maybe thank you,” he said, back at Victoria’s side as he bestowed her with a chaste kiss on her cheek.

He chuckled at his own obliviousness to the whole situation before picking up each of Victoria’s bags and leading her out the door. Dropping them by the front door of his room, he fumbled about in his pockets for the key to let them in, but he was almost immediately stopped by a pair of arms snaking around his waist.

“Looking for this?”

Harry felt Victoria’s hand slither down into the back pocket of his jeans before he felt her smooth voice hum in his ear.

She held up the plastic card that was the room key, swiping them into the room and simultaneously pushing Harry into the room with her kiss.

Her lips moved hungrily against his as she hastily tried to get herself reacquainted with every part of him. She felt the way his lips moving against hers, seeking dominance. She had watched the way he had walked down the hallway in his tight trousers, internally squirming as they accentuated every body part. She even tried to memorise his smell that she could only describe as Harry.

Harry practically kicked their bags into the room, and slammed the door behind them with his foot, whilst Victoria practically jumped into his arms and wrapped her legs around his long torso.

Half walking, half stumbling, Harry led them over to one of the couches, his lips only lifting from her body when he moved from her mouth to just underneath her ear. Victoria stifled a moan as he did this, not wanting any of the neighbours to hear exactly what she and Harry were up to.

“Maybe, we should move this to the bedroom?” asked Victoria between kisses.

Harry managed a small nod before whisking her up in his arms and into his recently vacated bed.

Setting her down softly on the yielding surface of the mattress, he looked down at her smiling face that had both delighted and tormented his every thought.

“I love you,” he whispered against her lips as he lowered his own down to join hers.

All in a fleeting moment he felt disappointed when he felt her pull away from him, but these thoughts were quashed when he heard the very words that made every fibre of his body explode with joy.

“I love you too,” replied Victoria, only having a second to gaze into his sea green eyes before she was aware of his soft lips against her body once more.

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