The House Next Door [One Direction]

COMPLETED: One Direction: Harry Styles/OC - Victoria lives next door to her best-friend Jeremy. Jeremy lives with his friends Dan and Gemma. Gemma's brother comes to visit with his friends. Having nine people crowded into two houses was never going to be easy, but it was always preferable to the alternative.


2. Milk Chocolate or Hazelnut?


“How much stuff do you need for a week?!” Victoria cried as Jeremy dragged yet another heavy bag through her front door.

“Just relax, this is the last one. Besides it might be two weeks...NO! Be gentle with that one, it has my PlayStation in it.”

Victoria whipped her head around from where she was hunched over the bag to give him a withering glare. Straightening up, she took one look at her lounge room and knew that her efforts were futile. She had officially been invaded, but at least it wasn’t by her cat, Max, who was currently luxuriating on his cushion, completely doped up on the medication the vet had given him.

“Jem, you hungry?” she asked Jeremy.

“Have I ever said ‘no’ to food?”

“No, I guess not,” replied Victoria laughing as she made her way over to the kitchen.

However, it was only when she got there and opened the fridge that she realised that she might have a bit of shopping to do if Jem was going to be staying.

“Jem! I just need to pop over to the shop to grab a few things. Did you need anything while I’ll be there?”

“Some of those big Toblerone chocolate bars and... do you have any beer around the place?”


“Then I’ll be wanting some beer as well.”

He flashed her a cheeky grin while handing her a crisp twenty pound note on her way out.

“You certainly know how to make yourself comfortable,” grumbled Victoria, picking up her keys, from the small table by the front door, on her way out.

“You love it!” shouted Jeremy from where he had spread himself out on the couch, ready to take a nap after the ‘hard work’ that had been required to move his luggage the two metres from his own front door to Victoria’s front door.


The walk from her house to the local grocery store was short but pleasant.  The street lights were just coming on, and they shone pretty rainbows on the wet pavement.

Despite the fact that it was getting dark, and the temperature was drastically dropping, she took her time. Jeremy would be occupied for a while yet, setting up his PlayStation and who knows what else. Jem was her dearest friend, but she would savour these few quiet moments.

Dusk had always been her favourite time of day – the time when the world was temporarily quiet as it transitioned from busy working day to celebratory night. She waved to the weary shop owners as they wheeled away bins and put away signs. The trees dotting the side of the road were only black shadows to Victoria as she walked under their boughs, watching the pubs open their doors wide, ready to greet their customers.

All too soon, the bright lights of the supermarket loomed up ahead of Victoria, and she forced herself to refocus her mind to the task ahead.

Pulling a basket from the stack by the front entrance, she veered her way through aisles brimming with people from every walk of life. Almost having a head on collision with a ten-year-old who had decided to use a shopping trolley as a go-kart, she successfully avoided disaster by stepping towards what would be the objects of her most crucial decision this evening: milk chocolate or hazelnut?


“Did you get the beer?!”

Jem’s voice was ringing across the small house even before Victoria had opened the door and pulled the key out of the lock.

“Yes, I got the bloody beer!” she called back, “Now come and give me a hand if you want something to eat before midnight.”

Jeremy didn’t need telling twice. He hauled himself from the couch very quickly, and the pair began to prepare their meal.

Even though Victoria and Jeremy were quite comfortable to work in silence, Victoria could not help but fill the silence.

“When does Gemma’s brother get here?” she asked, chopping the mushrooms that were about to be poured into their noodle stir-fry.

“We’ll be seeing the blacked-out cars any minute,” he replied with a sideways glance to his friend.

Victoria’s eyes widened.


“Nope,” replied Jeremy laughing. “As far as I know, they don’t know he’s going to be here. That is, until he or one of the others tweets about it.”

“It’s weird seeing their faces everywhere, and on everything. I guess it must be even weirder for them.”

“No kidding,” mumbled Jeremy as he continued to chop vegetables.

“But, seriously,” continued Victoria, “they’ll be around tonight?”

“Yeah, that’s what Gemma told me. What’s with all the questions anyway? Someone might think you were excited to see them all.”

He gave her a sideways glance as he said this, watching her face turn the slightest shade of pink as he spoke.

“Gemma’s my friend, and I like seeing her so happy...”

“Yep, sure....” replied Jem in a sarcastic voice. “So tell me, which one is your favourite?”

“Which one of what?”

“One Direction!” squealed Jem in his fan-girl voice.

Victoria’s blush was much more visible now as she mumbled her response.

“I don’t have a favourite.”

“Whatever you say,” replied Jem, with a wink, “but I wonder what Harry will have to say when I tell him that staring at his face on someone else’s t-shirt is your idea of fun?”

She turned to look at her friend with an expression of absolute horror.

“I don’t gawk, and most certainly not at Harry’s face. You’ll tell him no such thing!”

Jeremy only winked at her again.

“Jeremy, promise you won’t!”

Her voice was rising higher with every word, but this only caused Jeremy to chuckle at her.

“Jeremy,” reproached Victoria, “promise that you won’t say a single word to him, OR to Gemma, for that fact. It will just make everything awkward. Harry’s already got enough girls after him without adding me to the mix.”

Saying nothing, Jeremy went back to cooking, but his smirk never left his face.

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