A Perfect Stranger

When Lara meets a mysterious stranger in the park, they get to talking and she feels drawn to him. What happens when she finds out who he really is?


9. Slumber Party

“I wanna stay up all night and jump around until we see the sun.”


“Yeah Ni, seriously,” I replied, copying his tone and lilting Irish accent, “we can push the table and the couch and stuff out of the way and the drag two mattresses and put them next to each other. It’ll be fun!”


So that’s what we did. First we moved the rug out of the way so that we could move the couch, on which Louis insisted on sitting on as we shifted it, and then, seizing the opportunity for some humour, I turned to Zayn. “Hey Zayn?” I called.

He turned to face me, “Yeah?”

“Can you move the tale please?”

“Sure.” He turned to lift the table.

“Oh and Zayn?” I said again, face serious.

He turned back to me. “What?”

“Don’t break it.” I got a blank look for a few moments before the joke set in and he gave me a despairing look, shaking his head has he turned back to the table. I spun to face the others, pleased with my terrible humour. “See what I did there?” I asked (A/N: See what I did there? xD).

They all chuckled, and Niall let out a full on roar of laughter and high fived me. Everything out of the way, we went and pulled the king sized mattresses out of the first two rooms in the hall, Harry’s and Louis’s.  With a bit of teamwork and manoeuvring we managed to get them where they were supposed to be. Liam, ever the thoughtful one, disappeared down the hall and came back a minute later with an armful of pillows and blankets. He dumped them on the giant bed, the result resembling a small fluffy mountain. That mountain was promptly squashed as I stuck my arms out to the side like a scarecrow and bellyflopped onto it. I lay there like a starfish for a few before I sat up and grinned goofily up at the boys, the remnants of my earlier hysteria still working its magic and bolstering my confidence. I reached up and grabbed Louis hand, pulling him down next to me. As he sat I snuggled closer and he wrapped an arm around me. A sudden thought hit me and I leaped back up just as everyone else sat. As I zoomed of down the hall I yelled an explanation, “I’m not in my PJs yet! Back in a tick!” I raced into Lou’s room, shucking my clothes and pulling on my borrowed shirt. I flew back out into the living room and dove onto the mattress. I sat up and resumed my own spot next to Lou, leaning into him. I frowned. “Do we have any music? Or an iPod dock or something?” I asked. Harry nodded and leaned over to a dock I hadn’t noticed before. He fiddled for a second and the music started playing. It didn’t take me long to recognise one of my favourite songs, Viva la Vida. I jumped to my feet and gestured that the others should do the same. As they got to their feet I started dancing to the music and singing along under my breath. I smiled widely as they joined in singing halfway through the verse, flashing back to the innumerable amount of times I had spent on YouTube listening to their cover of this song. Now, standing in a room alone with them, being given my own impromptu mini concert, I once again marvelled at how the hell this had happened to me. If it was possible I smiled even wider, cheeks aching and let the miracle of what was happening sweep me off my feet.


“Truth or dare Zayn?” I challenged.

He hesitated before replying, “Dare.”

I smirked at him and said in a sing song voice, “I dare you to give yourself a mid-part, put on your glasses and then go ask the guards the time as if nothing were wrong.”

There were a few appreciative chuckles as Zayn groaned before heading to the bathroom. We waited expectantly and a minute later, Zayn emerged. We all roared with laughter, including him. We scrambled up from the floor and followed him to the door, staying a fair way back so we couldn’t be seen. Zayn glared at me before turning to open the door, stepping outside and talking to the security guards. I managed to sneak a glance around the corner and got an eyeful of one security man’s face. He was struggling to maintain his composure as he gave Zayn the time. Clapping a hand over my mouth I pulled my head back inside and sputtered with laughter along with the others. A few moments later Zayn came back inside and closed the door behind him. He took three swift strides towards me, face neutral. I backed away equally quickly, stepping behind the closest person. Louis. And he stepped aside. I gave an outraged yelp and made a mad dash back towards our makeshift bed. Seconds before I dove for the cover of the couch I felt strong arms hook around my waist and send me flying. I landed with a thump on the mattresses, rolling over so I could glare at Zayn. I managed for a moment before I exploded in chuckles again at his appearance. Calming myself, I instead turned my glare to Louis across the room. “Traitor!” I hissed. He chuckled as he walked over with the others, while Zayn went to fix his hair in the mirror. As the four came and sat down I pointedly ignored Lou, pretending that I hadn’t noticed him, chatting animatedly away with Harry, Liam and Niall. They had barely concealed grins, which grew as Lou shuffled closers, leaning into me, brushing his lips against the crook of my neck. Zayn reappeared and slouched back into his spot on the mattress, hair back in place. I grinned at him. “Your turn. You can ask anyone but me,” I told him, trying to ignore Louis, whose hand now rested on the small of my back. I tensed slightly as his hand shifted fractionally lower, almost giving in, until I felt him grin against my neck at my reaction. I steeled my resolve and looked expectantly at Zayn. He looked thoughtfully around at the others before speaking, “Liam, truth or dare?”


I stuck my hand in the bowl, eyes scrunched closed. Rifling through the strips of paper I grabbed one at random and pulled my hand out, opening my eyes and unfolding the paper. I raised an exasperated eyebrow at what the paper said. Holding it out, I looked up at Liam, Harry, Niall, Zayn and Louis, “Okay, who wrote this?

“Wrote what?” Niall asked.

I looked down at the piece of paper and read out, word for word, “Play 7 Minutes in Heaven with the person to your left.” I looked back up, trying to read their reactions to see if I could guess who wrote it. Liam looked slightly puzzled, and he seemed too innocent, I instantly ruled him out. Niall was flat out on his back, laughing and clapping at the dare. I doubted that would have been his reaction if he knew about it, knowing from past experience that none of the boys were particularly good actors. To my left, Louis looked extremely pleased and both Harry and Zayn were smirking at me. I frowned at the group before flashing my sweetest smile. “I’ll play, but on one condition. Afterwards, the person who wrote this ‘fesses up. Understood?” I bargained. I stared them down until they all reluctantly nodded. Nervous anticipation suddenly hit me when I thought about what I was about to do. I swallowed and chewed the inside of my lip nervously, finger tapping away on my thigh. I jumped a mile in the air when Louis murmured in my ear, blushing furiously as they all chuckled at my reaction, “Someone a bit nervous then?”

I mustered as much courage as I could as I shot back, “You wish!”

I had to hold back a shiver as he leaned closer, smirking, and whispered so that only I could hear, “Oh, I don’t wish, I know.

Biting down on my tongue I stood up and glared at the guys, who were all grinning broadly, “Well?”

“Well what?” Liam chuckled.

I huffed in exasperation, “Well, where are we going to play it?”
They looked thoughtful for a moment before Louis suggested a place. “How about my cupboard? Most of my clothes are on the floor anyway, so there’s enough room,” he said, stretching and standing up beside me. I avoided looking at his face as I nodded, a small smirk still lingering on his features. The other four boys also stood and we all headed around corner and into Lou’s bedroom, picking our way through the mess. Zayn wrinkled his nose in disgust as he toed an empty bag of chips sat on the floor with a small mound of other rubbish on the floor of the room. I shared a glance with him and pulled a similar face. I looked back up as everyone shuffled to a stop in a loose semi-circle around the door of the closet. “Who’s timing?” asked Harry, still smirking.

I glared at him, “You.”

He chuckled and pulled his phone out of his pocket, flicking to what I assumed was a timer. Louis brushed past me and grandly swung open the door of the cupboard, gesturing inside. “M’lady, after you,” he said, a devilish glint in his eye, and sharing the smirk that was present on all the lads’ faces. I swung round slightly so I was facing them all, and glared. “You lot are enjoying this way, way too much. Just wait till I find out who wrote this, there will be hell to pay!” I menaced. I turned and sauntered past Lou, not even bothering to take in his even wider grin. I stepped into the cupboard and turned around just in time to be engulfed in darkness as Louis stepped into the small space after me, pulling the door closed behind him.

My heart began to thrum in my chest, my breathing becoming erratic as Louis scent filled the darkened room. It was pitch black, but I could sense him coming closer and I tensed as I felt his warm breath wash over me. I tried to hold still as I felt his hands slip around my waist and pull me close, but I caved as I felt his lips brush my ear. “I’m sorry,” he whispered.

I leaned into him and smiled a small smile, “Mmm.”

Shivers ran up my spine as his voice cracked slightly, “Lets finish what we started the other day, shall we?” His head bent down and his lips reached the curve of my neck where it met with my collarbone, planting soft kisses there before travelling slightly higher. I gasped aloud as he nipped gently at the skin, before gently kissing the spot again. I flushed, grateful for the darkness, as I realised what he was doing. Feeling brave, I wrapped my arms around his waist, slipping my hands under the back of his shirt and pulled him close as he continued to mark me as his. I hummed happily; eyes closed and felt Louis smile. I opened my eyes again in a vain attempt to see his face in the gloom as his strong hands tightened around my waist and lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around this waist and my arms around his neck as he pushed me up against the wall. I leant forward and planted a kiss on Lou’s lips, every second burning like fire where we touched. Through the thin fabric of his shirt I could feel Louis’ heart pounding against me. I broke the kiss for a moment, murmuring into his ear, “I love you Louis William Tomlinson.”

His voice was husky as he replied, “I love you too, Lara. So much.”

I wrapped my hands in his hair as he crushed his lips back against mine, smiling with euphoric happiness. Time became meaningless until, suddenly, we were startled by a loud knock on the door.  “Time’s up!” chorused the four outside.

I flinched as bright light poured over me as the door swung open. “Hey!” I protested,  squinting.

Whether or they heard me over the chorus of catcalls and wolf-whistles they were making I had no idea. Louis loosened his grip on my waist and I slid to the floor reluctantly, a slight blush staining my cheeks. I stuck my hands on my hips and faced the four grinning boys. “So,” I began sweetly, “who was it?”

They all looked at each other, grinning. “Me!” shot out Liam, before bolting from the room.


I gave chase, laughing and pushing to try to keep up with Liam. He launched himself over the couch to land with a loud thump on our makeshift bed. I vaulted over the couch after him, and he rolled out of my way just in time. I launched myself at him, kneeling on him and pinning his forearms to the ground. “I trusted you!” I shrieked, laughing at his attempt at an innocent face.

He grinned back. “Your mistake,” he said, sitting up suddenly and using his superior strength so that suddenly I was the one pinned to the mattress. Liam went to begin tickling me, knowing my weak spot, but his eyes widened and a triumphant look crossed his face as he looked down at me. “O-ho? What do we have here?” he crowed. Unnoticed the other guys had joined us in the room and now the all shuffled forward to see what Liam was talking about. I scrunched my head to the side, trying to cover up what I knew Liam saw before the others had a chance to see it. Liam tried to push my head to the other side, but I quickly clapped my now freed hand over the side of my neck and rolled to the side as best I could to hide. Niall chose that moment to try and help his pal, plonking down behind me and grabbing me by the shoulder and pulling me onto my back. I scrunched up into as small a ball as I could, but between the two of them Niall and Liam managed to force my hand away. Defeated I stared challengingly at them, eyes daring them to say something. Niall let loose a roar of laughter and fell to the side, drawing Harry and Zayn closer. Zayn turned back after he saw me and gave Lou a high five, and Harry whooped loudly, “Get in there Tommo!” Liam turned around to join the conversation, and while he was distracted I groped around behind my head until I grabbed a pillow, swinging it mightily forward and getting Liam square in the back of the head. Such was his surprise that he toppled off me, and I used the chance to launch a similar attack on Niall, before springing out of their reach, pillow at the ready.


It was chaos. The room was filled with yells, laughter and the occasional crash as a piece of furniture or ornamentation fell victim to the battle. We were each armed with a pillow and swinging madly at each other, each man for himself. “Ha!” I exclaimed as I dodged a glancing blow from my peripheral vision and brought my pillow flying over my head to get the smack bang in the face. I danced back out of reach, poking my tongue out at Liam, who was wincing and wriggling his nose, eyes watering slightly. “Oof!” Too caught up in my victory, I failed to register in time as another pillow swung out of the blue and caught me half on the chest and half in the face. I swung round to see who my attacker was and came face to face with only empty space. I frowned and threw myself back into the fray.


We all lay in a loose heap on the mattresses, panting and laughing. My arms ached and I rubbed a bruise above my knee from where I had run into the corner of the couch. I had my feet on Zayn’s stomach and my head resting on Niall’s side, Lou’s head resting on my stomach. I turned my head, blowing a loose strand of hair out of my face. I frowned as a feather floated past, “I think we broke a pillow.” I stretched my neck to look around and sure enough whitish feathers lay spread throughout the general area. I laughed, “Who was it?”

A guilty voice sounded from somewhere above my head to the left, “Me. Sorry guys.”

I reached over my head and poked Niall in the chest. “It’s okay Ni, we understand. Everything is always your fault, you can’t help being Irish,” I joked.

Titter erupted from my five best friends and Niall stuck his fist in front of my face. I grinned and bumped mine against his, “I’m just that funny.”

I yawned as the conservation began flowing, joining in and snuggling into a more comfortable position, and one hand going to play with Louis hair.



That’s all for another chapter folks. Hope you enjoyed, I thought it was quite fun! Standard to do list for you all. Comment and blah, blah, blah. <3 and xxx’s




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