A Perfect Stranger

When Lara meets a mysterious stranger in the park, they get to talking and she feels drawn to him. What happens when she finds out who he really is?


12. Fairytale

Your friends, they look good but you look better.”


“You’ve had your fun, now spill bitch!” Jayne ordered, taking charge. We sat in a circle on Liam’s bed, which he had kindly offered up when the girls had decided we needed to have a D&M.

A chorus of agreement came from the other girls. I sighed melodramatically, “Well what do you want to know?”

Kennedy interjected in her typical blunt style. “Hmm, let’s see. When, where, how and what the fuck are you doing living with One Direction?” she said sarcastically.

I laughed along with the others. “I’m not even really sure. It was just chance I suppose. I got really, really lucky,” I mused.

“No kidding,” joked Lilia.

“Ha, yeah. How did you guys meet?” asked a curious Claire.

I raised my eyebrows. “Well,” I began, “I was doing my thing, chilling in the park in my spot, nice and alone.”

“I’ve always wondered how you do that, you know, get left alone when there’s always so many people,” cut in Gemma.

I shrugged, “I guess Louis wondered the same thing.” Cue the symphony of “Naws!” from my friends. I rolled my eyes, trying to hide my blush. “I know, I know. Super cute and fairytale-ish and romantic, I realise that fully. Anyway, I was lying there and some guy with a cute, and kinda familiar voice, comes and asks if he can ‘kip’ next to me because the park was so full. I figured a pedo wouldn’t ask, so I said yes. And we got talking,” I trailed off, plucking at the blanket.

“And then what?” Jayne practically squealed.

I bit my lip and plucked at the blanket some more before looking up, “Um, four hours later I asked for the time.”

“Four hours!” came the creepily synchronised response from my five friends. I nodded, feeling slightly abashed.

“Yeah, four hours. To be honest I was falling for him even before I ever saw his face. And then when he asked me if I wanted to come back to his place and meet his friends and watch a movie, I nearly died. I think part of me actually died when I saw Louis Tomlinson standing in front of me and I realised who I had been talking to. I felt so stupid at not recognising his voice, I knew that there was something familiar about it! And then I realised his ‘friends’ had to be the rest of the boys and I died some more. And then we waked here and I got mobbed by Niall, nocked Harry over and ended up in a pile on the floor with all of them,” I smiled widely at the memory of that first day. The girls all looked understandably awed. I sighed again, “So yeah, we watched a movie and by the time it was over Louis had decided that it was too late for me to walk home. I didn’t really argue against staying.”

“Don’t blame you,” muttered Lilia, staring at the door.

“It gets better,” I chuckled.

“Is that even possible?” asked Kennedy.

I nodded. “Oh yeah. I felt like I was in a Hollywood blockbuster. Lou offered me some clothes to sleep in,” I paused and laughed while my friends all poked fun at me, “I went and had a shower and got changed and disaster struck.” I stopped and looked at my friends, leaving them hanging. Their wide eyed stares made me continue, “The pants didn’t fit.” Laughter exploded into the room. My face flushed red in embarrassment from the memory. “Do you know how AWKWARD it was to walk out of the bathroom in just an oversized shirt? WITH ONE DIRECTION THERE?! I nearly died when I walked out and gave the trackies back to Lou,” I almost screeched. “It was the most embarrassing moment ever, I swear,” I groaned into my hands while the girls got over their fits of laughter at my expense. Another moment of that night flashed to mind and I groaned again. “And then I walk out there to the others in just a shirt and Harry,” there was a gasp from Jayne and I looked at her knowing expression.

“He didn’t did he?” she choked.

I nodded grimly, “Yeah he did. I got wolf whistled at by Harry Styles.” Another round of laughter ensured. “Trust me, it was not funny at the time,” I chuckled dryly while they got over their hilarity again. I went on to explain that night and waking up not on the couch. That day at the pool and my first kiss and every amazing, completely perfect day since. My face flushing as I relieved those unbelievable days, I sighed contentedly with burning cheeks. It felt good to tell someone, made it feel real, put it back into perspective form me and made it all that more special. When I finished my story Claire spoke up, “So what’s he like, Louis?”

I breathed deeply, smiling and falling back to lay on the bed staring up at the ceiling. “Perfect,” I breathed. “He is perfect and I can’t believe he actually sees something in me. I mean, come on. Really? But yeah, he is wonderful. He’s sweet, and caring and adorable. Funny like you wouldn’t believe and he has this serious side too. Basically everything you could ever want ever. And of course he is the godliest looking being on the planet. Yum beyond belief, trust me,” I said somewhat dreamily.

“Someone’s in luurvveee!” teased Gemma.

“Not denying it. I love him even though it’s been what, a week? Hopefully one day, he’ll feel the same. But for now, just this is enough,” I hummed happily.

“That’s so cute,” Lilia gushed.

I nodded and then frowned. “There is one thing about him that annoys me thought,” I drew out, grabbing all the girls’ attention.

“What?” they all asked, alarmed. I slid quietly off the bed, grinning and holding a warning finger up to my lips. Quickly I tiptoed over to the door, one hand gently on the doorknob, grinning down at shadows of two feet that shone from under the door and had for some time now. As I swung the door open, I spoke, “He’s a terrible eavesdropper.”


I bit back a laugh at the sight that greeted me. Louis stood outside the door, leaning in. He had obviously been listening in and the look on his face was that of a guilty four year old who had been caught sneaking cookies out of the pantry. I stared up at him, eyebrows raised and hands on my hips. “Can I help you Mister Tomlinson?” I asked, fluttering my eyes at him sweetly. He smirked down at me, winking cheekily. “No?” he offered innocently.

I continued with my charade, “Are you sure, nothing to say for yourself?”

He looked comically thoughtful, a hand on his chin stroking an imaginary goatee. Louis looked back at me, smirked wider and raised an eyebrow. “I love you?” he supplied cockily and I fought back a grin, absently noting my friends' coos.

“Really?” I asked, smirking too.

“Mmm,” Louis hummed. I pretended to be unimpressed, turning on my heel to waltz back to the bed, but strong hands made sure I spun all the way back around to face him. Before I had a chance to jokingly protest his hands were cupping my face delicately and he placed a tender lingering kiss on my lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck, keeping him close as he broke the kiss. “I meant it,” I whispered in his ear. Another kiss was placed on the side of my neck and I grinned coyly. His lips travelled up to my ear. “Later,” he murmured in a tone that had a dangerous edge to it and left goose bumps and shivers in its wake. I was left standing alone in the hall as he sauntered away. I swore to myself if he smirked any more his face would split in two. I finally went to return to my friends and laughed outright when I saw them. They sat in a line on the bed facing me, hands clamped firmly over their eyes like five little monkeys. “For people nearly seventeen years old you are incredibly immature,” I joked. Their hands dropped to their laps and Kennedy jibed me, “You can talk.” I stuck my tongue out at her and flounced out the room after Louis, making them all laugh as I proved Kennedy right.


We sat on the makeshift bed that still sat in the living room, banter flowing freely. Everyone but me was comfortable in their PJs and Louis arm wrapped me up as I sat contentedly in his lap. Jayne’s iPod filled the room with background music while we chatted, Louis and I absentmindedly playing with each other’s hands. His breath was warm on my neck and occasionally he would skim his lips along my ear and breathe something that sounded suspiciously like, “Later.” Harry’s eyes lit up when the song changed and, much to the excitement of my friends and me included, began singing along to the songs. The other boys soon joined in singing and after much glaring and prodding by Louis I quietly joined in too. I hadn’t heard this song for ages, yet the lyrics came to mind quickly. I laughed at all the boys’ daggy expressions. I quickly slid out of the way as Harry sang the last line of the song, lunging at Louis, arms outstretched, “I said, are you gonna be my girl?”

Liam shook his head, “You know I don’t think that’s exactly what Jet met with that song Harry.”

We all chuckled as Zayn corrected him, “I think you mean Larry.”

They sprung apart like opposing magnets and both groaned. “Jesus Christ, not that again,” Louis said shaking his head. “You guys do get that’s it’s actually a joke?” he asked somewhat desperately, looking at me and my friends. We all nodded and I decided to tease him a bit. I put on my best, stupidest fangirl voice, “Oh Em Gee! No WAY. Like, Larry Stylinson is totes real. LARRY ALL THE WAY!” The girls laughed while the boys looked at me like I had grown a second head or something similar. “Sarcasm… yeah?” I asked, slightly worried.

“That was possibly the strangest thing I’ve ever seen,” Niall joked still slightly taken aback.

“Should I continue?”

“No, no it’s fine!” he covered hastily making, the girls laugh

“Just playing,” I winked at him and shuffled back to my spot next to Louis. I snuggled into his side as he wrapped an arm around me and the conversation flowed.


“Okie dokie, who wants to sleep where?” I asked, looking around the group. “You lot can keep your spots,” I said pointing at the boys, “Which leaves the couch, the beanbag and we can drag out another mattress to share between three of you. Who wants what?”

“I call shotgun on the beanbag!” yelled Claire, leaping onto it and landing face first, before rolling over onto her back and tucking her legs up as she watched the rest of the proceedings.


“Me too!”

“Three!” called Jayne, Lilia and Kennedy.

Gemma laughed, “Couch?”

“Wait, what about you Lala?” interrupted Claire.

I went to answer but was drowned out as arms swept me off my feet and sent me spinning through the air. “She’s mine!” Louis screamed painfully close to my ear, making me wince.

As he put me down I rubbed my ear. “What he said,” I muttered, glaring at the tousle haired devil.

Kennedy pretended to be gobsmacked. “You mean,”” she said overly slowly, “Quiet, boy shy Lara is going to be sleeping in a group of five boys?” Everyone in the room but me tittered.

“Ha. Ha. Ha,” I said sarcastically, “Now please excuse quiet, boy shy Lara as she goes and gets into her PJs.” I disappeared around the corner and into Lou’s room, appearing moments later in my borrowed top.

Jayne hurled her arms into the air as she saw me. “It’s official!” she cried, “SLUT!”

“You know you love it,” I laughed, winking at her.

“Lezzos!” joked Kennedy, giving Niall a strange look as he roared with laughter, drowning out the other boys.

“Hands off. She was mine first!” Claire clambered out of her newly claimed beanbag and locked me in a bear hug. I squired desperately trying to escape, leaning as far away from her as I could, but not far enough as she licked up the side of my face before letting me go and springing back. I wiped spit off my face to a chorus of “Ew!”s from the gang. “Bitch!” I exclaimed and jumped after her. Claire leapt, trying to get out of reach, but went tumbling onto the mattress. I thumped down next to her, straddling my best friend and pinning her arms down, returning the favour and licking all the way up both sides of her face before I let her up. I smirked down at her as she got up, “I’m still winning.”

“You two keep score?” Liam asked, amused and incredulous. We both nodded.

“I now see why you and Lou are such a match,” joked Zayn.

“What, same charm, intelligence and good looks?” asked Louis innocently.

“I think more along the lines of the same level of utter immaturity,” Harry corrected, earning the murmured agreement of everyone else.

“Me and Louis immature? Never!” I scoffed and slung an arm around him, “You lot just don’t understand our higher way of thinking.”

“I wasn’t aware either of you were capable of thought,” teased Lilia.

“Ha, me either,” agreed Niall.

Louis pulled a dramatic pout that made me bite back giggles. “I’m cut guys, cut deep,” he sighed, hand on his heart. My miserable and very loud attempt at stifling a yawn drew everyone’s attention. I clapped my hand over my mouth, embarrassed. “My bad,” I apologised.

I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched the chain reaction of yawns ripple through the room. “Lights out?” I suggested. Everyone nodded and began collapsing into their spots, the girls burrowing into sleeping bags, Claire unzipping hers and draping it over herself until the only part of her visible was the top of her head, eyes peeking out over the edge. I stumbled wearily over to the lights, slapping them repeatedly to the laughter of my friends' until the switches all flicked and the room was plunged into the dark arms of the night. I made my way back to the bed and crawled in beside Louis, who wrapped me comfortably in his arms. After a minute of quiet I let out another yawn. “Night guys, love you,” I spoke into the stillness.


“Sweet dreams.”

“Love ya too.”

“Bed bugs…”

“Shut up Harry.”

“Just sayi-.”

“Shut UP Harry.



The room fell back into relative quiet, the darkness enhancing ever sound. I could discern everyone’s breathing, the sounds of the city far below drifting up to my ears. And if I listened hard enough I could even faintly hear the steady thud of Louis’ heartbeat next to my ear as it wove an erratic harmony with mine.


Gooey much? Sorry for the short, but I wanted to make “Later” its own chapter. ;) Eh eh eh?! Hope you enjoyed. Remember comment, subscribe, favourite blah de blah.




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