A Perfect Stranger

When Lara meets a mysterious stranger in the park, they get to talking and she feels drawn to him. What happens when she finds out who he really is?


6. Awakenings

“Coz you make my heart race.”


Morning sun shining through a crack in the blinds awoke me. I sighed in a mixture of content and defeat, not able to be unhappy because of where I kay. The sounds of Lou’s soft, steady breathing flittered past my ear, tickling the back of my neck. Long arms wrapped around me, and we fit into each other’s every curve. It had probably been the most comfortable night’s sleep ever. The alarm clock on the bedside table read 9:47, time to get up. I sighed and rolled over to face Louis, spending a moment study his relaxed sleeping face. “Lou, wake up love,” I murmured quietly in his ear.. His eyes fluttered open and a warm smile greeted me. I let myself be pulled close, returning the gentle kiss Louis placed on my lips. “Good morning,” he greeted me, grinning, in a husky morning voice. I smiled back. “Time to get up soon,” I said, laughing quietly at the expression of dismay that crossed his face. “You can stay here for a bit, I’ll get the others up because I’m nice,” I joked. Louis nodded and I went to get up. I only got as far as a sitting position  before I felt Louis hook an arm around my waist and sling me back down onto the bed. “One more thing before you go,” Louis said with an impish grin. He planted another kiss on my lips, firmer than the last and I felt my heart race. I responded, feeling him smile against me. After a few sweet seconds we broke apart and rested our foreheads against each other. “Okay, now you can go,” he told me.

I pouted. “Now I don’t want to go,” I complained.

“Go!” he chuckled giving me a gentle push. I sighed and climbed out of bed. “Have fun with Zayn.”

“Very funny Lou.”


I decided to wake Liam first. He seemed the easiest target. I walked up to his door and knocked gently. I heard someone shift on the bed and grumble so I called out softly, “Hey Liam, time to get up.”

“Mkay. Be out in five.”

 I turned, debating who to wake next out of Niall and Harry. I scrunched up a face as I thought, deciding on the door that was closest. Knowing a knock wouldn’t be sufficient; I opened the door and stepped into the room. Harry lay on the edge of the bed with the sheets crumpled around his waist, mouth open and snoring slightly. One arm hung limply off the edge. Walking over to the bed, I shook Harry gently on the shoulder. “Haz, it’s time to get up.” He grumbled in his sleep but showed no signs of waking. I shook harder, “Harry. Wakey wakey time. Now.”


Quite suddenly I found myself lying on the bed next to Harry, trapped in a cage of his arms. I stared at his supposedly sleeping face, noticing little twitches at the corners of his mouth as he tried to keep a straight face. “Harry, as comfortable as this is, let me go,” I said despairingly. I tried to move, but he just held tighter. My legs were free, so I tried to wriggle away and get my feet on the floor, but I wasn’t fast enough. “Where do you think you’re going?” Harry asked without opening his eyes, rolling over in the bed so that I was no longer on the edge, but trapped in the middle. I scowled at Harry’s smirking face. “Harry, let me up.”


“Your funeral.”


Harry’s confused reply was cut off by me yelling at the top of my lungs. “LOUIS, YOUR BOYFRIEND IS KIDNAPPING ME AND WON’T LET ME GO! HELP ME! HELP, HELP!” I screamed. To Harry’s credit, he winced at the noise in his ear, but held on. Not long after my calls for help, footsteps echoed down the hall, soon followed by the entrance of Liam and Lou into the room. Giving an exasperated sigh, I pulled my best ‘I-am-not-amused’ look. Liam chuckled and came to bounce down on the bed beside me, closely followed by Lou, who flopped down directly on top of Harry. I laughed at Harry’s muffled groan and used his distraction to pry free of his arms. I shot off the bed as he tried to grab me, collapsing in a heap on the ground as I fell over Liam in my hurry to escape. I started laughing so hard tears streamed down my face and my laughter was almost silent. Liam grabbed me by the foot and hauled me back onto the bed, making me laugh even more. “What’s so funny?” Harry asked from under Louis, confused. I kept laughing, shaking my head. “Nothing!” I wheezed, “I do this a lot. Don’t ask why.”

I got confused looks, as I managed to calm myself. Climbing carefully over Liam, I walked to the door. “I’m going to wake the other two. Liam, keep an eye on the lovebirds for me?” I said, gesturing to where Louis and Harry lay, in the middle of a mini war as Harry tried to evade the smooches Lou was showering down on him. Liam nodded, keeping a wary eye on the two in case they got too close but smiling none the less. Heading down the hall, I approached Niall’s door. I opened it and walked in, taking a moment to find the top of his blonde head in the pale covers.  Feeling cheeky once I had spotted him, I snuck quietly up to him and put my face almost nose to nose with his. Pulling my creepiest face, I said in a singsong voice, “Niall. Time to wake up now, Niall. Oh Niall.” He let out a startled yelp as his eyes flashed open. He reflexively pulled the blankets up to cover his face. I pulled them back down and smiled at him fondly, trying to hold back giggles. “Sorry, couldn’t resist,” I apologised to a scowling Niall. “But you really do need to get up now if you want to see the surprise.,” I taunted. Niall sighed in defeat. “Fine,” he grumbled sleepily, pulling aside the covers. I glanced away, not used to the guys good looks yet and not wanting to be caught staring. I turned and began to leave the room. “I’m gonna go try and wake Zayn. You better be up by the time I do,” I forewarned.

“Oh, I will be!” came the cheeky reply, from somewhere far too close to be safe. I went to dodge instinctively but wasn’t fast enough and soon found myself pinned to the floor and being tickled mercilessly. I writhed desperately on the floor, trying to get away, but Niall’s knee on the small of my back kept me pinned to the floor. Warm breath huffed near my ear. “Two words. Pay back,” he growled smugly. I craned my neck to look at him as directly as possible. “Actually,” I gasped, breathless from the tickling, “That’s only one word, grammatically speaking.” Niall tried to keep a straight face but after a moment he faltered and then started laughing and let me up. I rolled of my stomach and rubbed at my sides, sore from laughing. “Bully,” I muttered, giving Niall a look. As I got up, the other three boys wandered in. Before they got a chance to say anything, I put my five cents worth in. “It was all Niall’s fault!” I blurted, earning an outraged cry from him on the floor. I flounced over to Louis and put my arm around his waist, looking up at him innocently. “You believe me don’t you Lou?” I asked, fluttering my eyelashes sweetly.

He smiled and nodded. “Of course,” he said, putting an arm around my shoulder.

As I leant against him I poked my tongue at Niall, who was getting up from the floor. “See? I’m innocent. Unlike you, you bully!” I joked.

The boys laughed. “If I were you I’d give up now Nialler, before you get too far behind,” Liam said.


I shrugged, pulling more of the innocence. “All the more fun for me. Now, if you topless wonders would excuse me, I’m going to try and wake Zayn.”

Louis laughed. “Now, THIS, I want to see,” he said eagerly, keeping an arm around me as we left the room. Niall, Liam and Harry muttered in agreement and followed. I motioned for them to be silent as we approached the door, putting a finger on my lips, waiting till they had all cottoned on and did the same, if somewhat over enthusiastically. I opened the door to Zayn’s room, leaving the guys standing in the doorway looking like deadly serious five year olds with their index fingers smooshed against their faces and their eyes wide open. I walked up to where Zayn lay sprawled in the bed, grabbing hold of the sheet firmly. I tugged on the blanket, running back from the bed as fast as I could. Zayn’s half asleep reaction time wasn’t fast enough as he scrambled to keep the blankets over him. I dumped the doona in a plie next to the bed, making sure it was out of reach of the bed. “Morning Zayn!” I chirped cheerfully. My only response was a moody grumble as he curled up into a ball on the bed. “You have about 30 seconds to open your eyes and sit up, or there will be consequences.” I waited patiently, counting one Mississippi, two Mississippi in my head. When I reached thirty and Zayn had still not moved, I ducked into the adjoining bathroom and grabbed a glass from the bench, filling the bottom with about a centimetre of water. Walking back into Zayn’s room, I gave him one last chance. “Times up sleepyhead. Get up now.

“No. Go away.” The reply was muffled from the pillow Zayn had pressed over his face, but clear enough. I didn’t bother hiding the smile that came to my face as I took aim, and splashed cold water over Zayn’s bare torso.

“Gah!” Zayn shot upright in shock as the chilled liquid hit him. “What was that for?” he protested, glaring at the glass held loosely in my hand.

“I told you to get up. You didn’t. So I did something about it,” I explained as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “If you’re not awake properly I can get another lot?”

“I’m up, I’m up, I’m…What’s wrong with that lot?” Zayn asked confused, finally noticing the four standing squashed in his doorway. “I told them to be quite. They took it a little too far. You should know them better than I do,” I chuckled. Zayn shrugged and stood up, stretching. I dumped the doona back on his bed, now sure that he was up and going to stay that way. I waved at the four boys in the doorway, shooing the out of the way as I headed out of the room. “Go get ready, and we will drop by at my place so I can pick up some gear, then we can go, okay?” I told them, enjoying the looks of surprise on their faces as I mentioned gear.

“What about breakfast?” came the query from Niall.

“There’s a Muffin Break on the way to mine, we can get something there,” I suggested. The guys all nodded enthusiastically and dispersed. “Wear something comfy, long pants and closed shoes, okay?” I shouted after their retreating backs as I followed Lou into his room. As he closed the door behind us he turned to face me. “Where are we going?” he asked.

“Not telling. It’s a surprise.”

He advanced. “Please?”

I took a step backwards, grinning. “No.”

“Please? For me?” Louis begged, pulling an irresistible puppy face.

I smiled wider, taking another step back and raising my hands defensively. “Wouldn’t be fair. Plus, I want it to be a surprise. Now get dressed.” I plopped myself down on the bed to wait. Louis gestured to himself grandly. “Why? Don’t you find this attractive?” he joked.

I sighed. “That’s exactly the problem. You’re distracting me.”

Lou strolled over to the bed and pushed me by the shoulders, leaning over me. I couldn’t help my racing heart as he came close, grinning at me. His hands came to rest on my hips and he placed soft kisses all over my neck and face. “Still distracted?” he whispered playfully.

“Mmm,” was all I could manage.


I wrapped my arms around his neck as he placed a firm kiss on my lips before pulling away. I let him go reluctantly, my body feeling like jelly. I closed my eyes as Lou walked over to the cupboard in the corner, loosing myself in my thoughts as I waited for him to get dressed. I mulled over the last few days and how amazing they had been and wondered about the future. Would this last?


Tada! Another chapter for you perhaps non-existent readers. Hope you enjoyed <3 and xxx’s







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