Change of My life

Jasmine Harmon had a sad childhood after moving away from her best friend since kindergarten who had a special bond. Not only feeling loss, she struggles with herself to fit in as she thinks she will always be out of place. Being African American isn't easy living in a world that still has racism. Starting middle school at age 12 she still hasn't been happy. Thinking all hope is gone, 6 years later she ends up in the same class of her best friend. Just when she thinks her life will be perfect again, another crush has grown on her best friend but is unsure if he still has the same feelings for her still. Taking advice from her girlfriend Meaghan, she confronts him but is too embarrassed be around him again. Avoiding him was a mistake that Jasmine regrets, because now they haven't shared a single word in the past 4 months. The risks and changes she makes just to get her friend again may lose the girls that were closes to her.


4. Wrong decision

Chapter 3

School has been open for about a 1 week now. And the girls from last year soon found their way to each other. All of sitting together at lunch.

Anna Carter, Alex Liss, Kyra Hambrick, Carly Newport, Andrea Wallace, Jenayah Tremaine, Meaghan McIntyre,  Michelle Kanelous, Tiffany Salono, and me of course. The 10 of us decided to sit in the same spot every day so all of us would together.

But the lunch table next to ours was the boys table. Wesley Womack, Jason Wheat, Hunter Thomson, Daniel Ro, Daniel Obeckalou. I didn’t really know them that well except for Wesley. Jason, who was abnormally tall, had every class with me. He wasn’t in drama though; he was in band, and so was I.


Yesterday my mom had forced me to try an instrument since both my brothers were in band. And the whole family is musically entwined.

That day Mrs. Crocco, the band teacher was having 6th grade band kids try out for instruments they wanting to play. My brothers were volunteering for her, helping out the kids.

Nicholas, the oldest of all 3 of us played the trombone and baritone. Christopher the second oldest, played the clarinet and tenor saxophone.

My friend from last year Emily Chappell was there trying out for the flute.

“JAZZY!!” I HEARD Emily say from across the room.

“What are you doing here?”  She asked right up next to me.

“I’m trying out an instrument for band, I was forced by my mom.” I explained to her not sounding to happy.

“YIPPEE!” I assumed she was happy about that.

Walking over to where Emily was before sitting before she explained the paper in front of her.

“Okay so we were handed this paper in class time and had to write down the top 3 instruments we want to play. Mine were the flute, clarinet, and oboe. So you try out these instruments and you see which one you get by confirming with Mrs. Crocco.” She said quickly looking at her paper she was already done and was going to play the flute.

“But I’m already done so I’m trying all the instruments here.” Emily said

“Cool...” Was really all I could, band just wasn’t interesting to me like other people. Yet no matter how many times I try to tell my mom that she said go try.

‘Ugh. I have to wait another 30 minutes then go ‘try’ an instrument before I get something to eat. Man I was sooo staving. And bored out of my mind nothing to do, not even homework.’

Soon kids were filing out going home presumed, since the session was coming to an end. After the high school volunteers put away the instruments. My brothers and I were led into a big practice, at least that’s what I heard Mrs. Crocco say.

“So any idea of what instrument you wanted to play?” she asked with me taking a seat next to her, brothers on the other of the room.

“Uhhh no.” I answered truthfully.

“Didn’t think, so I have a couple instruments that we don’t have enough of. Do what to try the tuba, trumpet, or oboe? Saying all eyes on me; made me feel really uncomfortable.

‘Oh man, I have never heard a single one of these instruments, well except for the tuba.’ Worrying inside my head.

Seeing as if I was having trouble deciding. Mrs. Crocco made that decision for me.

“Well why don’t we start off with the trumpet, that’s the instrument we most of.”

“Sure.” I said not really following.

Mrs. Crocco told me to make my lips into a buzzing position; to make the sound of a bee.

I did that of my first not really seeing the point of this. Just wanted to get out of here.

“Good!” Mrs. Crocco said. Probably says that to all of her students so she doesn’t their feelings.

“Now take this mouth piece and do exactly the same thing.” Handing me a sliver object which resembled a small knob with a hole in the middle, sort of.

She taught me how to hold it with my middle and pointer finger on top and thumb underneath. Buzzing into it, I had made a ‘perfect’ sound according to Mrs. Crocco, supposedly.

“Nice job!’ like I haven’t heard those words before, sighing mentally. I gave her one of those cheap fake smiles to seem I was enjoying myself and was pleased. Yeah right, just the complete opposite.

Now she connected the trumpet to the mouth piece guessing I was about play it.

Right hand: pointer, middle and ring finger goes on the valves. Thumb between valve 2 and 3, underneath. Pinky on top of ring. Left hand: thumb into tuner hold. Middle and pointer wrapped around valve 3. Pinky and ring finder under the trumpet to hold it up.

‘Oh my gosh my hands were burning this is so comfortable.’ I complained inside my head.

“It may feel weird at first and heavy weighted but you get used to it the more you play and practice.” I heard Mrs. Crocco say snapping me back reality.

‘Play and practice!? When did you hear I was switching my schedule? NOT FROM ME!’ Not daring to say that out loud; I still had some sense. 

I only nodded putting the trumpet up to my mouth, I buzzed letting out at an average pitch in the middle of the not range. It sousing actually, and to think I did that made it even more of a shock. I don’t what Mrs. Crocco was thinking but the expression creeping up on her face. She was saying something about making a nice sound and how I was a natural at this.

Oh great natural that made me seem super excited been told that one too many times and it got annoying. Being a natural meant starting off at the top with people expecting a lot from you and more. Well what if I couldn’t give them all that they were expecting I’d worry at times. And then the slightest mistake you back to square one in a flash. Sometimes I just wanted to be at the lowest of the low and work my way up. But that never seemed to happen.

Walking out the door with my brothers in front of my only by a few feet, they bombarded me with questions. I didn’t answer a single one not wanting to reveal my answer. I mean yeah I played it well but I still wasn’t interested into playing band. 

Once we reach rung the doorbell for our grandma to open up the garage door, I kicked off my flats and threw open the kitchen door. 

“G’EVEING!!” I yelled into the house for everyone to hear; refrain myself from saying it over and over again. My grandma was lying down in the living room couch as usually. Mom was probably upstairs sleeping or watching TV. Setting my lunchbox down on the kitchen counter, my brothers and I headed up the stairs.

I threw my backpack in a corner of my room walking to my mom’s room.






“Come in.” My mom yelled from the other side of the door. Soon my brothers were right behind me. My mom sitting down next to her bed looking up at the TV screen.

“So how did it go.” Mom asked looking at us now. Christopher and I were took a seat on the ground while Nicholas leaned up against the wall.

“Well, she made a nice sound and was really good at it for being her first time.” Nicholas said talking first.

I wasn’t really listening to the conversation; even the news was more interesting with politics playing. I would have grabbed the remote to change the channel but it was on the other side of the room across mommy. I had to think about if I really wanted it or just bare through it. My laziness got the better of me, looks like I’m stuck here bored. I pulled my knees to my chest having nothing to do.

I notice my brothers leave the room so I think this over but mommy tells me to stay. Oh great that means a talk my mom gives at times. I hated this because it made you like the worst person in the world. Everything bad you have done comes back whether you were found out or not.

“Ok. So do you want t join band?” Mommy asked once her room closed.

“Well, I do but I don’t really find it as much interesting.”

“Why don’t you try it any way?”


“Ok.” Was said to her. She gave me a surprised look raising her eyebrows quite high.

“Are you sure, because I don’t want to change you schedule and then the next day you say you want to change it back?” Mommy said in a serious tone.

I nodded my head.

“Yup positive.”  Under her breath she sighed and wrote on a piece of paper about me switching 6th period.  Signing it she handed it to me and told me not to lose it. I slumped out of her room all sad and depressed.

‘What was I thinking I just said yes to be in band even when I didn’t want to. Either though I felt like I was being forced join band. It’s not like I could have done anything about it. Saying no would make me feel like the odd one out. Everyone would be mad at just because I didn’t switch.’ Crying inside my head.

Making it over to my bed and laid on top of it; I was dirty and this was probably a bad idea I made and would regret later. Well I still could decline this; I mean I had turned this slip into the office tomorrow morning. This meant I time to still think this over to myself.

It is middle school and that means finding your true self and taking risks. Maybe mommy was right I should just try for this year. Wait, but if I switch my schedule to band then I won’t have a single class with Wesley. After I had just met him again.


Whether it was a bad decision or not, I can’t go back now. I had given the paper to the office and the right next day I was out of drama and in band. Sure I had to deal with Michelle shaking me asking why I wasn’t in band any more yelling at me. But as soon I explained it to her she didn’t understand. Typical Michelle. She got over it eventually and my choice stopped bothering. Band wasn’t that bad I mean, it’s just that I gave up the only class I had with Wesley to please others than myself first.

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