Change of My life

Jasmine Harmon had a sad childhood after moving away from her best friend since kindergarten who had a special bond. Not only feeling loss, she struggles with herself to fit in as she thinks she will always be out of place. Being African American isn't easy living in a world that still has racism. Starting middle school at age 12 she still hasn't been happy. Thinking all hope is gone, 6 years later she ends up in the same class of her best friend. Just when she thinks her life will be perfect again, another crush has grown on her best friend but is unsure if he still has the same feelings for her still. Taking advice from her girlfriend Meaghan, she confronts him but is too embarrassed be around him again. Avoiding him was a mistake that Jasmine regrets, because now they haven't shared a single word in the past 4 months. The risks and changes she makes just to get her friend again may lose the girls that were closes to her.


5. Meaghan and Jason


"Meaghan, we promise we won't tell anyone!" Alex Liss and Anna said in unison, wide eyed. 

Jenayah had moved back to New York, which was where she originates from. And Andrea left without telling us. The school just now realized that her home was out of the area so she had to attend Pine view middle school instead. Although she was our friend, we were mad at her for not telling us. I mean were are her friends, Andrea's excuse was that it would too hard. Oh come on, she had no right. 

But they got over forgetting about her soon enough. 

We wanted Meaghan to tell us who she liked being now a month into the school year. It’s basically our thing to share our secrets with one another and we were barking at Meaghan to tell us.

“I… ah… well….like…..Jason.” She whispered softly to herself, but loud enough for us to.

“What you mean him?” Alex asked pointing across the table. Meaghan nodded her head hiding the bush. Everyone was really surprised, I thought he was a little cute nothing much or anything.

“AND YOU CAN NOT TELL ANYBODY OR I WILL KILL YOU!!” Meaghan suddenly blurted out probably regretting telling us. Especially Alex who can’t keep a secret to save her life. ‘

“Promise.” The rest of us said not even looking up; going back to eating our lunch. It wasn’t a truthful promise if none of us looked up. Someone was going to break it and I was sure of that.

In band we were preparing for our first concert, being only three songs not very long. We were that skilled yet so the class played song like Hot Cross Buns. A very simple song.

Next week was our concert on Thursday, today being Monday. We went over so many rules about the concert and what needed. Black dress and black socks that went above the ankle. Black dress pants and our band polos. So many things to remember. Concert times and where to be, seem so complicated. But I was told that we could stay after school and provided food.

I was so happy, what they would be serving is pizza and two cinnamon breadsticks. With a soda as a drink. But you had to bring in 5 dollars, Mrs. Crocco did not except it late. She was a very big band teacher but can be flexible at times. It didn’t bother me seeing my household was the same.

My band partner was Kory Hilton, the most annoying boy on Earth. Would never just stop talking and was really small for his age. On the other side of me was Marcelo who probably was the most disturbing guy on Earth. Oh my gosh sounds he just spat right in the middle of class just scared me every time. Moaning and groaning with his best friend Henry laughing his head 2 seats away. I don't know how none of them got in trouble.

Basically the whole trumpet section was bad. Three girls, Adrianna, Nicole Upper, and Nicole Torres. These people were just bad, always complaining and wining about every little thing. There was no end, luckily thought they were all far away from me as possible.

But Kayla who has got to be snob sat next Marcelo. She picks her nose and is basically a disturbing look. Marcel is always scooting his chair closer to me just so he won’t be so close to Kayla.

Glori or Glorilecea was Kayla’s band partner. And she was one heck of a trumpet player. Although many call her insanely annoying and childish she was a really good musician.

Today was the big day for the concert. Alex who plays the baritone, Anna who plays the clarinet, Meaghan who plays he tenor saxophone, Jason who plays the French horn, and Daniel Ro also plays the French horn were staying after school too. But of course Alex had already leaked out that Meaghan liked Jason, she was mad yes but got over it. More embarrassed about Jason.

Liss blamed Carla a friend of hers but it was still her fault Carla knew in the first place. Jason didn’t seem bothered by it showing no feeling towards Meaghan. Did it stop her, nope! Giving Jason like 20 notes already explain what happened. I honestly felt bad for him being bothered by Meaghan’s obsessive problems. But now all of us were together so hopefully we could straighten this out.

Sixth graders stayed in one room while 7th and 8th in another. The music and band room were connected by an office so Mrs. Crocco and Mrs. Mark were good friends. But many kids found Mrs. Marks mean and the worst teacher out there. Who knew, didn’t have her.

We were called into the cafeteria to eat our dinner before the concert which started at 5:00. I had brought my own lunch not really in the mood for pizza. My close friends and I sat together at a table next to the boys. Jason, Daniel, and Kory sat there.

“Okay so Meaghan I am going to get you and Jason together.” Alex said stuffing her face full of pizza, smiling. Meaghan looked up after taking a bite into her sandwich.

“No because I can’t trust you.” She said looking a little bit pissed off.

“Oh come on that was Carla and me you know. She mainly went to tell him not me. Besides you’re not going to win him over through notes.” Liss stated

“She has a point unfortunately Meaghan.” I butted in agreeing with Liss.

“Yup.” Anna said.

No! We will just see what happens.” Meaghan said not realizing all of us were right.

“Okay…” Was all Alex had left to say smirking to herself. She was going to interfere no matter what.

After dinner all the 6th graders from both periods headed back to Mrs. Mark’s music room. Alex that sneaky devil went to Chandler and McKenna lentlevitch, two twins. Then cover to Camyron Gowing, probably telling her about Meaghan’s secret so they would help her come up with a plan.

I soon noticed all four them going over to Jason and his group of friends. I wasn’t really paying attention to the conversation with Meaghan, Noah Caudwell and Benny Von. Two really funny boys in our class. But more interested on what Liss was planning on doing.

“I need the grade 6th grade 5th period to gather their instrument and head out to the stage.” Mrs. Crocco said. That class was going before us and leaving before us as well.

Our band teacher soon left as well to direct the students in their concert. Volunteers and parents were left with us to watch over, to make sure we don’t get out of hand. We could watch the concert on a TV in the room but barely anyone did; was talking with their friends mostly.

I had no idea what Liss was saying to Jason but both were smiling well Jason always had a smile on his face.

Alex started making her way over to me and Meaghan now probably to tell us the news.

“Benny, Noah leave now!” Liss said glaring at them.

“Well you see I live in American where I have the right to do anything I want.’ Noah argued back.

“He there is right.” Benny, agreeing with his pal Noah. Liss shook her head laughing a little before pushing them away.

“Okay so I was taking to Jason right and he said that the notes really are annoying but he would not answer my question about liking you. You know what that means right?” Liss said giving Meaghan a smile again.

“You don’t know for sure that he likes me, never actually said that.” Meaghan stated trying to prove Alex wrong. Really?! It was only our first concert and already drama is starting, I thought to myself.

Alex and Meaghan were having a debate saying oh how there’s a chance Jason might like you and might not. I honestly didn’t want to get involved much because drama was a lot to handle.

Most of the time my mind was on Wesley; having not told my friends about knowing him. Expect for Michelle, she was the only person that knew I liked him.

At lunch the same day Meaghan told us that she liked Jason, Michelle started nudging my arm raising her eyebrows and smirking. She wanted to know who I liked but I said I’d tell her if she told me who she liked first. Of course I was tricked because at that time Michelle didn’t like anybody.

When I told her Wesley she basically screamed out that she knew all along. I don’t know how but I guess I accidentally dropped small hints about that. Michelle had promised not to tell anyone and I trusted her even though I haven’t known her for too long.

Wesley and I still talked but, he just seemed so different. Not that it really bothered me much; he still had his funny personality which I always liked. At times, I felt distance from him not as close as we used too. And I knew I would never tell him that I liked him, afraid of it ruining our friendship. Why, I wasn’t sure but me liking him was not a good idea, let alone tell him.

The kids from 5th period started filing in. I’m guessing their concert went well by the happy faces. Putting away their instruments, leaving to meet their parents outside since there concert is over. The 6th period got out their instruments ready to perform.

Taking out my trumpet and closing the case, Kory my band partner, did the same also taking out his music book. His book was the one we were going to use for the concert instead of mine.

Our class lined up in order walking onto the stage. It was being held in the cafeteria; all the chairs and tables were stacked up against the walls and windows. Parents and kids were eyeing the stage waiting for the next performance. The curtains were closed, preventing the audience from seeing us. Other performances were also going on keeping them busy, and time for us to set up. 

The act going on before was about to end so Mrs. Crocco got on the podium ready to for the curtains to open.

Once the round of applause died down from the other performance, the curtains rolled back showing the 6th grade 6th period beginning band.

“Kids, get your stuff together and meet your parents outside in the bus loop.” Mrs. Crocco yelling, while clapping her hands together. Both the band room and music room was crowded with kids and parents picking up their band equipment and scurrying to the bus loop.

All the 8th and 7th graders had to help move the stands and chairs from the stage back to the band room. Carts were being filled and rolled back to their proper placing the band closets. The 6th graders were to just find their parents and leave, I’m not sure why, but it was what we were told to do.

Trumpet case in hand and backpack over my shoulder I walked out one of the cafeteria doors searching for my mom and older brothers outside. Finding them close by the school on one haft of the school.

"Jasmine?!?” My mom called out. My brothers weren’t with her; probably off meeting friends who had siblings in the band program. My mom started praising me on how well the concert went with a huge smile of her face. But I wasn’t sure if I felt as happy as her.

My brothers finally came out the cafeteria; some friends were behind them, all talking. Soon departing to go home.

Christopher had a bag of skittles opened in his hand. I was eyeing them; where in the world did he get them.

“What are you looking at?” He asked me when they were closer. I didn’t need to answer when Christopher realized I was looking at his skittles.

He started smiling at me noticing what I wanted.

“No.” He said and started walking towards the car. How could he do that, cruel I thought.

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