Change of My life

Jasmine Harmon had a sad childhood after moving away from her best friend since kindergarten who had a special bond. Not only feeling loss, she struggles with herself to fit in as she thinks she will always be out of place. Being African American isn't easy living in a world that still has racism. Starting middle school at age 12 she still hasn't been happy. Thinking all hope is gone, 6 years later she ends up in the same class of her best friend. Just when she thinks her life will be perfect again, another crush has grown on her best friend but is unsure if he still has the same feelings for her still. Taking advice from her girlfriend Meaghan, she confronts him but is too embarrassed be around him again. Avoiding him was a mistake that Jasmine regrets, because now they haven't shared a single word in the past 4 months. The risks and changes she makes just to get her friend again may lose the girls that were closes to her.


3. His change








“What do you want; who’s there…?









“Oh, wait, it’s just my alarm”

Stretching my hand over to flip the switch before it had a chance to ring again.

“Hmm, just 5 more minutes.”  I said snuggling back under my multicolored blanket over my head. But I shot up in my bed thinking back to yesterday.

 ‘Did that really happen, or was it just a dream.’ The little voice inside my head spoke.

Brushing black strands of hair out of my eyes, I slowly eased myself out my bed. Looking around my room; I really needed to change my room color. It was a girl catastrophe. One side of the room was pink while other was purple. The two colors I dreaded the most. In the corner of the pink walls my mom had painted a flower mixing and using different colors. By my closet on the on the purple side was an outline on me back in first grade. Gosh I was small.

Feeling lazy as always, I forced my legs to move towards the bathroom making a detour to the couch on the way. I didn't really want to move but I so eager to get school. To have a real conversation with Wesley again.

Toast in mouth, I rushed out the door 10 minutes early. I walked to school since I didn’t have a bike at the moment.

Slipping on black flats to go with my black cargo pants and rainbow stripped shirt. Swallowing my last piece of toast I waved bye to my grandma watching me leave.

“Have a good day” I heard her say.

I seemed to be taking a Sunday Stroll because by the time I got to school the bell had already rung. Kids were filing in from cars, buses and walkers.

‘Oh crap!’ I thought.’ I’m caught in the middle of this madness!

I was literal being pulled along with crowd! The wave was too strong….I’m….I’m….I’M DROWNING!

“What’s this?! I’m alive? I’m alive! I’M ALIVE!!!!” I screamed putting both hands in the air. Some people stopped to stare at me probably thinking I was mental.

 I stood up brushing myself off acting as if nothing happened walking to 1st period. Looking at the floor along the way trying to block stares, I ended up doing a face plant into the podium. Detaching my face I heard sneers coming from students, mostly 8th graders.

‘Gosh people were so mean. I need to toughen up, and be less clumsy.’ I thought to myself this time.

‘I’m so gonna die by the end of this week.’ I sighed oh well.

Making it to math without anymore humiliation, I met up with Alex who was already waiting by the door. Mrs. Wallace’s door was closed probably dealing with something important, considering it was only the second day of school.

Kids were passing by, some going into the classroom before us. But soon the math door flew open telling the class to line up at the front of the classroom.

‘Holy crap! ‘So many thoughts were running through my head, were we about to die, maybe it was the quiet game. There was a slight chance of that since no one was, or even dared to talk. All keeping how ‘goody-goody angel’ reputation. Lots were gonna be destroyed by the end of the month.

Instead of dying, (which I know was not going to happen) we were just given assigned seats. From where I was standing you could hear soft groans coming from the class. Who could blame them it was only the second day and we were already being controlled.

But hey, maybe it wasn’t so bad, I was next to what’s-his-face and what? I don’t know their name; I don’t talk to them. Sadly enough, Alex and Victoria were put right next to each other….on the other side of the room. Oh God I’m gonna be miserable. AND WHY THE HECK AM I INCHES AWAY FROM THE TEACHER’S DESK!!!!! Middle school already stucked, bad!

I waited for Victoria outside of the class who was taking an extremely long time.

A couple kids stared wondering why I was standing by the door but I didn’t let it bother me. The least thing I needed was more attention. Giving up I just speed walked to geography; I clashed with Wesley on the way there, apparently he had math for second period.

“Jasmine.” he’d haft-yell in a semi-deep voice. Giving me his special goofy smile.

“Wesley!”  I always mimicked in a higher, more cheerful pitch I knew he smiled after I said that like always. Felt good to talk to him again. Even if it wasn’t much, it made a difference.

In geography we were putting together our notebooks for the year. This was where all our notes over the course of the year would be. If we colored the surrounding page with pictures about the lesson then we were given extra credit. Don’t ask me how it just did so; it was something everyone looked forward to.

I hated how geography ended so fast, it was the only period I had, fun!? Ha and mom said middle was all about work and grades. This school still had some kid in it.

But I didn’t have time to day-dream, I had rush to reading since the walk to there seemed to make more than 3 minutes. Which was all the time we got for passing period. That meant no bathroom break before or after class, unless I wanted to be late and get yelled at. Even without a bathroom break I still ended up late!!

‘IMPOSSIBLE!!’ the voice in my head spoke. Heading up the ramp to portable number 18. Turning the knob just as it closed by someone else, I opened the door very quietly trying not to make too much of a disturbance. Most of the class was already seating down with comp notebooks at their seat. Mrs. Chamberlin standing at the front of the class waiting for the class to settle. Giving a, I’m-waiting-you-should-get-quiet look. It took us a little while to calm down which didn’t really make Mrs. Chamberlin happy. I assumed a lot of the kids in here went to elementary together.


As a ‘First’ official school day the teacher made us write about a short take notes. And I mean take notes; she’d talk and we had to write. She’d write on the board we had to copy. I filled up 2 pages back and front writing small. To think this was only the first of the period.

“Wow your late, go to lunch.” I heard Mrs. Chamberlin say. The class roared with excitement; kids leaving the class in a flash before Mrs. Chamberlin had a chance to respond. So I just trailed behind the crowd keeping to myself.

 Maybe I was alone and it was boring but at least I’m not the center of attention. I mean I had friends, lots quite frankly but none of them had any classes with me. I’ve seen my friend Kyra around but not talk with her yet. Meaghan and Alex Liss (a girl) had a brief conversation with me nothing much.

‘Oh Well.’ I sighed loudly.

‘It can’t stay like this, right?’ I made friends pretty easy pretty so I shouldn’t have to worry. I opened the door that led to the inside of the school but was hit by a rush of cold air making me shiver all over. Wrapping my mid-arms with my hands trying to warm up I stepped into the lunch searching for a seat.

“JASMINE COME SIT WITH US!!!!!” I looked to the left to see Kyra Hambrick and her small gang of friends sitting right by the lunch room door. Carly Newport was Kyra’s best friend sitting next to her Densi Devora on the other side of Kyra. Savannah and a girl I didn’t know sat across them leaving a space in the middle weirdly.

“Uhhh okay..?” I said with a questioning look. Taking a seat between Savannah and girl who was new to me, I was more interested with Densi’s and Michelle’s chat. This seemed to be her name after hearing it many times from Densi. I have seen Michelle’s face somewhere but don’t remember where from.  We were talking about all the possibilities if someone pulled the fire drill how people would get hurt.

“There would be like, ‘AHHHH help me!’ riding on top of kids” Densi laughed out.

“I doubt they would survive.” Michelle barely managed to say laughing really hard.

“Ha ha kids will be trampled from that!” we all laughed in unison pretty loud. Michelle was really fun to talk to. It felt nice though to sit at a table again. Ever since 3rd grade, I was forced to be at a desk near the table instead at the table. I had a severe nut allergy so had to be careful everywhere. I used to felt left out but now that I don’t have to sit at a desk I forget about it and live life carefree.

“When I call your table, I want you pick up the trash under.” Said the lunch lady into a microphone. She came off strict so I did not want to be the one to get on her bad side. Indicating lunch was over I waited for Victoria since I released before her.

The rest of was went by smoothly I didn’t notice 5th was over when Michelle snapping her finger to leave.

“Hello??! Earth to Jasmine we have to get to class, remember?!”

“HUH WHAT??” I said coming back to reality.

“Come get up, you completely zoned out through class.” Being pulled to a standing position.

“Oh haha thanks didn’t even notice.” The fact was I couldn’t stop thinking about 6th period. And now realizing Michelle and I shared the last class of the day together. Gathering my comp notebook and stuffing it into my back pack I saw scribbles all over it.

‘Wow, I must have been really bored in this class.’ I thought to myself exiting the classroom.

The walk to drama took seconds as I was this time pushing Michelle to hurry up. I entered the room to see most people already sitting. The kids from the navigators’ hall right next to ours. In the back of the room sat the, I’m-so-cool table; a group of all boys and jocks. In the front corner was the, talk-and-break-the-rules table, which included Wesley which was a shock to me. Right next to Mrs. Chase’s desk was the, we-are-so-popular-and-cute all girls table. The only normal ones were  sat a 3 different tables. Some girls who never spoke a word unless forced too. Two kids sat together at a table by themselves, they were kind of weird and annoying and awkward. Not being mean or anything.

Then was my group sat in the middle, we didn’t talk when we weren’t supposed too. But still had some fun; it consisted of me, Michelle, Andrew Obediente, and Jeffery Lou. Also known as the perfect table.

Today in class we had to get to know each other so went around the room saying our name and a couple things about ourselves. But we stopped frequently due to people talking after someone went their turn.

"Ah my name is Susie and-" Before she could even finish she was already cut off.

“Yes nice to meet you and I’m Dallas. NEXT PERSON!” More than haft the class erupted into laugher making Mrs. Chase really annoyed. Resting my head on the desk, the teacher was yelling at the class. I just ignored it all until it came my turn.

By which it never made it to our table because of the boys talking too much and Mrs. Chase yelling too much.  

Even though I had this class some friends of mine. It seemed impossible to learn no matter what. Michelle and I were the last ones out since all the boys ran to leave before Mrs. Chase could say anything. Only sighing in the distance.

Making it home, I collapsed on the floor from tiredness and boredom. Having no homework or even book to read leaving me nothing to do. But it didn’t bother that much as my mind couldn’t stay away from Wesley. He had changed, a lot actually and it scared me. I mean yeah of course people change, but he seemed like a completely different person. The opposite of what he used to be. I guess it was normal considering it has been 6 years without seeing him. His personality resembled a bad boy type, and I kind of liked it.

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