Change of My life

Jasmine Harmon had a sad childhood after moving away from her best friend since kindergarten who had a special bond. Not only feeling loss, she struggles with herself to fit in as she thinks she will always be out of place. Being African American isn't easy living in a world that still has racism. Starting middle school at age 12 she still hasn't been happy. Thinking all hope is gone, 6 years later she ends up in the same class of her best friend. Just when she thinks her life will be perfect again, another crush has grown on her best friend but is unsure if he still has the same feelings for her still. Taking advice from her girlfriend Meaghan, she confronts him but is too embarrassed be around him again. Avoiding him was a mistake that Jasmine regrets, because now they haven't shared a single word in the past 4 months. The risks and changes she makes just to get her friend again may lose the girls that were closes to her.


2. Him


The first day of middle was the greatest day of my life. Everyone just seemed so happy; watching out for people younger than them. Making sure their trash went into the trash cans placed around the school. Yup, that would be the perfect school expect I was stuck here. Complete horror. Everywhere I went some just had to someone is taller than me. Being like a foot shorter than everyone else wasn’t easy for me. Usually I’m the tallest kid! It felt so intimidating, pushing pass all the small kids to get in front.

But when you look at a normal 6th grader and a normal 7th and 8th grade the differences were wide while the similarities were, well, none. Who knew 1 or 2 years could be such a big impact on looks.

Being that the school was 3 stories separating by grade level was the only thing that made me loosen up just a bit. But not since they just had to put the library on the 2nd floor. I really wanna know whose idea this was, THE 6TH GRADERS ARE GOING TO GET TRAPELED, SQUASHED, STEPPED ON, WALKED OVER…..or worst! Kidding kidding, that’s only the worst case scenario, I hope.

Trying to push those horrible thoughts out of my head I first had to actually survive getting to my class. There was just a mob in the auditorium. Typical middle scholars; standing around talking loudly. Not really caring whether they’re late to class or not.

 Lucky for me the hall way I was in was the farthest team from the door I entered just great. *Note: enter the opposite door. The door between the office and the gym.

Reaching for my folded schedule out of my pocket and read off the order my classes were. Advance math, geography, reading, science, language arts, and drama. Shoving the piece of paper back into my pocket.

"Well this seemed easy enough." I thought in my head. But at this school highly improbable.

First period was the second room in the Soarin’ hall way. The door was already open: sitting at her desk was a mid-height woman with blond hair a little past her shoulders. Small wrinkles surrounding her eyes. You could defiantly see through her fake smile she was giving me.  Most teachers do that without really caring about her students.

Once the late bell rang most of the other kids had filed I taking any seat they chose since it was only the first day.

Only really knowing one person but weren't exactly close friends but close enough that we weren’t in awkward silence. Her name was Victoria. She had long, flowing red hair and was mildly short for a 6th grader. We had compared our schedules seeing that both of us had all of our classes together. Expect she had P.E. for 6th period and I had drama instead. But this still meant I didn't have to walk around by myself.  So it wasn’t all bad.

While Mrs. Wallace, my teacher, was in the middle of roll call , the door swung open and a very short boy appeared in the door way. He had slight blond hair cut short and low. From the distance I was, his glasses looked sliver and blue. Realizing at the face more clearly the boy was Alexander Stornelli. Everyone just called him Alex, but he was one of the friends I called close. Also with the softest hair I’ve ever touched.

Explaining to Mrs. Wallace how he went to the wrong classroom because the schedules had an error on the room number. Alex pulled up a seat across from me smiling. Probably thinking he at least knew one person that he could talk too. But I was thinking the same thing returning a smile, not wanting to risk talking.

This class seemed to take the forever to get out of Mrs. Wallace's class was like jail holding us in. (As this would be a problem later on in the year.) It took a whole period just to go over the rules of the school and classroom, learning how it works and where everything is.

 I knew this week would be the slowest because all we learn is the rules of the school .The sad thing is you really only needed to remember 3 of them. The rest were just common sense. Stay Respectful, Responsible, and Be A Problem Solver. This was complete torture. I like I was in preschool again. Every single teacher will tell us the exact same thing about the school I honestly didn't see the point of all of this. And to waste a week on this, gosh how am I supposed to survive. 

Victoria and I headed to geography which went by pretty quick considering this was the shortest period. Meeting up with friends I knew better, like Nicole and Dencie, were always fun to be around. Mrs. Stavour, our teacher had geography seem easy and fun with the simple rules she told us. Telling us many exciting ways to earn extra credit.

Our next was outside in the portables with no roof over us, I wondered what would happen when it rained. Reading didn’t sound too bad. The class was taught by Mrs. Chamberlin and she came off as the most feared teacher of all. The first haft Mrs. Chamberlin basically lectured us about the future and how important it was to work 110% in her class, like that was even possible. Since this class was spilt with lunch in the middle we were able to walk off on our own to the cafeteria.

Reaching the cafeteria though, I was a little anxious since I didn't know much people so that probably meant sitting alone close by Victoria oh well. We sat next to Camyron and Evie who I knew very well.

Lunch was over which was kind of a bummer so Victoria and I headed back to reading. The other again, we were told about the class and how there would be zero tolerance for anything.

Science was my next period and I knew I was not gonna like this class; it never made sense and probably never will. *Note: 4th period will stink; I logged in my head self-consciously. Walking through the door though I was blasted by screams of my name. In the back of the class were Kolbi, Andrea, Joey, and Givon, some of my friends from last year's friends. This period was full of talkative people that don't doing work. Oh well this is what class I was put into, at least I had some real friends. 

Again explaining the rules that I have already heard multiple times, our teacher Mrs. Moukawsher actually seem like she talks a lot too, oh great!

My last period of basically learning was language arts with Mrs., Reiffer as our teacher. But no matter how much I looked at her face I saw no emotion at all. Of course we had to write about want we did over the summer, so original. Many people raised their hand to share out loud probably wanting attention. But I wasn't really paying attention, just eager to leave and get to drama which sounded fun, I hoped.

Finally class was over and almost sprinted my way to drama class with Michelle. While Victoria went the other direction towards P.E.

But you know this is middle school so of course there are gonna be the bad kids, it seemed like I got put in a class with every single one of them in our grade. Talking here talking there the class just wouldn't shut up for one minute. Our teacher Mrs. Chase would just stand there waiting for the class to quiet down. That’s when I realized I was going to learn nothing in this class. This, I gonna dread the most.

What felt like a year the day was over and I was really free to leave the delinquents? But as I was walking down to the car line about to go home, I heard my name from behind when a boy just a little taller than was right next to me. He had dirty blond hair that was short or had been recently cut. From the looks of it he played sports but I didn't get a chance to ask. 

"Your Jasmine right?" he asked like this was completely normal.

"Yes..?" I had stopped walking to hear what he had to say.

"Don't you remember me, it's Wesley from kindergarten?!"

Those were the only words I heard when my heart skipped a beat. Realizing that he was the long lost best friend I had. Now meeting him again; us ending up in the same class A lot did change about him but all I could do was smile. He wrapped me in a big bear hug that lifted me off the ground. Wesley smiled and waved bye hurrying to catch up to his bus. I was left there standing alone, shocked at small how the world was. He was the only person that could make me as happy as I was standing there.

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