Change of My life

Jasmine Harmon had a sad childhood after moving away from her best friend since kindergarten who had a special bond. Not only feeling loss, she struggles with herself to fit in as she thinks she will always be out of place. Being African American isn't easy living in a world that still has racism. Starting middle school at age 12 she still hasn't been happy. Thinking all hope is gone, 6 years later she ends up in the same class of her best friend. Just when she thinks her life will be perfect again, another crush has grown on her best friend but is unsure if he still has the same feelings for her still. Taking advice from her girlfriend Meaghan, she confronts him but is too embarrassed be around him again. Avoiding him was a mistake that Jasmine regrets, because now they haven't shared a single word in the past 4 months. The risks and changes she makes just to get her friend again may lose the girls that were closes to her.


1. Prologue


Everyday I’d look forward to seeing his warm smile he would always give me as I entered the room. Every day we would play together and no one else. Everyday we’d sit next to each other. Everyday I’d feel comfortable to just be me around him. He was the boy that first accepted me despite my differences from “normal” people as some would call themselves. So he was the only other kid I had really trusted.

 Every day we would look forward the P.E. running laps was our specialty. It made us feel free whenever we ran, especially together. I don’t why but that the boy I trust seemed to always run faster than me no matter how hard I pushed. So he was my running coach we decided, he helped me learn no matter the mood he was in. And I listened wanting to be as good him.

But there soon came a day where I had surpassed him, feeling like the happiest girl alive; collapsing to the soft grass before running the full lap. Dehydrated and pushing my limits. But he was there to carry me to the teachers; he was there for me to get help.

You could tell this boy liked me and guess I did a little too. But I would never tell him, because it was already embarrassing with him around. Sometimes it bothered me of how clingy he was but I soon got over it. Not minding that much anymore but wondering why he only hung out with me, the boy didn’t even try to make other friends he always stayed by my side. That was an unanswered question.

By the time we ended kindergarten and started 1st, my mom at home had told me that we were moving. Hearing that shattered my heart to pieces. This meant never too see him again. To never run with him again. To never be with him again. To never hear his voice again. To never see him smile again. All happiness had drained out of me.

It was the last day to spend with him that seemed to go by faster than light. Five minutes left, and I was in tears, so was he. The boy pulled me into a hug and whispered into my ear.

“I’ll always remember you.” He managed to get out.

Although he was only 6, he words seemed powerful. And those powerful words stayed in my head as I would do the same for him. Before watching him go off, I realized that our friendship was unbreakable…..or so I thought.

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