One Direction can change a moment

I meet One Direction, me and my friend and sister all have fun and fall in love, we go into a relationship with one of them and become forever in love and cherish each other forever.
One Direction and us all become life long people who spend everyday together and never leave each other, we do everything together and we always have fun together and not as much when we are alone.
We all have fun together and do everything together, we go places and stay best friends for life.
All we want to do is be together and not part.


8. Sadness through love...

Kassia's P.O.V

so we are engaged and all i can do is be happy with myself. the band is going to a concert tonight and Liam is spilling the news to everyone. i got a back stage pass. i got ready straight away. but i wasnt aloud to. Natasha, Britney and i all had to get done by a professional. we were getting our make up and hair done. also they were choosing what we were wearing and our shoes. 

we were ready and we were all wearing matching dresses but in different colours. i had aqua, Tash had baby pink and Brit had light purple. the dresses were all above our knees and strapless. we had heels on and they were all straps. i walked into Liams dressing room finding that he has no shirt on but oh well. he said i looked beautiful. i was so happy to be in his arms that he leant into a passionate kiss. i fell for him more every minute. 

Liam was amazing tonight, he was all dressed up and made me sing to. at the end Tash, Britney and i all sung a song. of course it was by one direction. the song we sung was little things. Liam thought i was amazing at singing and said i should go for a degree. but i didnt, it would mean time away from him. 

he told the fans that we were getting married in 3 months but a secret location that im not aloud to know about. Liam is planning the whole thing. we were going backstage now for the people who had VIP tickets for autographs. we spent about half an hour plus another hour on that. people were rushing in but wasnt as easy as getting them out. 

we thought it was over for the after noon and i reach up to Liam for a kiss when suddenly i herd someone call my name. 

i new the voice and saw in the corner Ryan was standing there. he told Liam that we were still going out but Liam new it wasnt true. he said that i ditched him at a party for Natasha and then found you the nest day but i told Liam the truth that i didnt and we broke up because he wanted to make out with me and i said no. Liam tensed up around me and told him to piss of. he was getting really angry. Suddenly Ryan pulled out a knife and Liam was angry. security came in and Ryan ran for it. 

Authors Notes: sorry this one is short but i am going to make another one like right know. xoxo <3 bye. 

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