One Direction can change a moment

I meet One Direction, me and my friend and sister all have fun and fall in love, we go into a relationship with one of them and become forever in love and cherish each other forever.
One Direction and us all become life long people who spend everyday together and never leave each other, we do everything together and we always have fun together and not as much when we are alone.
We all have fun together and do everything together, we go places and stay best friends for life.
All we want to do is be together and not part.


7. Question with an Unknown Answer...

Kassia's P.O.V

AUTHORS NOTES: it was 2 years later after the last chapter guiz sorry. 

it is a new day and i am lying in Liams arms. he doesnt care as he woke up before me. 

i went for an early morning walk and i thought that there was someone watching me. only realising that someone was. it was Ryan again. i swear he is stalking me. i call Liam and tell him, he comes running after. of course he doesnt want anything to happen. we talk and run at the same time. Ryan is still following. he was really freaking me out and nothing was going to stop him. 

we get home and i spoke to him. he said... so what are you doing today?

nothing. i reply 

do you want to meet the band and the girls at nandos, Nialler wants to go with everyone. said Liam

i thought to myself for a while and said 'sure'.

i go upstairs into our bedroom and have a shower. Liam walks in and i freak out thinking it was someone else. he walked out straight away because he only wanted to get a new towel out. obviously he was having a shower downstairs. the funny thing was he got into the shower downstairs as i got out of the one upstairs. 

i got out, Liam got me a new towel before i got in and i got dried. i got dressed in red skinny jeans and a superman shirt. i striaghtned my hair and with it being like this it was up to mid back. i put on a small amount of make up. grabbed my vans and a red jacket. Liam got out as i finished getting ready. he quickly got ready and we left. i drove this time and we met everyone at nandos. 

we got talking and finished up. aparently i was getting a surprise today but no one would tell me. i was asking and asking what it was until we got to my place and everyone went upstairs. i sat on the bed and everyone stood up in front on me. i was freaking out

Liams P.O.V

i woke up and Kassia was lying on me. she woke up shortly after me. 

she got up and went for a run. 

i was at home getting ready for the day when i got a phone call from Kassia. she said that Ryan her x-boyfriend was following her. i jumped up and ran to her. we were talking and running. as we got home we went into the kitchen for a drink. 

i asked her what she was doing today.

nothing with a reply 

do you want to go to meet the band and girls at nandos. Nialler wants to meet there i said.

she stops for a minute and says sure. 

she got into the shower and was washing her body. i walked in on her to get a new towel and i got one for her. for a second i stare and i thought she was freaking out because she thought it was someone else. i walk out for a shower down stairs and she gets out as i get in. like OMG i went to the effort of getting a new towel and walking in on her. 

she comes downstairs and waits for me as i get ready. she looked amazing and she is so good at picking cloths to wear. 

we headed of and she drove to nandos. we get there and meet everyone after we eat. she found out she was getting a surprise later today. i wouldnt tell her and she was upset. we got to our place because know one was home. she was sitting on the bed with everyone standing up around her. she was freaking out. 

Kassia's P.O.V

i was just sitting there with everyone staring at me. Liam gets down on one knee and said something....

will you be in the honour of being my wife for ever until we d part.

i was so happy and jumped on him saying yes. we kissed and then he woulsnt let go of me. 

AUTHORS NOTEs: sorry this wasnt that much talking in this one but i am sick and dizzy with not talking. 

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