One Direction can change a moment

I meet One Direction, me and my friend and sister all have fun and fall in love, we go into a relationship with one of them and become forever in love and cherish each other forever.
One Direction and us all become life long people who spend everyday together and never leave each other, we do everything together and we always have fun together and not as much when we are alone.
We all have fun together and do everything together, we go places and stay best friends for life.
All we want to do is be together and not part.


6. Happy Beginnings

Kassia's P.O.V

i was so happy with joy and mum also asked me another question. i was so happy and instantly ran to him with joy. i looked at him and he said yes of course i will. 

the question was...

does Liam want to live with us. this is only because the house we have is 3 story and mum said we can have our own floor if we wanted. i was happy that this was happening. 

i run downstairs for a drink Liam comes down after. unkown mum talks to Tash and Brit only knowing that they live in the suburb to. it was not long away but far enough to get away from screaming fans. only us two were down stairs and Liam was talking to me. 

Hey Kassia..

yea.. i say worried

i need to tell you something. Liam says


im going to the same college as you are. :)


as i jump on him everyone comes running down stairs including all my brothers and my sister. 

i told them and they already new. i was upset but happy. this time we didnt have to be away from each other for so long. 

Liams P.O.V

the news of moving in was amazing but i was going to spill the beans to her soon. she walks down stairs so i follow. her mum talks to Tash and Britney. as i spill the beans to her saying that we are going to the same college all i herd was OMG THIS IS AMAZING I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i whispered in her ear i know and i love you more. 

Kassia's P.O.V

i went for a walk alone to think about what our future was like and seeing around my neighbourhood because i know i was moving out tomorrow. i run into my ex-boyfriend again. he comes up to me and gets really close. the only reason why i broke with him was because he wanted to make out and all that shit. 

this time i was really scared because Liam wasnt here. he gets really close to me and kisses me. i freak out and yell at him to piss of. he said, just some more. i freak out and run. he grabs me and doesnt let go. Liam was walking to find me and because this was all happening only a street away he runs. 

Ryan sees and runs off as he pushes me to the ground. im upset and tears are falling from my eyes. Liam wipes them of and said 'dont worry we will get away from all this soon'. 

he helps me up and holds on the me. wrapped around me tight making sure nothing will happen. 

he asked what happened and if he hurt me?

i explained it to him and more tears came. 


it is my birthday in 2 days and i am 18. of course i already have my licence i have been driving to and from school. my new house is amazing and i love the suburb. Liam and i have so much time to ourselves know and nothing comes in between us. i feel a lot safer with him holding me every night. i just lye on his chest and sleep. he wraps around me to. 

i had the best time that i could ever have moving and know there is no hassles. good thing is we dont have to run from fans. 

AUTHORS NOTE: in the nest chapter something really big happens and it is amazing. im sure you with love it. 

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