My One Direction Expirience

when Tay and her two besties go to the beach meeting 5 amazing boys they had fancied since they were 12, Meeting them changed their lives, How will things work out??


8. Stage Fright!!

After 40 minutes of arguing. This is it. My time to go on stage. Mic in my hand. Here we go. I take one look at the crowd, flashing lights everywhere, i stare at the ground then walk around. I start to sing.

“I threw all of your stuff away, cleared you out of my head” Demi Lovato, here we go again.

A few minutes pass i sing the next song... “One Love” by Justin Bieber. I chose the song myself. Dedicated to Harry. There is a little TV in his changing room and he is watching. I tried to look good, shaking my hips, flipping my hair and smiling.

“THANKYOU EVERYONE! NOW GIVE IT UP FOR ONE DIRECTION!” i screamed at the top of my lungs, the stage went black so i tried to find my way to the side, i made it then i felt someone grab my hand, t was Harry, he kissed me then whispered

“That was beautiful, babe. Wish me luck” he winked and i giggled

“Good Luck, Harry” i kissed his cheek and went to go get changed.


I was chilling in the boys dressing room, i met Eleanor, Perrie and Danielle. They came to Australia to see their boyfriends, they’re so nice. Paul came in with a smile on his face.

“Y/N You were fantastic, i want you to be our permanent opening act for the rest of the tour, that includes coming to America with us and when we go back to London after New Zealand and come visit my friend in the studio. I’m gonna make you HUGE!”

My thought... oh wonderful. I didn’t ask for this but hey YOLO right? I decided to give it a shot.A month goes by, Harry and I are still going strong. Were on a plane to London. Telling mum the big news was surprisingly easy she loved the idea. What support, hey?

When we landed there were thousands of screaming girls...screaming my name along with the boys. I did not expect them to be calling my name this was pretty cool. I signed a few autographs and took pictures, there was a few angry girls screaming hatred at me but Harry grabbed my hand and told me to ignore them. As long as he is by my side i didn’t care what anyone thought of me.

The hotel was amazing, we were on the top floor, the view of London was brilliant. Oh by the way Gabby nor Lily could make it to London but they are coming to visit in a few weeks when we go visit the boys’ family. Im quite keen to see Harry’s family. Today were just exploring the city and maybe do a little shopping. The only problem was fans and paparazzi everywhere, it was really hard for me. they were blocking off Harry’s car so we had to get Paul and Andy to help out.



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