My One Direction Expirience

when Tay and her two besties go to the beach meeting 5 amazing boys they had fancied since they were 12, Meeting them changed their lives, How will things work out??


2. Soccer

“Oh god, i’m so sorry” he sounded our age, really familiar voice actually. He offered hand to help me up but i got up myself. “are you okay? i didn’t mean to run into you” i looked up to see his face and guess who it was? Harry Styles, from One Direction. Gosh, i strongly disliked this guy. I mean, i like his musical talent and his band just not him. After watching pop profiles and other interviews of him he sounds self obsessed and i hate guys like that.

“it’s okay, I’m fine just watch where you’re going next time” i sounded pissed but i didn’t mean to. I was so looking forward to surf those waves but after talking to Harry, they died down, i had to wait till they picked back up again. I walked back to where the girls were and i put our stuff but they disappeared. Where did they go? I was touched on the shoulder which made me scream but it was Gabby letting me know they were here, she had hot chips in her hand. Yummy, they were really good. I turned back to Harry, i don’t know why i just did for some unknown reason then a guy he was with came up to me walked up to me with a smile. What did Harry say to him to make him come over here?

“Hey, I’m Zayn. Wanna play some soccer with us?” i love soccer! So i couldn’t turn it down even though Harry was gonna play too.

“so what’s your name, pretty lady?” i gave Zayn a look i regret doing cause he instantly hated me after it.

“I’m Taylor or Tay” i smiled apologetically. I didn’t mean to hurt Zayn, it was nice of him to call me pretty. I really appreciated it.

“well, I’ve introduced myself already, this is Niall, Liam and Louis” They all waved, i waved back “and i believe you and Harry already met?” i nodded not making any eye contact with Harry.

“nice to meet you all! So who is on who’s team?” i said.

“w-w-wait, wait. Do you how to play soccer?” Louis said.

“please!” i scoffed grabbing the ball, i did my tricks and flips then kicked it to Harry by accident. All the boys were shocked but Harry looked like her was under hypnotic suggestion i could tell him to do anything and he’ll do it.

I was on Zayn and Liam’s team, we won (thanks to me). They hugged me in victory and i just stood there not taking it in. They backed off and apologized, i laughed. I walked back to my board and continued waxing it, the waves were back, thank god! I took off my shorts so now i was just wearing my black bikini with the southern cross stars. I heard a whistle, it was Harry. I gave him a dirty look making him look like a pervert.

I ran back out of the water, that surf was great. I layed down for a bit to tan and finish this song i was writing. I was singing under my breath until Lily asked if she could hear it. I sung it out loud to her. When i finished, the boys applauded me. i looked away smiling. We were done at the beach so we packed our things up and headed to the skate park.


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