My One Direction Expirience

when Tay and her two besties go to the beach meeting 5 amazing boys they had fancied since they were 12, Meeting them changed their lives, How will things work out??


3. Skate Park

By the time i got there, it was packed. I quickly got changed into black skinny jeans and a white singlet then let my hair loose . I was the only girl skating there. Well, Lily and Gabby were there but they don’t skate, Lily flirts with the skaters. Once again, typical Lily. I turned my head to see Harry and the other boys walking towards me.

He mouthed underneath his breath “WOAH!” I smiled and turned my head the other way. I was then skating the bowl, dodging other skaters and doing my tricks. Harry had his board with him so he joined in the explosive fun of skating the crowded bowl. He couldn’t skate very well, he is only a beginner. He almost lost control one time which made him switch course which led to cause a collision with me i yelled at him telling him to look out. I jumped of my board causing me to roll 5 times and scrap my back along the wall of the bowl. I layed there, i was pain but i wasn’t bleeding, broken or bruised i just had a really big headache. Harry ran to me and layed my head on his lap.

“oh my gosh! Are you okay, again, im so sorry. I wish i could stop falling for you” he laughed when he said that last sentence. My eyes shot open, he was falling for me? wow, he travels fast when he meets a girl. I sat up and threw my helmet at him then i rubbed my head. I screamed in pain then stood up. A skater flew past me, it made me jump into Harry’s strong arms. He took me under the tree to calm me down. I punched him and screamed at him but once again i didn’t mean to. I was pissed, sure but i don’t like hurting peoples feelings. Im not that kind of girl, im not a bitch.

I eventually calmed down, my pain was gone and it was getting late. I was sitting with Lily and Gabby watching the guys skate. Harry and Louis walked up and sat beside me smiling. I apologized to Harry for being mean. Thankfully he accepted it. I looked at my watch about 5 minutes later. It was 4:55pm we had 5 minutes to run the bus stop which was about a 15 minute walk from the skatepark, i grabbed my stuff along with Lily and Gabby and ran as fast as i could. If we missed this bus we would have to sleep on the streets. We ran out of money for the pay phone and we had no credit. The bus fare was free cause we had bus passes and a concession card.

When we ran off Harry screamed “Whats going on?!”, we didn’t hear him, we were focusing on getting on that bus.

We missed it, we were upset. Lily  was crying a bit, Gabby was freaking out and  i was thinking how can we get home, we could of walked but that would take 10 hours and we could get mugged on the highway. Then, a big black and brown bus pulled up beside us.



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