My One Direction Expirience

when Tay and her two besties go to the beach meeting 5 amazing boys they had fancied since they were 12, Meeting them changed their lives, How will things work out??


4. Going Home

It was One Direction’s tour bus. The door opened and Harry walked out of it with a worried look on his face.

“are you guys okay? What happened?” he came up to hug us, he hugged me, then Gabby then Lily and  then me again and kissed me on the cheek.

“we missed our bus to get back home, were gonna be hobos tonight” i said sadly. He gave me an upset look, he felt really sorry for us. He actually offered us a lift home! I was so relieved. I thanked, hugged and kissed him on the cheek, don’t know why i did. I told his bus driver my address.

The bus trip was quiet. I sat between Harry and Lily. Gabby sat next to Niall.The other boys were trying to get some sleep. Harry’s hip was touching mine, he was getting closer, i could feel it. Gabby kept smiling at us, she knew something was going on. I didn’t expect Harry to like me. Today started with me and my friends hanging out but it ended with a the most famous teenage boy falling for me, i didn’t know what to do. He is Harry Styles, he could be faking it, he might want to do a publicity stunt thing. He goes on tour all the time. How could this thing he wants work? It can’t, it wouldn’t work. It was so awkward, i didn’t like that trip.

We arrived at my house, the bus was so big it parked in a ditch. Gabby and Lily ran towards my mum telling her everything, Gabby was a fan of One Direction, a big fan. I causally walked of the bus till Harry grabbed my hand making me turn around. He told me that he liked me etc, etc. I was standing nodding the entire time. He asked me if i was going to his show tomorrow. I would of loved too but those tickets where about $400 on eBay so god knows how much they would officially be! He invited me to go, VIP tickets, front row, back stage, everything. I thanked him and hugged him. We look into each others eyes for a bit. He leaned towards me. oh my god, he is about to kiss me. i played along and leaned in too but then we were interrupted by his driver, he needed to go to Sydney, now! I pulled back smiling then frowning.

“it was nice meeting you today Harry. You now, before i met you i kinda suspected you to be one of those stars that don’t care bout that much” i said quietly, he smiled and hugged me.

“i would never be one of them people” he whispered in my ear, his breath ran down my neck. It was warm, i loved it. I stepped back letting the door close. We waved then he was gone. I stood in the middle of the road for a bit wondering what just happened today. I slowly made my way to the house and told mum that Gabby, Lily and i were driving to Sydney tomorrow for his concert, lily jumped for joy. I’ve never been to a concert before so i was more excited than she was. We packed really cute clothes for the concert and packed pj’s and everything else, we were staying at my unties house.

We eventually made it to Sydney early in the morning. Untie Michelle was so happy to see me, i told her everything that happened the day before. She was so happy for me. She loved One Direction, dunno why, she is 50! Oh, did i tell you that Harry and i exchanged numbers? Well, we did. I got a text from him, it said

“Hey beautiful, I’m at rehearsals,

I’m about to finish K i cant wait to see you again!

Hazza xoxo”

Hazza, that’s cute. I couldn’t believe myself, im was falling for him. He is so sweet and kind. Minutes turned into hours, i was so exited. Lily, Gabby and i got all glammed up and took off.



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