My One Direction Expirience

when Tay and her two besties go to the beach meeting 5 amazing boys they had fancied since they were 12, Meeting them changed their lives, How will things work out??


9. A Note

As we were driving in the car Harry turned down the radio so we could talk. “Woah that was Hectic!.” Yeah but so worth it!

"There were girls everywhere!" "You will get used to it!" I decided to send a text to mum and say I was ok-


Hey Mum Just in the Car with Harry heading back to their Hotel Love you Night  xoxoxo



Me and Harry laid back on the Bed holding Hands and simply talking we ended up falling asleep at 1:30am, Harry kissed me on the Cheek and said Goodnight.


I woke with the sun beaming In through the window. There was a Macca’s bag with fresh food in it with a note on the table next to it saying:


-Hey Babe Left you some food because we had to go for and early sunset photo shoot on Bondi. Meet me at the Beach at 3pm Love you xoxox – Harry-

 I took my food down to the kitchen and ate it, pouring myself a glass of juice. 

After i finished I got up from the table and decided to have a shower. I started the shower and waited a while for it to warm up. I stepped in and soaped my body. I washed my hair and shaved my legs. Once I finished up I got out. I brushed and blow dried my hair. Leaving my messy hair out. I put on my pink flower head piece. I walked out with only a towel around me,the woft of McDonalds filled the air. I walked up to the closet and picked out something simple. I grabbed my navy ramones singlet, light blue high waisted shorts, black ankle socks and black vans.



I grabbed my phone, wallet and penny board. Since I was only a few minutes away from the beach I decided to skate down. I sent Harry a text. 


~hey babe be there soon just heading down now. :) <3 xx~


i left my apartment, locking the door behind me. I skated faster and faster enjoying the moment, the air blowing through my hair. 

I arrived at the beach and I saw Harry. 



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