My One Direction Expirience

when Tay and her two besties go to the beach meeting 5 amazing boys they had fancied since they were 12, Meeting them changed their lives, How will things work out??


1. At the Beach

I remember it like it was yesterday, the day my life changed.

9:35am on a Saturday morning. I was on the bus with my best friends Gabby and Lily.. We have been friends since we were 10, now were 16. We have matured and now are doing whatever we want! I look out of the window admiring how perfect today was, perfect beach weather. My surfboard and skateboard are with me on the bus along with a bag with clothes, towel, money and my phone which sadly had no credit.

Lily turned to me and said excitedly “today is going to be the best day ever! Just you and me,and Gabby, 3 best friends hanging out” thanks for stating the obvious Lily! I loved her so much (in a friend way). She is always there for me when i need her.

We arrived at Newcastle at around 10:27am, it was boiling and it’s so early in the morning! It was a struggle getting my surfboard of the bus but it was worth it. It was about a 10 minute walk to the beach from where we got dropped off. When we arrived, all the old folk with their purple snake-like skin were out in their budgie smugglers and the tight one pieces. Gross, i know. But we didn’t care, they were at the rockpool not the actual beach. We walked past the rockpool and followed the trail to the beach, i could hear the waves crashing and a few teens screaming from being hit by them.

Lily, Gabby and i put our stuff down and check the temp of the water, it was cold but refreshing enough to not squeal when it hits certain places of our bodies. We walked back up to our stuff and striped down to our swimmers. Lily wore a bright blue bikini with frills around the waist, I wore my Australian swimmers with my matching shorts and Gabby wore a pink, blue and purple bikini. We were in the water for about 20 minutes then ran out cause we were turning into the oldies down at the rockpool. Gabby and Lily took out their tanning lotion and rubbed it on them while i got my towel out.

After drying up and cooling off i wanted to go for a surf while they were tanning. I told her where i was going but they didn’t hear me, they had earphones in .Ughh, typical girls. I waxed my bored and ran to the waves then i bumped into someone, dropping my board and making me fall to the ground.




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