I Found You (An Alexander Ludwig fanfic)

Larah was in no way prepared for what happened when she went on a holiday to Canada. She met Alexander Ludwig. The most gorgeous man on earth. What happens?


1. Leaving Australia

I was at the airport heading to Canada. I had always wanted to go there. I'd never seen the snow and apparently it snowed there alot. I was dying to see it. My best friends were there, seeing me off. Jess, Bernie and Shonnah. "You have to text me all the time!" Shonnah said dramatically. "Of course," I assured her. "I still can't believe your going to Canada! It'd be so cold there!" Jess exclaimed. "I got a few extra hoodies," I told her. "I'm gonna miss you so much," Bernie said. "I'll miss you all too," I said looking at their faces. "Flight 472 to Canada first call," a woman said over the speakers. "That's my cue," I said. I gave them each a hug and walked off to the plane. "Bye, see ya," they called out to me. I waved and walked through the door onto the plane. My carry on bag clutched in my hand, I searched for my seat. I found it and looked at the other passangers aboard the pane. There were a few familys, some newly weds, a group of friends and some business men. This was going to be a long ride. "Please put on your seatbelts while taking off. All electronics are to be switched off such as; phones, ipods, laptops, mp3 players and other handheld gadgets," The flight attendent said into the microphone. I loved planes. I loved the feeling of take-off. The plane started moving forward and I looked out the window. The runway flying past. The plane started to ascend in the air. The nose of the plane facing upwards. Soon enough I was flying at the same height as the clouds. The belt button turned green, allowing us to take off our seatbelts. I grabbed out my iphone 4 from my bag, putting in my earphones listening to my favourite song, 'Va va voom' by Nicki Minaj.

It was morning the next day when we touched down in Vancouver. It was cold. Very cold. It was sunny and the people of Vancouver were wearing things like shorts and dresses but this would be freezing in Australia. I grabbed my bags and headed outside to catch a taxi to my hotel. I arrived at Century plaza and spa hotel where I would be staying for the next few months. I walked up to the front desk where they directed me to my room. They gave me a key and got an assistant to take my bags to my room. The room was gorgeous. High frosted windows, fluffy golden carpet, large plasma tv. I saw an Ipod dock and plugged in my Iphone. 'You'll be mine' by Havana Brown was blaring as I put my clothes into the drawers and putting my toiletries in the bathroom. I looked outside at the view which was beautiful. The sea outside was glistening with the morning sun. I spent the day hanging out in the hotel and relaxing.


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