yearbook ( on Hold)

A girl named liah is family friend with harry and one thing leads to another.


2. School

I woke to the My phone going off
Incoming text Emily
Hey only a few more day till I see you AGIAN yayay
Omg omg yes yayayyayayayayaya .
Hey sorry saying a bit longer but see you soon xx
Oh okay well see you when I see you xx bye .

I got up and got ready for school Kyle and John waide all ready in the kitchen eating . Ready I said as I was getting my school food out of the fridge me and my brothers were walking to school we all had be in Australia for 3 years.

We all walked into the office we all went to our own classes Kyle came with because we are twins we have the same classes together oh how fun we walked in to the class room together we walked up to the front to see the teacher what did she do as loud as she could said welcome back John and Liah and everybody looked at me and emily's faces was as funny as ever .

Emily got out or her seat and ran up and hugged me and Harry was down the back on his phone did not say a word all day .
John and I waited for jule to come out of his class and we all walked home together.
When I got home I went on my phone and look on Facebook so many welcome back things I looked to the page to see Harry wrote oh "look the witch is back hahaha what a joke " I ran into John's room to show him what Harry had wrote omg what a joke John said Why did he write that I don't know .

I walked out of his room and commented back was this for me ..
Yes yes it was for your harry commented back .

Incoming text from Harry you have change soo much i don't what to be friends any more kk cya .
What did I did ?
What did you you not do I said .
What ever think what you want to think.

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