yearbook ( on Hold)

A girl named liah is family friend with harry and one thing leads to another. TO FIND OUT MORE READ THE STORY


3. change....

what did he mean I have changed???

**************calling Emily********************

Emily: heey whats up

me: what is wrong with harry.

Emily: he meet somebody why ?

me: check my Facebook 

Emily: okay 

me: bye 

what does he think i have changed me he has changed so much. 

*******************incoming text Todd ********************

hey I'm moving to London for 3 years can not wait to see your face

me either miss you soo much need you right now, what school are you going to?

London private 

omg that is same school i got to what class

10 yyp

omg same your in my and john's class.

yaya im in london now so i will see you soon 

okay bye.

so Todd is coming to london yes yes yes.

*****************************sorry for short part longer next time**********************

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