yearbook ( on Hold)

A girl named liah is family friend with harry and one thing leads to another.


1. Moving Day

I'm leaving Australia today to go back home to London. I have this guy there that I go to school with and we have a thing we are like best friends his name is Harry.

We got into the car and were Heading to the airport with my mum and 2 brothers Kyle and john and my sister sam too. my dad was all ready back in London working.

We got to gate 2 about to board the plane to England what if I have nothing back home what if they all left me for a new girl or something just have to what and see what happens.

About 21hours into the fight it just hit me what is harry has a new bestfriend only what to see. The plane landed safely and with in 2 hours I was in my old house old room back with all my family . It could not get any better right now.

Incoming call EMILY were were the bestest of friends
" Heey when are you coming back to school and London "
Soon I said still in. Australia be back in about 2days time okay I have to go bye she said cya soon xxx.
I know I should not lie but l wanted it to be a surprise to all my friends.

******************Author's note's sorry guys****************
Sorry only short part next part is going to be so long update later
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