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Niam bromance or romance? This story takes place right as the boys are about to begin a promotional tour around Europe. Liam Payne is friends with all the boys but he starts having Stronger feelings for a certain boy, Niall. The boys eyes, smile and sweet personality start attracting Liam and he begins to have confused feelings about himself. Follow Liam as he discovers who he really is and what he really feels about Niall while experiencing the ups and downs of being famous

I found the video and put the link in the trailer box go check it out!! and I apologize for doing the chapters In parts. Every time I save a draft it never really saves what I add to it so I have to write it all at once or it will get erased :/


6. The apartment

The drive from the airport to their apartment wasn't long. Upon getting there the chauffeur handed them the keys Simon had entrusted him and the boys climbed the stairs to their apartment. "It's smaller than I expected." Said Louis entering the apartment. "I thought Simon woulda given us a bigger place with individual rooms." The apartment was indeed smaller than their previous home. It only had two bedrooms and two bathrooms and a small balcony overlooking the northern part of Paris. "Looks like we'll have to bunk." Harry said making his way towards the bedrooms. "I call the biggest bedroom!" Louis exclaimed following Harry. "They are both the same size Lou!" Zayn yelled going after him. The three other boys were now in one of the rooms and Liam stood there awkwardly with only Niall in the living room. He wanted to say something to brighten the mood but he couldn't think of what to say. It was obvious Louis and Harry were gonna bunk together and Niall was gonna invite zayn. That left Liam by himself alone and probably sleeping on the couch. "Well what are we waiting for let's go see our room!" Niall said eagerly Looking over at Liam. "Wh..wha?" Liam said completely taken aback by Niall's words. "I said lets go see our room, stop dazing off Li!" Niall made his way into the room. Liam couldn't believe his ears. Niall was actually choosing to bunk with him. Not zayn, HIM! AND he'd called him "Li". He'd called him a nickname! Liam was still trying to adjust to his newly found friendship only two days earlier niall hardly spoke to Liam and now he was inviting him to bunk with him. It seemed all the boy needed was an opening and Liam's words at the park that day had given him just that. Liam grabbed his luggage and headed to the room he needed to stop being awkward Niall was his friend now, just what he'd wanted he had to not close himself off or Niall would drift away again. Excitement Started to fill Liam they were in Paris! How Awesome was that and he was gonna be bunking with his new friend. Liam pictured staying up and talking just like Niall did with zayn. As Liam walked into the room his thoughts were interrupted by what he saw. So much for not being awkward. Niall was sitting on the edge of the bed fumbling with his phone. On the edge of THE bed. The ONE bed in the room. "Crap" Liam thought, how was this gonna work out? Looks like he'd have to sleep on the the floor. "Hey Liam, do ya mind if I sleep on the left side of the bed I don't like sleeping On the right?" Niall said still messing with his phone. "I don't Mind I'm staying on the floor." Liam replied. Niall looked up at this an expression on his face as if though the words had hurt. "What? Why?" The Irish boy questioned his blue eyes growing dark. "Don't take it personally," Liam said quickly realizing Niall was thinking Liam didn't wanna stay with him for some other reason. "I just don't want you to be uncomfortable at night." "What, do you toss around a lot?" Niall asked "no." "Then I see no reason why I'd be uncomftorable, it's a big enough bed." Niall said smiling. "Are you sure." "I'm positive, if you stay on the floor I stay on the floor and I don't wanna do that so your stayin with me." Niall Said grinning. "Okay." Liam said giving him a grin back. Words couldn't express how happy Liam was. Niall was such a sweet boy Liam didn't know why he hadn't tried to make friends with him sooner. "Wow you guys have a nice big window here!" Louis said walking into the room. "And hey you guys have to share a bed too, geez Simon apparanty forgot there was five of us." "Sharing a bed with Niall? Liam got lucky!" Zayn said walking into the room. Yup there came the awkwardness again. "What do you mean?" Liam asked him his mind jumping to weird conclusions about zayn's comment. "I mean Niall sleeps like a baby, sharing a bed with him will feel like your not sharing with anyone." "Oh" Liam said simply giving no more importance to the comment. Something else now bothered him. How did zayn know what it was like to share a bed with Niall? When had this happened! There had never been a need for them to bunk seeing as how everyone had their own room. And if it had happened why had it happened and when had it happened and WHY was it bothering him so much! "Hey I'm hungry lets see if there is anything In the fridge." Niall said getting up and walking to the kitchen. The other two boys followed. Liam had to find out how close Niall and zayn were apparantly not that close since Niall had decided not to bunk with him but for them to have shared a bed? Immense curiosity twinged at Liam's mind. "SIMONNNN!!" Liam's thoughts were interrupted by Niall's shout coming from the kitchen. "What's wrong!?" Liam exclaimed rushing into the kitchen. "There's no food." Harry chuckled pointing to the open fridge who's door was held open by a very sad and very hungry looking Niall.~~
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