We are one

Niam bromance or romance? This story takes place right as the boys are about to begin a promotional tour around Europe. Liam Payne is friends with all the boys but he starts having Stronger feelings for a certain boy, Niall. The boys eyes, smile and sweet personality start attracting Liam and he begins to have confused feelings about himself. Follow Liam as he discovers who he really is and what he really feels about Niall while experiencing the ups and downs of being famous

I found the video and put the link in the trailer box go check it out!! and I apologize for doing the chapters In parts. Every time I save a draft it never really saves what I add to it so I have to write it all at once or it will get erased :/


8. Shake it off

• louis Stopped talking and looked at him, eyes boring into his. His hand moved to touch his own, his finger lightly grazing his thumb. He then moved it up to softly caress his cheek. " even if no one else did, I would. I would accept you. Isn't that what matters?"•


"Huh? Yeah?" Harry replied.

" I lost you again! I was just telling you about my cd collection!" Julie said frowning. "I think you've had too much to drink."

"No, it's not that, it's just.. I was recalling something.." He said, his stare going blank again.

"Oh, um.."

"But it's nothing," he quickly added, "sorry about that."

"Guys, you've been sitting there like all night! Come dance with us!" Said zayn, appearing from the dance floor leading another girl by the hand.

"Yeah, look at at Niall and Monique having fun." The second girl pointed to where Niall was laughing and dancing with a blonde girl a few yards away.

Harry' turned and saw The girl touching Niall's face, and him pulling her closer to him as the song changed from an upbeat one to a slower paced melody. He couldn't help thinking again about Louis. About his touch, his crystal eyes looking at his with adoration and making him feel fuzzy. Lou didn't look at him like that anymore though, not really, not after the things Harry had said to him. There was still love in his gaze, in the way he'd glance at Harry when they were alone. They had a deep bond no doubt about that but, there was also hurt in Louis stare. To Other boys their relationship seemed normal, but between them existed an awkwardness Harry could not shake off. Even worse, feelings existed he also couldn't shake off.

"Harry, you're not even paying attention!" Julie said, rolling her eyes. "He's been so distracted all night."

"You're right, I'm so sorry." Harry said snapping back to reality "let me make it up to you, would you like to dance beautiful?" Julie's face flushed and she smiled wide "of course." And stood up, took his hand and guided him to the dance floor.


He had to forget, not think, forget not think for get n O t t h n.k.

Harry had been downing drinks all night and their effect was beginning to hit. His thoughts were blurry, and he could Barely focus on anything other than moving his body to try and keep up with Julie's. The floor was packed with people and the two had to be in very close proximity as there wasn't much room to move about otherwise. She had put her arms around him and was now caressing his face gently. He concentrated on her face, admiring her features before leaning in and brushing his lips on hers.

Seizing the moment, Julie pulled his body closer and kissed him. Her lips crashing on his as if she'd been craving this all night. Harry felt confused at first and contemplated pulling himself back before the warmth of her kiss sent tingles to his brain. He kissed her back drunkenly enjoying the feeling and not caring about anything else. He'd managed to forget his blue eyed muse.

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