We are one

Niam bromance or romance? This story takes place right as the boys are about to begin a promotional tour around Europe. Liam Payne is friends with all the boys but he starts having Stronger feelings for a certain boy, Niall. The boys eyes, smile and sweet personality start attracting Liam and he begins to have confused feelings about himself. Follow Liam as he discovers who he really is and what he really feels about Niall while experiencing the ups and downs of being famous

I found the video and put the link in the trailer box go check it out!! and I apologize for doing the chapters In parts. Every time I save a draft it never really saves what I add to it so I have to write it all at once or it will get erased :/


1. Introduction to niam

One week. That's all that was left before the boys started their first promotional tour for their album up all night.everything was going so well and so fast it seemed like only yesterday one direction had won the X factor and now the boys were gonna go all over Europe performing. Liam Payne lay there in his bed pondering all this unable to fall asleep, he was so excited his dreams were finally coming true, and With so many thoughts in his head he hadn't eaten much that day and now his stomach was reminding him. He got out of bed and walked out into the hall. The boys were staying in a huge penthouse Simon Cowell had bought for them it was quite big and very luxurious. Liam walked past the other boy's rooms. Zayn, "the quiet one's" door was shut. He was really shy and didn't talk much, quite an enigma. His voice was incomparable. Across the hall Louis was fast asleep, Liam could hear his snoring. Louis had been the friendliest of them all to Liam in fact Louis and him were very close friends and got along really well. Further down the hall Harry's door was open and his tv was on. Liam already knew he was sleeping. Harry snored pretty loud and always fell asleep with the tv on. Liam walked in Harry's room and turned the tv off, Harry tossed. Li thought he'd waken but he his snoring said he was deep asleep. Then Liam noticed Harry was completely nude. Harry was a strange boy that loved to be naked at all times all the boys had seen him. They all knew he was well endorsed. Liam couldn't help to think how it would be with all five of them In one bus and Harry running around naked. He imaged awkward but something about the idea seemed nice. Liam exited and headed for the stairs leading to the kitchen. Then he passed a cracked door. In there was the last member of the boy band. The sweet innocent Irish boy Niall. Liam hadn't really talked to Niall, the boy was pretty shy around him and Liam didn't know why. It's almost as if though he was intimidated by him. He'd try to to make conversation but Niall was always very few worded and avoided conversing with Liam. There was something about him though.. In his eyes, in his voice, his innocence that Liam liked. Something that made Liam want to talk to him to be around him to be friends with him. But seeing as how Niall seemed to close himself off to him he didn't know if that would ever happen. Then a bit of jealousy crossed his mind. Niall was shy around him, but around zayn he was completely different. Liam distinctly remembered Niall and zayn going off to get lunch during breaks from rehearsals and constantly in each others rooms late at night. Around Zayn, Niall was so carefree. Zayn was always making him laugh That incredibly cute laugh that got Liam's heart fluttering and made him smile.. Liam turned and headed back to his room his mood suddenly slumped.

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