We are one

Niam bromance or romance? This story takes place right as the boys are about to begin a promotional tour around Europe. Liam Payne is friends with all the boys but he starts having Stronger feelings for a certain boy, Niall. The boys eyes, smile and sweet personality start attracting Liam and he begins to have confused feelings about himself. Follow Liam as he discovers who he really is and what he really feels about Niall while experiencing the ups and downs of being famous

I found the video and put the link in the trailer box go check it out!! and I apologize for doing the chapters In parts. Every time I save a draft it never really saves what I add to it so I have to write it all at once or it will get erased :/


5. Change of plans

"There you are!" Louis exclaimed as Liam and Niall walked through the door. "Where were you" "We just went for a walk and got coffee on the way back" Niall replied raising his arm to show him the coffee cup. "Pack your bags, we're outta here mates" Louis grinned. "What? What are you talking about?" Liam inquired. " where are we going?" Niall asked curiously. "Paris." Louis replied with a huge smile on his face


"So he just calls out of the blue and expects us to fly to Paris tonight?" "Pretty much, it's not so out of the blue though I mean we were supposed to go to Paris Thursday anyways." Louis said. "That's ridiculous." Liam said continuing to pack, not at all happy about the sudden change in plans. " Our lives are gonna be pretty hectic these next few weeks Li, we just gotta go along with it." Louis said Laying on Liam's bed tossing one of Liam's shoes in the air. "Yeah I suppose, so you went to get a haircut with Harry?" "Yup the ends were really fried from so much heat styling and Harry's hair was just getting too long.

You and Blondie went for a walk?" "Yeah." "Where to?" Louis asked. "Just to the park and to get some coffee." Liam answered "Oh. That's nice." Louis said looking at him suspiciously. "Why are you giving me that look?" Liam asked. "I just think its a bit odd you and Niall never really spent time together and all of a sudden you're out getting coffee like you're the best of friends." "Well, we are gonna all be spending a lot of time together, I just thought it a good idea to get closer to everyone." Liam said smiling at him. " uh hunh." Louis said.


Ughnn I'm soo tired!" Harry exclaimed. The boys were all in a car headed towards the airport to Simon's private jet that was waiting to take them to Paris. "Well we have the morning off you can sleep all you want." Zayn said. "Do we even know where we're staying?" Harry asked him."Yeah Simon said it was a two bedroom apartment in the center of the city,We're in the studio tommorow afternoon and I think we leave Thursday." The car pulled to a stop and the boys got out. "Let's fly boys" Louis said smirking as he headed toward the jet.


"Liam. Liamm! Li Li! Liiiiiiii!! LIAMMMM!" "shut up Harry." Liam mumbled sleepily. There was a pause and then he felt something wet sliding into his ear. "HARRY!!" He yelled shooting up. "Haha well you wouldn't get up." The other boy laughed "you're gross, why did you even wake me up?" "Uh cause we're here?" Liam looked out the window. It was true they had arrived in Paris, the city of love.

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