We are one

Niam bromance or romance? This story takes place right as the boys are about to begin a promotional tour around Europe. Liam Payne is friends with all the boys but he starts having Stronger feelings for a certain boy, Niall. The boys eyes, smile and sweet personality start attracting Liam and he begins to have confused feelings about himself. Follow Liam as he discovers who he really is and what he really feels about Niall while experiencing the ups and downs of being famous

I found the video and put the link in the trailer box go check it out!! and I apologize for doing the chapters In parts. Every time I save a draft it never really saves what I add to it so I have to write it all at once or it will get erased :/


2. 4/2015

Hi, so this part no longer exists and here's why:

I copied and pasted what was here into part A

A lot (and I mean A LOT) has happened since i first started writing this story in October of 2012.

For starters my Grammar has improved dramatically, so I am gonna go back and edit the first chapters I wrote.

Secondly, let's face it one direction is not as big as it once was. The fandom is still very large and very powerful and the best out there! But it is no longer getting new fans by the minute like in 2011-12. The boys themselves have also changed and they've become men, Niam as sad as I am to say it, feels like it's not as potent as it used to be.

Third, and on a more personal note, the reason I stopped writing for this story was that I met a boy.. And we fell in love.. Then we fell apart and up until a few months ago I was falling apart every day because of it. I went through a lot and endured a lot and I focused my writing to be poetry and darker material.

Lastly, I just wanted to say that my idea of love in general has changed and has become a bit darker and more cynical. I was originally planning this story to be a happy one with rainbows and butterflies but I just don't think I can create something like that anymore. For those of you that already ready it (2K of you wow thank you) I apologize for the change, perhaps you were expecting a happier story and I understand if you choose to not continue it. I also apologize for taking so long, but I finish what I start and what I've made of this story so far will get a proper ending, and perhaps re incarnate as a different tale later on ;)

Thanks for reading my story! Xo

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