Save You Tonight.

One Direction.
That's all Bridget and her crazy ass friends can think about. The way their hair goes in, one direction. Whenever they sing, you form butterflies in your stomach. When they point at you, you just die inside. How every girl wants to be the girl they sing about. Just being themselves makes you love them even more than you already do.
One Direction.
Join Bridget McKenie, Jade Crescent, Bella Fertent, Mackelea Pirgeeze & Chloe Betell on their journey with popular boy band, One Direction


2. The Concert, Signing + Suprises.

I was so happy to see 25 people read my first chapter!EEEEEEPPPP! Hope you like it guys! Feel free to comment!(; xx

We dashed into our door number, finding it was relevantly dark inside the stadium. Still able to see where we were going, we ran to our seats. We were very lucky to be sitting on the ground floor. It was already crowded with girls in one direction tops, hats, shoes, you name it. We placed our stuff on the ground, only 5 rows from the front of the actual stage. The stage one direction would be performing on any minute now. I was extremely excited, and so were the 4 other girls with me. When the countdown started, we started screaming and fan girling like the maniacs that we are, and so was every other girl in the stadium. I couldn't concentrate due to all of the screaming. It was getting to me. I was starting to get a headache, but shook it off. Before I knew it, the 5 hottest boys in the world were just meters away from me. I couldn't help but scream my lungs out. And I looked over, so were the other girls. We sang and danced to all of their songs, which we practiced hard to remember the words off by heart. To my surprise, as I was singing, Lou winked at me, which sent me shivers. Good shivers. I immediately told the girls and they said they were happy for me. But I knew they were jealous. As soon as the concert was over, which was around 2pm, we made sure we had all of our stuff, and raced out of the stadium, into the corridors, knowing that the signing would be held now. Making sure we waited for a reasonable time, we got in the line, behind what was seen to be about 50 other girls. I was happy that we weren't at the very back of the line, and by the looks of it, so were the other girls. Bella had a thing for Niall Horan, Mackalea absolutely adored Liam Payne, Chloe was attached to the curliness of Hazza Styles and Jade was in love with Zayn Malik. We couldn't resist but talk for ages about the concert, and how amazing they were, well, are. Before we knew it we were at the front of the line. Zayn was first. The way his black, quiffed hair was shinning and his chocolate brown eyes made you melt inside. It was unreal. I could see that Jade got a bit excited but she was keeping her calm, much to Zayn's liking.
"Hello ladies!" He said, while smiling briefly at Jade.
"Hi Zayn! Can we get your autograph please. And a picture?" Jade asked calmly.
"Sure love!" He replied, giving her a wink. He wrote his signature very neatly on the poster we brought for all the boys to sign. Then he stood up, Jade first, taking a picture with him. Jade had her hand on the edge of his shoulder, not wanting to freak him out by getting too close. But to her surprise, Zayn had his hand firmly on her waste, not wanting to let her go. I could see the connection.
"Say cheese!" Chloe said. They smiled for the picture, but before Kayla went to take a picture with him, Zayn slipped a note secretly into Jade's hand. I saw Jade smile very widely, and I knew something was up. The rest of us took pictures with Zayn, then moved on to Niall. Bella went besurc, but by her surprise, Niall didn't care.
"Hello love!" He said, directly talking to Kayla. "What will it be today?" He asked, in his sexy Irish accent. I knew it always drived Bella nuts.
"Hey Niall! Can you sign this please? And can we take a picture with you?" Bella replied, a small, yet shy smile on her face.
"Sure darling!" Niall said, signing the poster then taking a picture with Bella first.
Before Mackalea took the picture, Niall seemed to be talking to Bella about something. Finally, they let Mackalea take the photo, Bella and Niall positioning themselves the same as Jade and Zayn. After the rest of us took our photos with Niall, Harry was next. Chloe couldn't help but smile ear-to-ear. 
"Hello girls, will it be a photo and a signature?" Harry asked, directly talking to Chloe and instantly reading our mines on what we wanted. It was obvious he was flirting with Chloe, Harry to be known as the 'flirt' type. Harry ushered Chloe to go first, seeing as they already had chemistry between each other. Jade took the photo, the couple in the same position as the other photos. The rest of us took pictures with Harry, and he signed the poster. But before we went onto the next boy, Harry pulled Chloe back to give her yet ANOTHER note. It must be note day. Chloe instantly smiled when he gave it to her, and ran to catch up with us. Liam was next and Mackalea sprinted up to him, automatically wanting a photo from him first.
"Hello lovely ladies, what will it be today?" Liam questioned kindly, being himself.
"A signature and picture please Li!" Mackalea replied. Liam smiled at the word Mackalea said as 'Li' being Liam's nickname but hardly anyone used it. Mackalea talked to Liam for a bit before the rest of us taking photos with him. Then we moved on to the sexiness of a boy himself. My love, Louis Tomlinson. The guy I have loved since day 1. I was so nervous, I looked stupid. I was about to pass out before I saw two gorgeous blue eyes, much like mine, staring at me. I melted inside. it was him, Louis Tomlinson. He was staring at me, but, why me? I'm not that gorgeous for the most sexiest guy in the planet to be staring at me?
"Omg. Hi Lou! Can we get a signature and a picture please?" I asked, surprisingly calm.
"Sure lovely!" Lou replied, but just as I was about to give him the poster, he ushered me to move closer to him. I froze. What was he doing? I got really nervous but agreed.
"Now, be careful out there with all of those girls. I don't want to see you get heart love." He told me, his warm breath touching my neck, making me form butterflies.
"Y..Yes Lou." I stuttered.
"Okay then Hun." Lou replied, finally signing the poster.
I stood up first to take a picture with him, still staying calm.
He wrapped his hand, tightly, but not rough around my waist, slowly rubbing his thumb up and down on my skin. I loved it. Tingles formed down my body, just by the touch of his hand. I gave a slight smile, but I couldn't hide it. Lou saw it and gave a smile himself. We posed for the camera before Lou gave me a note. I didn't read it but wave goodbye to Lou and walk out of the corridors of the stadium with the girls, gobsmacked at what just happened. As soon as we were outside, all the girls that received notes from the boys immediately read them, including me.
'You're very beautiful and I don't ever want to forget you. Here's my number (; *number shown*'
What.Did.I.Just.Read............................. I immediately got my phone out and inserted Louis' number into my contacts, typing his contact in as 'Lou Tommo <3', I couldn't resist.
I had a peek at the other girls' faces and instantly giggled. They had the same expression on their faces as I did. GOBSMACKED.
"Wh...Wh... What did it say on your notes'?" I stuttered, showing the girls my note as well.
"Same thing it says on yours" Mackalea replies, smiling from ear-to-ear.
Without it planned, we screamed simultaneously, than fell to the floor, giggling our asses off.

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