Save You Tonight.

One Direction.
That's all Bridget and her crazy ass friends can think about. The way their hair goes in, one direction. Whenever they sing, you form butterflies in your stomach. When they point at you, you just die inside. How every girl wants to be the girl they sing about. Just being themselves makes you love them even more than you already do.
One Direction.
Join Bridget McKenie, Jade Crescent, Bella Fertent, Mackelea Pirgeeze & Chloe Betell on their journey with popular boy band, One Direction


1. Let's Go, Spaghetti 'O.

This is my first movella! so... I hope you enjoyy it. I'm going to put A LOT of effort into this! Sorry if this chapters long.. aha (; x Have fun reading guys! And please feel free to comment! (: I respect all of your opinions! (; x
I might not update a lot because I have school.... So SORRY IF I TAKE FOREVER TO UPDATE!
"BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!" the alarm sounded, instantly waking me up at 10am. It took me about 5 seconds to realise what today was. The day my friends and I, Bella, Jade, Chloe and Mackalea, are going to the concert and signing of none other than...
One Direction.
The famous British/Irish boy band that has the world by storm. You're wondering if I'm a fan? Fuck yes. No wait, I'm not a fan. I'M A DIRECTIONER! I've been one for about a year. Lou Tomlinson is my crush, is, has been, and always will be.
I'm Bridget, but everyone calls me Bridge, and no, I don't look like a bridge. I am 19 years old and my hair is darkish blonde-light brown and is a little wavy, but I straighten it often. My eyes are sky blue, but slightly darker than the actual sky. I have been told I'm skinny, but I refuse to believe it. I couldn't wait for the girls to come over. We'll probably fan girl for like, hours together, causing us to maybe be late for the concert...
I slowly got out of bed, still recovering from just waking up. I'm a really heavy sleeper, but because today is an exciting day, I slept light so I could hear the alarm go off. I walked over to my walk-in-robe, looking for the clothes I set out to wear for the concert and signing last night. I have a fairly large room, being the only child in the family. The pale, soft floor is covered in creamy, white, fluffy carpet. My beg is a queen double bed, because my friends usually sleepover in the same bed as me. I'm not weird, it's just I don't want them to sleep on the hard floor. My room has many posters around it, not many one direction posters, but still A LOT. The walls are painted a very light blue, as well as the walk-in-robe.
I finally find the clothes. I grab them, walk out of my room, heading towards the bathroom to have a shower. I close the bathroom door, tieing my hair up so it doesn't get wet while I'm showering. I drop the clothes on the bathroom bench, then open the shower door to reveal a very bright white coloured wall. I close the door and turn the tap on, waiting for the water to get warm. It almost instantly becomes warm, the hotness of the water soothing my body. After a little while, I turn the tap of and get out of the shower, grabbing my towel. I quickly dry myself, taking the hair tie out of my hair. I look over the clothes I've chosen. The concert is in 3 hours, and the signing just 2 hours after it. I've chosen a loose, flowy, white with print on it, singlet top and patterned shorts with red suspenders, Lou's style. I put my clothes on and looked at myself in the mirror. I approved of the clothing choice and started on my hair. I straightened it carefully, making sure I got every strand of my hair straightened. I simply left it hanging down and when I was satisfied with my work, I packed the straightener away, walking out the door and back to my room. I grabbed my phone on the bedside table, checking if I had any messages. '2 new messages' the screen said. I unlocked my phone an instantly knew who it was from. My girls. They were here.
'WE'RE HERE!' Bella's text said.
'Open the door before we break it down!' Mackalea's text said, making me laugh.
They must of arrived when I was in the shower. I quickly locked my phone, putting it into the pocket of my shorts. Grabbing the One Direction bracelets, I sprinted out of my room, knowing the girls couldn't wait any longer. They were just excited as I was about today. I put my socks on and red TOMs on
Opening the door, I could automatically see the excited expressions on my friends' faces, making me laugh.
"GIRLS!" I screamed, giving all of them a hug.
"Bridge!" They replied, hugging me back.
"You ready to go?" Jade asked, eager to get into my car. I got my license recently and my mum let me borrow her car. She was at work. I don't have a dad because he left mum and I when I was 14. It never worked out between us, because he was always busy with work, and never would talk to me, which annoyed me deeply.
The girls and I ran to the car, eager to leave my house in Venice Beach, California. I opened the door and got in the small car. Grabbing the keys out of my bag, that I also took, I put the key into the ignition, starting up the car. Bella, Chloe and Jade sat in the back of the car while Mackalea sat in the passengers seat next to me. Backing out of the driveway, I drove to wear the venue of the concert. Parking, and getting out of the car, highly excited, we rushed over to the line of girls, queuing up to get into the stadium. Joining them, I got out tickets ready out of my bag, handing the girls each ticket to hold. Mackalea was wearing a tight long sleeve, white one direction printed top, with patterned skinny jeans and silver sandals. She looked absolutely stunning, as always. Bella wore a tie-dye white singlet top with dark, black chinos, as well as short greyish boots. Jade wore a plain white singlet top tucked into her short, tight black skirt, with black wedges. It suited her so much, I was dead jealous. Last but not least, Chloe wore a white floral printed strapless dress, with white flats to match. We continued to talk like we were for the past half an hour, then realizing we were up the front, the ticket man waiting for us to give him our tickets. Excitedly, receiving the tickets back from him, we ran inside, meeting with all the other excited directioners and fans. This was it. It was tremendously crowded but it didn't matter because we were here... at the concert we have all been waiting for.
Hope you enjoyed it!! OMG. Niall had surgery on his leg! HOPE HE'S OKAYYYY!!
Love you guys to the mooooooon and back! (: x Feel free to ask for one-shots! (; x
~ Jessssss. xo

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