Nothing Even Matters

This is a 1D&BTR fan fic. [btw I wrote this 2 yrs ago so the facts are kind of outdated] This story is about Vicky and Angel (twins), who are Louis' sister from One Direction, winning a contest to go to meet BTR in LA for 3 weeks. They found the trip very interesting and things happened. They're lives have changed FOREVER! Love is all around them, and they fall in love with their crushes. But something happened... will BTR save the day or will they just stand there and let everything go by when they all have to leave? Find out by reading the story :) hope you enjoy it :D


10. Settling In pt1

So finally we arrived at a house. I was pretty sure this isn’t their house but I might be wrong? Well, so we got off the amazing limo and went into the house. James and the guys told us that we will be staying here for the whole time, their house is just 4 blocks away from the right. I was right, it isn’t their house, Angel and Dominique didn’t believe me. “TOLD YA” was all I said after James told us, everyone looked at us, they were embarrassed because I might have said it a little too loud, hehe, my bad. xP. They also told us not the break anything or they will be in trouble.

They left the house, so we got our luggage and chose our rooms. Brittany, Melinda and Dominique are in one room. Liam and Harry are in another room. Louis, Zayn and Niall are in another room and Angel and I are in another room.

After settling in, we all went out and walked to BTR’s house. When we went in, the main area was HUGE! It was pretty and has 3 floors. The living room was big, the kitchen was big and everything was big! They did a mini tour around the WHOLE house and my favorite part was their recording room and the rooftop.

“so what do you guys wanna do today?” asked Carlos

“well… Vicky and I want to know when the concert is, so we can prepare 2 songs to sing” said Angel

“oh, the concert is in 4 days” replied Kendall

“4 days?! OMG, what are you guys gonna sing?” asked Melinda, excitedly.

“we can’t tell you that, sorry, it kinda a secret” answered Logan

“so anyways, what do you guys wanna do now?” asked James

“we want to practice, can we use your recording room thingy?” asked Angel

“yea, sure, can I join you girls?” asked Logan

“I want to check out the recording room, can I come?” asked Niall

I was surprised when he said that. So he led us to the recording room. The others decided to just hang out for a few, then go eat lunch at BTR’s favorite restaurant.

-With Angel, Logan, Niall and me-

So we went to the recording room.

“ok, so this is how you use it, you only need 4 controls to control your voice, the sound, the pitch and stuff” he said, showing us how to use the controls.

So after a few minutes, Angel and I are preparing to sing what part of Grenade and which part to sing for Like I Always Do.

“hey, can I sing with you guys? I love the song” asked Niall

“hmm… I don’t know Niall, let me speak with Vicky” said Angel, pretending to be serious, which is not working. I tried not to laugh so I just smiled.

“ok so what do you think?” whispered Angel

“well… you decide, I don’t mind” I whispered back.

“ugg, why do I always have to decide?” she asked

“coz you’re always the one who makes the right decision, I’m always the one who makes the wrong decisions” I told her
“well, you have to decide, I’m not gonna say anything” she said

“ugg, fine, but if I make the wrong decision, then don’t blame me” I said

“ok, so we have decided… Niall Horan…” I said taking a deep breath

I saw Logan staring at me and it kinda distracted me a little. He is so hot, c’mon, everyone knows that. Anyways…

“… we have decided…” I said, trying to make it suspenseful?

“yea?” he said trying to hurry me

“welcome to the group” I said with a smile.

“YES!” he shouted

Everyone laughed, even Logan.

“we’ll start singing, by acapella, then we’ll do it with the music” suggested Angel

“sure, whatever you say ladies” said Niall, always trying to impress the girls.

I rolled my eyes, and I saw Angel did the same.

“whoa, creepy alert.” Said Niall

“what?” Logan asked

“they rolled their eyes at the same time” explained Niall.

Logan just laughed and smiled at me. That made me blush a little. Angel saw and just smiled at me.

-With the others-

“hey Harry” said Melinda smiling and sitting next to him

“Mel, you look… beautiful today” said Harry

“thanks… it’s because it’s not school day!” said Melinda, happy

“so, you look beautiful only because it’s not a school day? So you’re saying that you look ugly everyday except holidays… wow” teased Harry

hey, I didn’t say that” said Melinda, laughing
“you just did, missy” said Harry

“Hi, I’m Ashlee, you’re Louis, right?” asked Ashlee

“yes I am, so… how’s it like to have a brother who is super famous?” asked Louis

“it’s really cool, you get to have free concerts to go to, free backstage passes and everything” explained Ashlee

“nice, so that means that Vicky and Angel will have free everything when we get famous, sweet” said Louis

“I’ve heard about you…” said Ashlee

“really?” Said Louis, sitting closer

“yes…” said Ashlee, blushing a little

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