Nothing Even Matters

This is a 1D&BTR fan fic. [btw I wrote this 2 yrs ago so the facts are kind of outdated] This story is about Vicky and Angel (twins), who are Louis' sister from One Direction, winning a contest to go to meet BTR in LA for 3 weeks. They found the trip very interesting and things happened. They're lives have changed FOREVER! Love is all around them, and they fall in love with their crushes. But something happened... will BTR save the day or will they just stand there and let everything go by when they all have to leave? Find out by reading the story :) hope you enjoy it :D


9. Meeting BTR and their sisters

-With BTR and sis-

After rehearsals, BTR and their sis went back home, BTR was so exhausted that when they arrived at their house, they all flopped onto the couch.

“I haven’t been so tired ever! It feels like I just did an intense workout or something” said Carlos

“same here” said Kendall “that was the longest and yet the most tiring rehearsal that we’ve ever done”

“I need a rest, I wanna go to sleep!” moaned James, getting up and was about to go upstairs.

“you guys can’t!” said Ashlee

“whyy?” groaned Logan

“COZ the winners are arriving TODAY!” shouted Cony

“WHAT?!?!” shouted Logan

“they are arriving today, remember? This morning, you were all like, I’m so excited to see the people… and now you’re like what??” said Jessica

“that’s why I kinda not want to be a celeb, so much work and stuff” said Kayla

So the guys quickly went upstairs to get changed and are ready to pick them up at the airport. But one thing they have to beware is that crazy fan is always around so they need 3 bodyguards. (A/N: lol)

About half an hour later, BTR and their sisters left the home to pick the winners up. They went into their limo and headed for the airport. During the ride, the girls were excited to meet the girls that are coming for 3 weeks. Ashlee and Jessica were listening to Jessica’s I-pod and were singing along to Grenade by Bruno Mars.

When they arrive, they went to a board and checked if the airplane had landed, and it did, 5 minutes ago. So they found a good spot to see the people coming out.

-With the people-

They landed, walked and walked until they see a short line to the customs. They went through the custom very quick and followed the signs to baggage claim. At the baggage claim, they waited for about 5 minutes until they found their luggage and headed off to the exit.

“ok, so we have to find a sign that says ‘BTR contest winners’” said Angel

“hmm…” said Brittany looking around

“oo, I see it” I said pointing to a big guy with the sign saying ‘BTR contest winners’.

“good eye” said Niall

-With BTR and sister-

They saw people coming out so they automatically thought it was the people in the same plane as the winners, so they are looking and looking. Then Logan saw two girls who look really alike and thought it was the twins from the picture he saw, so he told the guys.

-With ‘the winners’-

OMG, was I was thinking of when I saw BTR! This was my only chance to actually see them in person, I always thought I would never see them because their in LA and I’m in Britain. But something happened and made my dreams come true… well, one of them so far. So we headed towards BTR and their sisters.

“Hi, you guys must be the winners, congrats” said Kendall

“yep, and thanks” said Harry

“ok, so this is my sisters, Ashlee and Jessica” said James, introducing his sisters

“and these are my sisters, Cony and Kayla” said Logan

“nice to meet you” said Liam “we are One Direction, this is Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall and I’m Liam”

“these lovely twins are my sisters, Vicky and Angel” said Louis

“I’m Brittany, this is Dominique and Melinda” said Brittany, introducing herself and the other girls.

“hi Dominique…” said Carlos

“hi…” replied Dominique looking down

“well, nice meeting you all” said James “let’s head out into the limo and tell us more about you”

“limo?!” reacted Angel

“yup, there’s a limo, waiting outside” chuckled Kendall

I was so surprised, we’re going on a limo! And I’m also surprised that there were NO screaming fans or any fans around. Well, I think I’m going to enjoy my 3 weeks being here. I’m so stoked of what we’re gonna do with BTR and their sisters, maybe something exciting and fun and memorable! I can already tell that someone’s *cough* Angel *cough* heart is beating really fast, I can almost hear it… well, not literally but yea.

So we went in the limo and the inside was LONG and HUGE! It is our first time to be in a limo. They have a TV screen on one side and a DVD player. So we chatted and told BTR and their sisters a little bit about ourselves.

“so as you all can see… we’re twins” said Angel, smiling

“who’s the older one?” asked Kendall

Angel paused and looked at me, I can see that she was blushing a little. Everyone wanted to know who the older twin is, I can even tell that Brittany and the girls were curious and they were kinda leaning forward and waiting for the answer. I kinda knew that Angel wouldn’t want to answer the question, so I did.

“she’s the older twin…” I said quietly.

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