Nothing Even Matters

This is a 1D&BTR fan fic. [btw I wrote this 2 yrs ago so the facts are kind of outdated] This story is about Vicky and Angel (twins), who are Louis' sister from One Direction, winning a contest to go to meet BTR in LA for 3 weeks. They found the trip very interesting and things happened. They're lives have changed FOREVER! Love is all around them, and they fall in love with their crushes. But something happened... will BTR save the day or will they just stand there and let everything go by when they all have to leave? Find out by reading the story :) hope you enjoy it :D


18. Leaving LA :'(

The BTR concert ended up being cancelled because they are too obsessed with being with their girlfriend that they didn’t even rehearse so it got postponed to 2 weeks later. It was 2 days before we have to leave LA and go back to school, everyone was sad especially Ashlee, Jessica, Angel and I because our boyfriend will not be with us.

“I can’t believe you guys are leaving in 2 days! I hate time when it goes by fast” complained Jessica

“same here babe, I just wish we can stay for another month or something, it would be awesome if we can” said Zayn, comforting Jessica

“I don’t want to go, I want to stay here with you” said Vicky looking at Logan

“I know you do, sweetheart” said Logan

“but the competition was only for 3 weeks… we didn’t know that we’re gonna fall in love… I didn’t know that I will for in love with this amazingly beautiful girl named Angel” said Kendall

Angel’s heart sank. It was the cutest thing he ever said to her. She couldn’t stop smiling.

-No one’s POV-

Brittany just sighed while Liam put his head on her lap, looking up at Brittany. Everyone wasn’t in a very good mood, they all went quiet and eventually went to sleep, except for Kayla. She kept on having second thoughts and third thought and changing thoughts. She thought of bad things that they are leaving, which are like she will miss her friends, and then she thought its kinda good they left. But then she keeps on thinking the same bad thought. She couldn’t make up her mind.

After 2 hours, Dominique woke up and saw what the time is. She quickly got up, she saw Kayla sitting there looking down and fiddling. She quietly asked her what’s wrong, and she told her everything. Then after 5 minutes, they both decided to wake everyone up. Eventually everyone woke up and stretched.

It was 5 and BTR and their sis kissed their crush and left the house.

-Back to Vicky’s POV-

I was so tired that I went up to my bedroom and went to sleep. While I was sleeping, I was having a dream that Logan cheated on me and went out with this girl who is prettier than me and who has perfect everything. I started crying in my dreams which made me cry in real life too. It was horrible that I screamed and woke up.

Louis and everyone came running into my room and asked what happened. They saw that my eyes were filled with tears. I told them that I had a nightmare so Louis sat next to me and comforted me. He’s such a nice brother, I can see that Ashlee is happy because she sees that Louis is such a good brother which made her love him more. But it was a tragic that we have to leave in 2 days. After 3 minutes, everyone left the room except Angel.

“hey twin, wassup?” asked Angel

“nothing…” I said quietly

“what’s it about? Is it that bad?” she asked. I sighed

“it was about Logan cheating on me and dating this perfect girl who has perfect everything, then a week later, on the news it said that BTR was on a plane and it crashed and everyone survived except Logan and then there was a funeral and stuff…” I told her everything, there was a tear running down my cheek.

“aww come here sis” she said hugging me “it’s okay baby, next time dream of you and him on a date and it was the best date ever, then I don’t know, a year later, he propose to you and you guys end up getting married and have kids, something like that”

“you’re the best, Angel” I said, smiling

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