Nothing Even Matters

This is a 1D&BTR fan fic. [btw I wrote this 2 yrs ago so the facts are kind of outdated] This story is about Vicky and Angel (twins), who are Louis' sister from One Direction, winning a contest to go to meet BTR in LA for 3 weeks. They found the trip very interesting and things happened. They're lives have changed FOREVER! Love is all around them, and they fall in love with their crushes. But something happened... will BTR save the day or will they just stand there and let everything go by when they all have to leave? Find out by reading the story :) hope you enjoy it :D


15. Bowling with BTR

So after we ate, they took us to another place that we weren’t supposed to know. But Melinda ‘accidentally’ overheard Cony and Ashlee talking about something to do with bowling and stuff. So Melinda ‘accidentally’ blabbed about it to me, now only me and Melinda knows about it… whoops. Also I have guessed right yet again, we were blind folded again… what’s with the surprises and stuff? Anyways, when we arrived me and Melinda acted surprised when we took off our blindfolds.

“this is our fav bowling place” said Kendall, smiling.

“wow, do we get this place all to ourselves?” asked Angel

“yea, we booked it just for you guys” said Logan

“aww, that’s so sweet” I said “so who’s with who?”

“well… what about 9 and 9? Even enough?” asked Jessica

“sure… but we have split up the twins” jokes Carlos

“what? Why Carlos?” asked Angel, frowning.

“it’s only fair…” said Carlos, hesitated.

“ugg, fine” I said.

So we split into two groups, we started playing.

After the 5th round, we all compared our score to their score. And our team won so far by only 6 points. It was a close match, because Angel and I have the same scores but in different rounds. Some people were amazed and shocked.

After a while we finished our first game and guess who won?

The other team won :( *sighs* It was… a fair game? I don’t know but I thought that we will win cause we started off good but somehow we lost. Oh well…

We are just sitting down and chatting.

“hey Melinda” said Harry

“hey Harry” replied Melinda

“so, you were really good at bowling I see” said Harry smiling

“thanks, I’m not that good… you’re way better” said Melinda, little bit blushing

“I’m wondering if you’re free tomorrow” asked Harry

“yea, why?” asked Melinda, curiously and scared

“I was wondering if we can just hang out and have a afternoon tea or something” Harry said smirking

“are you asking me on a date?” said Melinda

“not really but if you call it a date, then it’s a date” said Harry smirking again

“I’d love to, so see you at 2?”

“yea” said Harry, smirks the 3rd time.

After 2 hours, they all headed back home and rested. They all had a wonderful time, the most memorable moment was watching BTR act. The girls were talking about it the whole night, which made the guys feel so annoyed. After a few minutes they all went to bed and had a good night sleep.


A week had past and they were all having great fun, some people are forming couples… wonder who?

Now Melinda and Harry, Jessica and Zayn and Brittany and Liam are kinda dating. Melinda’s date with Harry a few days ago came out to be the better than she had imagine. Jessica, Zayn, Brittany and Liam all had a double date 2 days after Melinda’s date and ever since, Jessica and Zayn are together and Brittany and Liam are together. Some people already know who likes who but doesn’t have the guts to ask them out.

Everyone was surprised that Zayn asked out Jessica, they weren’t expecting it, neither did Jessica. She likes him but she never knew he likes her back, she was speechless when he knelt down in front of her, in front of everyone, to ask her to a double date. When he mentioned Liam and Brittany’s name, everyone looked at them and was shocked and amazed. Now some people are waiting to see who has the guts to ask their girls out.

Ring Ring Ring Ring

“hello?” answered Angel

“hey it’s me, Kendall” said Kendall

“hey” said Angel

“um… what are you planning to do for today?” asked Kendall

“um… nothing really, why?” asked Angel

“I was just wondering if you and Vicky would like to come with me and Logan to a really cool arcade and just hang out for a few hours” said Kendall

“yea, that would be awesome, Vicky would love to, she’s like a arcade obsessed person” laughed Angel

“well, see you in about 20 minutes?” said Kendall

“ok, ,byee” said Angel and hung up.

Angel runs up to find Vicky, who is on skype talking to Logan, and tells her about what’s gonna happen today. She told her that she already know because Logan had told her. They got changed and got ready to get picked up by the guys.

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