Nothing Even Matters

This is a 1D&BTR fan fic. [btw I wrote this 2 yrs ago so the facts are kind of outdated] This story is about Vicky and Angel (twins), who are Louis' sister from One Direction, winning a contest to go to meet BTR in LA for 3 weeks. They found the trip very interesting and things happened. They're lives have changed FOREVER! Love is all around them, and they fall in love with their crushes. But something happened... will BTR save the day or will they just stand there and let everything go by when they all have to leave? Find out by reading the story :) hope you enjoy it :D


20. Back at School...

-first day back to school-

“well… well… well, who do we have here?” said Liz sarcastically

“oh, it’s the twins who backstabbed us” said Bella

“hey Angel, I forgot to tell you how amazing the trip went, getting to date one of them and then getting to meet VFC” I said ignoring them “it was like amazing, Logan is such a sweetheart”

“I know what you mean Vicks, Kendall… he told me that he loves me, I totally blanked at that moment… and still, I can’t believe I’m dating him, is like my dream come true” replied Angel, smirking as we walk pass Liz and Bella

Angel and I quickly walked away from them. They are so not our best friends anymore… in the beginning, they said that they understand why we put 1D instead of them. And now? They are like jealous and said we are backstabbers? What the hell is wrong with them?

A few hours later, just after school has ended, we all met up at our regular meeting place. We asked how school has gone and they all said its okay. I could see that Zayn and Louis look depressed, I feel sad about them because Angel and I know the feeling of someone not around you. Almost everyone in the school are 1D fans and saw on their fb status that they are in a relationship with someone, and BTR did the same. They were surprised that we are in a relationship within 3 weeks. [A/N: sorry if that made no sense]

Then suddenly Liz and Bella came up to us. The rest casually walked away so that they could chat with Angel and I privately.

“is it true that you and Kendall are dating?” asked Bella

“why are you asking?” said Angel with a little bit of attitude. Liz sighed.

“we’re sorry if we’re a bit mean earlier… we’re just kinda jealous that you guys get to go and already in a relationship in only 3 weeks time” apologized Liz

“ok, yea we are in a relationship…” I said.

We talked for a while and then they left.

-2 days later-

Angel and I are on Skype talking to our boyfriends. It was amazing to see them again, I think they are even hotter. Haha. So we talked and talked, then suddenly Kendall said

“hey, we’ve got a surprise for all of you tomorrow” said Kendall

“oh really? What is it?” asked Angel

“we really wanna tell, but we can’t coz surprises are not meant to be spoiled so…” smirked Logan

“aww” I said making a puppy face to convince them

“sorry, no can do babe” said Logan

“I don’t like you Kendall” said Angel with a sad face

“I don’t like you too” smirked Kendall, knowing exactly what Angel meant

-With the others-

The other people are downstairs watching a movie with their boyfriends… well, not Zayn and Louis though… they are just watching it because they have nothing else to do.

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