Second Chance

Emelia Richardson is on the X Factor. She wasn't meant to make it; she was the extra extra person, added to the girls competition. Emelia is just trying to survive and prove her place on the X Factor.


5. Chapter 5

"Who do you boys like on the show?"

"Well," Louis started, "we all like James Arthur." We'd all agreed before the show that my name wouldn't be mentioned until my performance.

"Yeah," Harry said. "James Arthur's pretty cool."

I giggled and went to District 3.

"You guys ready?" I asked, giving them each a hug for luck.

"Yup!" Mickey said, giddier than usual. "We will rock!" I grinned at them as Greg and Dan laughed.

"District 3!" One of the men helping the show run smoothly called for them.

"Go kick some butt you guys!" I said, giving them each a quick kiss on the cheek as the filed past me to position themselves onstage.

The rest of the show went on like that. While District 3 sang  Tina Turner's Simply the Best, Union J sang Queen's Don't Stop Me Now and Carolynne sang  a country-fied version of Nicki Minaj's Starships. Jade's Hero performance was simply stunning; moved me to tears. Finally, it was the end of the show. I was scheduled to be the last act of the night.

"You're on after the break, Love," said another man.

I started hyperventilating. I could feel my breathe quicken as it became harder and harder to breathe. Carolynne noticed and quickly grabbed for me.

"Emelia, honey?" she asked, clearly concerned. My breathe came shorter and shorter until I stopped taking normal breathes. Josh noticed and rushed over.

"Emmy?" He took hold of my shoulders.

"I can't do it Josh," I gasped. "I just can't. What if they're right? What if we were wrong?" I felt my chest rise and fall rapidly as a dry sob tore through.

"You can do it Emmy," Josh said, pressing his forhead to mine, trying to make eye contact with me, but I kept my eyes to the floor. "You know they were wrong, you know you're better than what they said. They don't matter; go and prove that right now." I looked up into Josh's eyes. "I know you can do it Emmy. You're extraordinary." My breathing slowed to a normal rate, and I threw my arms around him in a good luck hug.

"Emelia Richardson on!" I tightened my grip of Josh; I didn't want to let go. I was terrified.

"You can do it Em," Josh said, slowly removing my fingers from his T-shirt and scarf.

Someone pushed me up to the platform before the stage and thrust a microphone into my hands.

"Give it up for Emelia Richardson!" I heard Tulisa shout. I listened to my brief biography that they'd filmed the day before about how I'd gtten to the X Factor and my life beforehand. When it finished, I took a deep breathe, inserted my earplugs and stepped into the stage.

"Let's go Bubbles!" I heard Louis shout above all the other screams and above all of the confusion. I couldn't help but crack a smile at that. Then the musci started and I opened my mouth to sing.

The music flowed over me, and befre I knew it, it was over.

"Yeah Bubbles!"

"Let's go Mini Me!"

"Nice going Shrimp!"

"Yea Shortie!"

"Well done Tiny!"

I heard each one of the boys distict nicknames for me above the roar of the crowd. I noticed that Tulisa and Nicole were giving me a standing ovation. I could feel my face heat up.

Gary looked me straight in the eye. "That, my dear, was phenomenal." The crowd went crazy as I covered my face with my hands.

"That was just brilliant! It was flawless!" Louis was screaming in his fashion, I admit I was quite afraid that the man would burst a vein.

"Honey, now you took it to the song," Nicole said. The crowd went totally bonkers! "When I saw that someone was challenging the great Whitney Housten, I was a bit wary and afraid for whoever was oing it, but you..." Nicole didn't finish. The crowd was much too loud.

Tulisa was just crying. "I knew I made the right decision when I decided to take you back into the competition." It stung the backs of my eyes, but I bit my lip so that I wouldn't cry.

"Oh, God, thank you!" I choked out. The announcer came and but a hand on my back.

"Emelia, love, how are you holding up?" he asked.

"This is just so amazing," I said, "and I can't believe this is really happening!"

"Were there challenges in tonight?"

"Not anything that my friends and family couldn't help me get over." I smiled at him, sweetly, Josh flashing behind the backs of my lids.

As the announcer rattled of digits to call to vote for me, I smiled and waved like an idiot, before he ushered me offstage with the sweep of his hand.

The second I got backstage, I was bombarded by a sea of arms.

"You were amazing!" Ella said, fighting through the group to reach me. Carolynne reached me too.

"I knew you'd be amazing," she said, squeezng me in her arms. I squeezed her back, not wanting to ever let go.

"Great show everybody!" A familiar voice called, above all the chaos in the room. I looked up. Liam and the boys were headed our way.

"What was that?" Louis shouted, extending his arms to me, and pulling me into him excitedly.

"You were phenomenal!" Harry said, patting my messy hair.

"Simply amazing," Liam said, entering our group hug. Zayn and Niall evtered squeezing tightly.

"Excuse me," another voice said, breaking into our group. "Amazing person coming through." I laughed as Josh took my arms. "I'm going to steal her for a moment." He said, gleefully. He turned to me and extended his arms, where I flew straight into them.

"You were right," I said into his chest. "I could do it." Josh lifted my head so I'd be looking at him.

"You probed them wrong," He said with a huge grin on his face.

"Don't celebrate to much now," Niall said. "That's what tomorrow night's for." I felt the blood drain from my face. The results show, of course. If I got out this time, there was no bringing me back again.

"Niall!" Luois screamed. "Way to be a downer on such an amazing occasion?" Niall shrugged.

"It's not like she'll be out this week after that performance," he said.

"Way to be optimistic Niall," I said, "but I've seen this show way to many times before. No one's safe once the live shows start."

"Don't wory," Josh assured me. "That performance almost guarentees you a stay for the next three shows." I gave Josh a bitter smirk, but let it go. Liam caught my arm as everyone was on their way to make their way back to the hotel.

"Don't stress Emelia," Liam said, saying my full name for the first time. "I know for sure you'll be just fine. I'll make sure of it." I gave Liam a grin.

"Thank you."

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