Second Chance

Emelia Richardson is on the X Factor. She wasn't meant to make it; she was the extra extra person, added to the girls competition. Emelia is just trying to survive and prove her place on the X Factor.


3. Chapter 3

I timidly walked into the huge front room, keeping behind Carolynne. The room was about half as full as it was when I first walked in. Tulisa was no where to be found.

"This is Rylan," Carolynne said, directing me to a man. I smiled at him; he was pretty attractive, but not my type. "Lucy," a girl with long, black hair smiled at me. "Jade," a girl with funky hair nodded in my direction. We'll be good friends; I could tell. "District 3 and Union J" I felt the wind escape my lips. Seven boys glanced up at me. They all gave me warm smiles, but one. He had wavy-ish brown hair that I wanted to pat. "I'll let you guys meet each other," Carolynne said with a knowing smile. I gave her pleading look, begging her "please don't go" with my eyes. She just laughed at me, and was on her way.

"Blimey, Mickey," One of the boys exclaimed. "Is this the lassie you wanted to chat up?"

"Oh, Sod off Jaymi," said another, who I assumed was Mickey. "As if you weren't thinking about it either."

"Oh, just a tad," Jaymi said, almost mockingly.

"Oh, come on, lads," another one protested. "The lass is still here." My face was burning by this time.

"Plus, she's much too young for you Jay," the one that seemed the oldest said.

"Oh, shut it JJ," Jaymi said. "By default she's too young for you too."

"Unlike you, I don't chase every girl that steps up," JJ said.

"You guys are all being children," Said the only blonde one of the group. "We haven't even let the lady introduce herself."

"Or ourselves," said the protester.

"Well," I said, roughly. "Maybe I would've introduced myself if I would've been able to get a word in."

"Fiesty, isn't she," Jaymi said, grinning at the group.

"Oh, come off it," I scoffed. The other boys snickered while Jaymi looked stunned. "The name's Emelia Robinson." I turned up my nose at him.

"Someone to put Jaymi in his place," said the blonde. "I already like her."

"And you all are?" I asked.

"You've already met Jaymi and JJ," the blonde said. "I'm Greg."

"Josh," said the protester.

"Mickey," said the one that Jayme was teasing when I got there.

"Dan," said the one with a mischevious glimmer in his eye.

I looked at the last one, who has been silent throughout the whole ordeal.

"You sure are fit," he said.

"George!" JJ said, astonished; as I was.

"Excuse me?" I said enunciating every syllable precisely.

"We're so very sorry!" Josh said. "He's usually not this much of a headcase!"

"I'm not mental you guys," George protested. "I would enjoy a frenchy from this scouser. Did you get a look at her jugs?"

"Georgy, are you mad?" JJ asked; he looked concerend.

"He must be mullered," Jaymi said.

"She's no minger, but really George?" Greg said. "Not in front of her."

"You must really be off your face," laughed Dan.

I promptly cracked one across George's mug. He jumped, startled, as did the rest of the group.

"That'll teach a knob head like you to lip off like that!" I yelled at him. "I'm finished with you George!" He looked at me, almost fearfully.

"Oh dear," Carolynne said, taking my arm, immediatley showing up to my rescue. "We'll see you boys later on." I shot George a withering look. "What happened?" Carolynne asked, looking completely flumoxed.

I tore my arm away from her. "George happened," I hissed, peeved. "Carolynne, how could you?" I asked, feeling betrayed. "I told you not to leave me! I felt like a tom at a stag party!"

"No, dear," Carolynne said. She wrapped her arms around me. "You know that you aren't that. Far from it." I rested my head upon her shoulder. "It's hard to believe that George would act this rash."

I snorted. "Is it really?" I asked. "The boys said that too, but it seemed as if they were enjoying it."

"Never, Emelia," Carolynne said, firmly.

"They were all trying to tell me the George was tanked."

"Probably." I looked at Carolynne surprised.

"You're going to buy into that story?"

She shrugged back at me. "Why wouldn't I? Even though I've known them for barely any longer than you have, he has been a total gentlemen too Ella."

"Henderson?" I was slightly amused. Carolynne confirmed with a nod. "Adorable. although she could do much better then that wanker."

"Emelia!" Carolynne laughed, and I had to laugh with her. Somehow, she made me almost completely forget my run in with George.


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