Second Chance

Emelia Richardson is on the X Factor. She wasn't meant to make it; she was the extra extra person, added to the girls competition. Emelia is just trying to survive and prove her place on the X Factor.


2. Chapter 2

I arrived at the contestants house, nervous beyond anything. Tulisa was right behind me, and so was Trey. He squeezed my hand and gave me an encouraging smile.

"You can do it Em," he said. I looked back again at Tulisa. She gave me another grin.

"They're gonna love you Emmy," she assured me. I bit my lip in a new worry. What if they didn't? They all knew that Tulisa just picked me up. "Emmy." I snapped back to attention. Tulisa was giving me a hard stare. "Quit it," she said. "They'll love you. I can promise you they will." I bit my lip, hopeful again.

"They will Em," Trey said, squeezing my shoulder. "Who doesn't?" he teased me, punching my shoulder. He knew that I absolutely had no problem striking up conversation with strangers. "Now get your skimpy arse in there!" I quickly kissed his cheek.

"Thanks for being there for me," I said, sincerely. "You're the best twin in the world." He smirked at me.

"Em," he said, mock serious. "Dont't be daft. I'm your only twin in this world." I smacked him, before turning again to face the door. I turned the knob, took a deep breathe and entered the room.

It was as if all conversation stopped. Maybe because it did. I couldn't breathe. Did they all hate me? Did they all think they were better than me? They probably were, considering they made it through the first time, no problem.

"Well, I'm going to take a gander 'round the cab," Trey muttered, turning himself away from me.

"Oh, no," I growled, grabbing the sleeve of his jacket. "You're not going anywhere."

"Em," Trey took my shoulders. "You'll be fine, I promise." He grabbed me in a hug. "I have to go. I'll ring you later tonight." I nodded into his shoulder, fighting back the tears. He let go, after one last squeeze of my hand, and left the house.

I bit my lip, suddenly nervous. Trey wasn't there for me to hide behind so I had to be a big girl and own up to this.

"All of you," Tulisa said. "This is Emelia Richardson. She came from Liverpool, and she is my plus one contestant." I forced a very scared smile to the crowd. Tulisa turned back to me. "You'll be sharing a room with Carolynne." An older woman stepped out to me and smiled.

"Come on, Love," she said, giving me a warm and  inviting smile. She led me down the hallway. "Now don't you try and skive anyone," Carolynne advised me. "We're all very nice people and we're glad you came." My heart swelled just hearing that.

"Really?" I asked, hopeful. Carolynne gave me a knowing look.

"The boys were already commenting on your knockers," she informed me. I felt my face heat up upon hearing that. "I told them to come off it and actually get to know you before they commented on your knockers." This woman already was looking out for me, and I'd just met her almost litlerally two minutes ago!

"Thank you," I said, sincerely. I took a deep breathe. "I'm just so scared right now," I confessed.

"Don't be," Carolynne said, patting my hand. "Tulisa has gone on and on about you, and I'm glad that you came out to be even better than she gave you credit for." I smiled at her, grateful. "Come on, Love. Let's go meet everybody else.

I happily marched with her to the front room.

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