Second Chance

Emelia Richardson is on the X Factor. She wasn't meant to make it; she was the extra extra person, added to the girls competition. Emelia is just trying to survive and prove her place on the X Factor.


15. Chapter 15

I removed my earplugs from my ears, bracing myself for screams.

"Emelia!" Louis screamed. "Emelia, darling!" Even though he had a microphone, still found it a little hard to hear him. "Emelia! That was phenomenal! Ingenious!"He turned to Tulisa. "Tulisa, you have a musical prodigy on your hands, a musical genius!"

"Honey," Nicole drawled. "Whitney's looking down at you, and she's just grinning. Not even she has words for that amazing performance!"

"Thank you," I said, my voice sounding shaky.

"Emelia, the other two took the words right out of my mouth," Gary said. "You were just amazing! At first I was a little annoyed by the choice to keep the lights off at the beginning, but that was an amazing choice!" He turned to Tulisa. "Did you suggest that?"

"No," Tulisa replied. "She thought of that herself It just seemed like an amazing idea."

"Alright then," Gary said, lifting his cup, taking a sip. "You were an enjoyable performance." The crowd screamed.

"Thank you," I said again.

"Emelia," Tulisa said. "That was a hauntingly beautiful performance!" She stood up and turned to the crowd. "Give her the ovation she deserves!" Tulisa screamed. The crowd screamed twice as loud. I put a hand to my heart to see if my heart was still breathing because I couldn't breathe.

"Emelia," Dermott said, trying to get my attention. "Emelia, what was going to through your mind while you prepared this performance? There was word that you were getting some stage fright before your performance.:

"Well, I've always had some stage fright, ever since I was little, so I guess I couldn't really expect it to go away, but with all of the help that I got from the friends that I've made here, it's really helping me get over it," I said. I was babbling, and happy I'd found a way to finish off my phrase.

"So do you think that it'll be gone by next week?" Dermott said grinning at me.

"No, definitely not!" I said with a laugh. "I can only hope that it will, but I honestly doubt it."

"How did did you get through your audition, and many different rounds before getting to the live shows?"

"Trey," I said. "He was with me at every step, and he was just so much support. I really wish the he could be out here with me, but I talk to him as much as I can,so I guess that's all that  I can do."

"That's really sweet," Dermott commented. "Emelia Richardson everybody!" he announced. The crowd went crazy. As Dermott rattled off the numbers to vote for me, I waved and smiled, and signaled peace signs at the cameras and crowd to hopefully have them dial in for me.

I was led offstage by a big burly man who announced "Christopher Maloney in five!" as we walked backstage. I was immediately tackled by Ella.

"Emmy! You were amazing!" she said, squeezing me. I felt a hand on the small of my back.

"Good job Emmy!" I craned my head up to see Rylan looking down at me. I grinned at him.

"Thank you!" I said, pulling away from Ella to give him a hug.Mickey, Greg and Dan showed up, surrounding me and Rylan.

"Emmy!" You were phenomenal!" Dan said.

"Last week you were amazing, but this week blew all of our performances for last week out of the water!" Mickey added. Greg just hugged me.

"I don't have words," he said. I felt someone poke my ribs. I looked up again. It was JJ and Jaymi, George and Josh not far behind.

"Emmy!" JJ said, lifting me from Greg's arms. I yelped in surprise: I wasn't expecting him to lift me up! "You are amazing!" I gripped JJ's neck, hugging him. Jaymi rubbed my back and grinned at me. George patted my bottom and I kicked his shoulder.

"Put me down!" I said. "You have to perform next!" I said. JJ obeyed, ruffling my hair, I giggled, trying to regain my balance on the floor.

"I told you you'd rock the house," Josh said, grinning at me.

"You did," I said grinning back. Then we just stood there, grinning at each other.

"Listen, Emmy," Josh started.

"Union J on in ten!" the burly man yelled again.

"Not now," I said. "After the show." Josh nodded. "I wouldn't want to burden your performance!" I grinned at him, and went off to search for my phone. There was only three people that I wanted to hear from right now: My mother, Liam and Trey. Sure, any of the other boys from One Direction would be nice, but I really wanted to hear from Liam. I checked my phone: the screen was filled with texts from people that I hadn't messaged in months, if not years.I sighed and unlocked my phone. I had to talk to Trey. Even if I didn't talk to anyone else, I had to talk to Trey. I dialed Trey's number and waited as I heard it ring.  The rings of the phone seemed never ending. I thought I was going to go crazy if Trey didn't respond.

"Is that England's Golden Girl that is talking to me right now?" I recognized Trey's voice, the way he drawled and spoke with the most lackadaisical tone possible. I could hear the smirk in his voice, like he knew something that I didn't. I missed my twin brother. I broke into tears.

"Trey," I blubbered over the phone.

"Hey there," he said, chuckling. "I'm here."

"But you're not here!" I cried.

"I know sis," Trey sighed. "I wish I could be, but things are what they are."

"I miss you!" I said, trying, and failing, to keep the tears from coming.

"You were amazing Ems," he told me. I could hear his smile in his voice. "I hope you know that."

"There's people trying to talk to me that haven't talked to me in ages," I chuckled, hiccuping because I was still crying. Trey laughed too.

"Only talk to your true friends," he told me. "Everyone else is an interloper who just wants a piece of what they can't have." I nodded, before realizing that he couldn't see me. I laughed in spite of myself. "You're nodding, aren't you?" I nodded again. "That's my girl," Trey said, and I could hear the grin in his voice. "Now get off the phone with me and go talk to someone else. Enjoy your stardom. It will last."

"No!" I exclaimed into the phone. "Don't leave me!"

"I'm still with you Ems," Trey assured me. "Even if I'm not, you'll do great without me."

"Trey!" I yelled.

"Emelia." I sniffled into the phone.

"Promise me you won't leave me?"

"I promise I will always be there for you," Trey said. I felt my eyes well up with tears.

"I miss you Trey," I sniffled.

"Miss you too Emmy."

"Bye Trey," I said, wiping the tears away with the back of my hand.

"Bye Ems." I hung up the phone and took a deep breathe. I have to hold it together before I have to go back onstage.

I listened to Jaymi's voice croon in the background before I went to find a telly to watch them on. By the time I reached a telly, the boys were already coming offstage.

"Bug, are you crying?" JJ asked, as they came towards our group.

"I was," I admitted, scrubbing at my eyes again. "Don't make me start again!"

"Well, no promises there," Jaymi joked, grinning at me. I smiled back at him. He always knew how to make me smile. I loved him for that!

"Let's watch the rest of the performances," JJ said, turning me around and pointing out Ella making her way to the stage.

"Oh!" I exclaimed. "Ella!" I had wanted to see her perform, and I promised her I would.

It wasn't until after that I realized that JJ had kept an arm around me for the rest of the performances.

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